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    Last week my Dr ordered a lipid panel. I have been on 40mg of percocet a day,etc.....he wanted to check my liver.

    I went to the hospital to get the blood drawn, this is a small mountain community. At the lab was a pamphlet with listed services and the cost. I ordered a CBC..... ($15.00) and as an after thought I added A Lyme blood test for a measly $26.00. Twenty-six dollars.

    The lab service is called LabDirect. No Dr request was needed, only payment at time of service. Call your local hospital to see if they have this service. No appt was even needed.

    The Dr called me last week and told me my WBC was elevated (17.0), but he was not too concerned with that at the moment. He was happy that I have lowered my LDL to 88.

    I asked him about the Lyme test...he said "Did you get tested for Lyme"? I said yes. He said "Well that test will take another 3 to 4 days".

    He called this morning to tell me I was positive for Lyme. I am on doxycycline now at 100mg twice a day, untill further insight.

    Yes....I tested for Fibro on all 18 tender points...(uh..12 or 18) time and time again by at least no less than 5 Dr's...3 in Miami....2 in Va. Homestead, Florida.

    A Rhemy in Roanoke, Va.....this Rhemy Dr said well it's not Lupus, it's fibro. This based only on a physical exam of my FINGERS? Oh well...I said. That was in the year 2004. After being told of something called Fibromyalgia by a Dr in Miami in 1996. I blew it off.

    The CDC will give you correct info on Lyme. Apparently I was bitten years ago, and now it is finally showing up via A Lyme test. My Dr said that maybe this treatment will help with your pain, which he has believed to be true for over a year.

    This is a new and scary thing to me. A fresh bite from a tick years ago could have been treated with 100% cure rate.

    The bullseye bite site reaction was only acknowledged in 1990. by the medical profession.

    I cannot write anymore, starting to feel real sick. Must be the doxy.

    I hope I helped someone today. Oh yes I am 52 and female.
    Over and out
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    Please find a LLMD in your state by going to and posting on the Seeking a Doctor board.

    Also go there and post on the Medical Questions board. Many people will help you.

    100 mg of Doxy twice a day is not enough to help you recover from chronic lyme.

    You need a lyme expert who follows the ILADS guidelines.

    Many, many people are told they have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome....which is a cop-out.

    Dr's don't have to look for the real CAUSE of your illness when they slap you with a diagnosis that has "no known cause".

    Everything has a takes the persistence of a chronically ill person to uncover the cause.

    Please post for me on the lyme board if you have questions.
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    Are you CDC positive. It sounds like you are?

    You can get lots more information on the Lyme board.

    Take care.


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