This is just strange... im sick but painfree!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by benton, Jun 17, 2003.

  1. benton

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    I had to put this post in as this is just so odd.
    Ive been in a flare for weeks now and have been in so much pain ive barely been able to function at all. But....

    A few days ago i got a terrible cold, then i thought it was flu. The doctor came out to see me on sunday and said i have got bacterial pneumonia.
    Obviously i feel rotten but whats so weird is i have no pain at all! It seems to have disappeared completely. Two days now with no pain! Im having trouble getting my head around this. What on earth is going on? Of course im going to enjoy it while it lasts but its baffling me...I so want to believe that some miracle has occured... no knee pain, neck pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain etc!! Just vanished! Maybe i should get sick more often...

    take care all, big hugs to you all while im capable LOL


  2. shazz

    shazz New Member

    SIck, exhausted, weak, fogged big time but no pain.
    Thank the Lord, because if I had been putting up with major pain the way I was feeling, I think I would have dropped dead.
    This week I am in pain, lots of it, but that was self induced by overindulgance on my part Saturday night.
    I hope it keeps up for you. and me too.
    I can handle either one or the other, but have been lucky, it seems that I have both moderately, or one severley.
    I will take that hug while we both are capable, just don't squeeze too hard.

  3. mamafurr

    mamafurr New Member

    rah rah!!!! my doc told me that sometimes fm just goes away! praise be the day. maybe after some horrible flares...this happens? hoping i am next.
    lol about the sick thing.
    hugs back mandy
  4. tansy

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    Hi Mandy

    A young student at the local university had cfs and needed lots of support in order to study and cope with lectures etc. He had been very ill then got to the stage where with care studies and some attendance were possible.

    Then he went down with shingles, we all thought this would end up making him worse. He was quickly given a short course of antivirals and remarkably started his road to recovery. I'm sure it got his immune system working in the right directions.

    I heard recently from one of his prior lecturers that he is still well but thinks some of this can be contributed to all he learnt about diet, lifestyle etc.

    It does happen.

    I presume this is what was causing all your problems last week, thank goodness you called in a GP.

    Hope you recover from the pnuemonia soon.


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  5. benton

    benton New Member

    for the best wishes.

    Its so nice not to be in so much pain but i am curious as to whats happened. I so want it to be permanent but i wont hold my breath! I think i will just enjoy it while it lasts, its weird but i never realised how much pain i was in until it eased off.. does that make sense? I dont want to get too excited about this, incase it all comes crashing down again. Just had to share my little ray of sunshine with someone...

    Hope you all find some sort of relief too, without having to resort to getting sick like me! LOL

    God bless you all


  6. debbym

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    I have a question. Are you on antibiotics? Any time I get put on antibiotics I have less or no pain. What this has to do with my fibro is a mystery to me. It's really a shame that I look forward to getting a sinus infection.
    Enjoy it while you can.