this is for the females on the board embarassing for me

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    I have a small little bump in a very intamte place ion my body. It looks like a small pimple if it were on the face instead of my vagianl wall. It does not hurt unless It is touched or scratched. I noticed it aobut the same time that I noticed the my I can't do this it is so embarassing. This bump is so small and it about the size of the head of a pin.So I really don't think I have any thing to worry about. But I seem to worry more now over things that I can't change .

    I don't know if this is from my meds or from the heat we have been having. I have had this once before and it was nothing but now I seem to stess over every little bump no matter where it is. My body in that region has gotten sticky from the lack of hormones and I wonder if this bump is becaues of that? SO I called the gyn and have set up a appointment and I hope that it is gone before I have to go in. AS I hate these appointments.My body is just screwed up from all the problems I have now. I am now totally red in the face and so embarassed and debating about not sending this off.

    Signed Very red and embarassed.
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  2. Hey don't be embarassed! I have had something similar. I would watch it, if it doesn't get bigger, or go away and your concerned go to your gyn. But it doesn't sound serious. I know what you mean though , I am a worrier too.
  3. matthewson

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    I have had one since my teens. It would come and go with my period. Now it is just a permanet fixture! My Dr. at the time, told me it was something like a pimple. I have had it for almost 35 years.

    I would tell your Dr. about it though, and make sure that it is nothing serious.

    Take care, Sally
  4. millennia

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    Even if it goes away before your appointment, still go to your gyn and tell her. It sounds like it could be HPV. It's also possible it's just a pimple or an ingrown hair or something. But it's best to rule out something serious. This is especially true if the one you had in the past went away on it's own and you decided that it was nothing serious, rather than your doctor telling you that. It's always best to get these things checked out, rather than worry.
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    I have had that before - like a zit.

    BUT I also have had more serious stuff in that region. There is a gland on either side of the labia called the Bartholin gland that can get obstructed and you can feel a bump almost like a marble.

    That sometimes requires surgical intervention. Happened to me when I was pregnant. They make a cut and drain it and put a special drain in that stays in about a week and falls out on its own.

    HPV can cause cervical cancer - make sure you get it checked so you can be treated properly and not have to worry about an infection.

    Better embarassing than something worse.

    Madame Curie
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    The herpes virus can lie dormant in your body for years and suddenly make an appearance. You need to find out if this is herpes or some other virus. Even though it's probably not life threateneing, you need to know what is going on with your body.

    Don't be embarrassed. Our bodies do strange things to us sometimes. Better to know exactly what it is.

  7. gymmbabe

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    I too had this at one time. I went to the doctor and it was an ingrown hair! Go to your may be something simple.

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    Please don't be embarassed; this is life. I had something that you would think was a cyst in that area. It was so sore so I went to my Family Phy., very embarassing, and he said not to worry; asked if I had worn tight pants; well, yes, jeans. He said the jeans probably rubbed that same area and caused it. Gave me antibiotics and was sent home.

    All got better, very quickly.

    What you are describing sounds to me like heat or as someone else stated, ingrown hair.

    I would definitely get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

    Hope all will be ok.

  9. CanBrit

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    Don't be embarrassed!!! Good Lord, think of all the unfortunate things we ladies have to go through. We can at least avoid being embarrassed with each other.

    My daughter has had both pimples and bartholin's cysts on her labia. Stress and hormonal imbalances were the primary causes for her. They reduced on their own but sometimes a Dr. has to intervene.

    As we get older, we have less lubrication in the vaginal area and this can also cause problems. Your gynacologist should be able to suggest some alternatives.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


  10. janieb

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    As I've aged, I've had more problems. Two surgerical procedures to empty pockets, and my latest gyn suggests baths, instead of showers to avoid ingrown hairs, etc.

    She says they are better for us and that is a normal problem as hormones decrease.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  11. rosemarie

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    I have made a appointment for my gyn's PA to check this out. I really don't feel that it is that serious.

    About the HPV I had a total abdominal Hyerstectomy with removal of my overies , tubes, cervix, appendix and any thing that was in that area that had any thing to do with being a female. I was 34 when I had it done. And just 3 years ago I had to have every thing pulled back up. And things fell down. And would not stay where they belonged. So that part of it I am not to concerned about.

    Through out my life if there was something strange , unusal or NO ONE HAD EVER HEARD OF I WOULD GET IT.

    I really hate these things . I am tired of having things happen to me that are wierd. It was so hard growning up and being a mother who was always in pain and no one ever knew why I hurt so much. Then I had the hysterectomy , I was 34 and wanted to see if I could have another baby maybe a boy as I had all girls but that was not to ever be.

    When they got in there I had a cyst on my left ovary that was the size of a large hens egg and it was filled with fluid and other things. I also had vericose veins that went over my overies and when it was THAT time of the month they would swell up and cause me so much D#$% pain that I would cry.

    My right ovary was full of cysts a old eggs so I could not have ever had another baby any way. My uterus was the oppisite of endometosis. The uterine veins raise up and bleed in to the uterus to form the lining . And when you don't get pregnant and the lining leaves as your period theses veins are to seal off and sink back in to unrine muscle and mine didn't do that , they kept bleeding and then sank in the uterus and that was so painfull as it happened every month.

    They then took the cervix and appendix so they would not have to do it later on and that was a good thing as it was not a good appendix.
    So after this I still wanted a baby but could never ever have another one. It still gets to me sometimes and then I see my grandson and I am fine with it.

    BEfore this I had 4 lapersocpies with one being cause by retrograde menstration and I bleed from my tubes in to my abdomon. AS I remember there was about 60-80 cc's in there. And of course it does not belong there. I had to have 3 units of blood. And things like this happend far to often for me. But I do have three beautiful daughters,Even if my oldset is a bit cranky about my fibro and my pain meds.

    I have seen so many doctors over the years trying to find out why I was in pain and needing pain { Narcoitic MEDS} pills. I usually only had T3's and I would be given 30 pills take 1-2 every 4-6 hours and when you have the problems that I had female ones a bottle of T3's didn't last very long . And some times they didn't help at all. So my doctor would give me a shot of demoral and send me home to bed.

    AS time went on and after I had my hyester all the doctors thought that I should not be in pain and require pain pills but I did. I had headaches, bad knees, and pain for reasons that were not known. So I was in pain all the time and taking mild pain pills most of the time but the still wer narcoitc. And I kept getting a lecture about being addicted to drugs.

    Sorry I just have reached the point where I don't want to have amymore female problems . I want to be normal if that is possiable. HA HA HA.

    But back to the little bump it is not sore , or does it hurt me. I don't itch from it ,it is just there. It is so small that it is no bigger than the head of a pin so I don't know what it is. Maybe something like a pimple or follice that is plugged who knows. It just buggs me. And the thing is I can bet money that when I go to the doctor it will be nothing to worry about. And I will have stressed over nothing.

    But such is my life.
    Thanks for your comments and help.
    Love, Rosemarie