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    i want to thank al those who responed to my post. you all gave me good info. i went on the goodley detox program. it has worked a miriacle. frist thing i did was flush the acetemphon and naproxin down the flush. then i went cold turkey on any thing that was not from the this goodley detox you can only eat foods from the earth thath has been altered in any way. yougart, cotage cheese,milk, and whole grain ceralys are the exceptions. spring water 64oz or more and cranberry juice or cranberry supplement.
    this week i had my blood tests done again. and the enzimes were no longer toxic. prase be to the hiher powers. i am staying on this diet for quite a while. on the other thing was green tea with or with out anti-oxidents it said 3cups a day. i did a lot more than that. i know one day i killed a whole box of tea. my doc and i know now that there is no drug that i can take for my art. and there are several other women in my family like this( i find this very interesting) my aunt got a shot for her art like emberal and her pacemaker went haywire. so i am not the only one in my family. this is srtight blood lines. my hydrocodone does not bother my body but the art stuff does. i find this so weired, but i suppose there are wiereder thing in the world.
    now i just need to find out what to about the art. i guess exercise the joints, and to think i am only 44... thanks for your help.
    lol from mainerose