this is most interesting.......the chirp of crickets slowed down

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    Hi SG,

    Nice music, but I think this is a hoax. So do various other people on a number of sites.
    If you slow down music, the sound gets deeper, not higher. And why would crickets be
    singing in the diatonic music system which didn't exist until about 500 years ago?
    wouldn't they use something more ancient?

    You can hear what some say is the start of this by going to

    Click on number 11, Twisted Hair. Producer is Jim rather than Robert Wilson.

    Slowing cricket noise down to human speed doesn't seem very likely either. Humans
    live about 1820 times as long as crickets. If we slow down their music that much, we'd have
    long pauses between chirps. And if we're not talking life spans, then what is
    human speed? How fast we talk, sing, walk, skate, fly in machines?

    All in all, I think it's chirps added to a human choir. But we can still appreciate crickets.
    Like cockroaches, they play an important part in recycling plant material. They are
    only a problem when they invade people's houses.

    I hope this didn't make you feel less chipper. If you like, I'll delete it.

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    Interesting, whether it's a hoax or not. Thanks, Sunflower Girl, for posting this. There has been a lot of research into the sounds animals make and what they could mean. What I get from it all is that we basically know nada about the other creatures with which we share our Earth and that they are likely much more intelligent than we ever imagined. BTW, love the Picasso tag line. It's soooooo true.

    Well, Rock, aren't you chirpy today :) Sorry to bug you with such a lame pun. I think all this discussion is a sticky wicket. Crickets in the house are considered good luck. Many antique metal decorations, such as boot jacks, were made in the form of crickets. My ex's beloved Grandmother was in her 80's and wore those black shiny oxford shoes older people used to wear. She could hear a cricket and drove herself crazy trying to find it. She walked all over the house. The cricket was on her shoe and couldn't be seen as it blended in. She told us about it and we all got a good laugh.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: FUNNY about the cricket on her shoe!!! LOL

    I thought it was just a choir played over it, but I asked this person about it who usually dismisses almost everything I send as some type of hoax etc. (this person is a genius) and I usually believe him. And actually in the dead of summer heat and you listen to a cricket it never slows down. I'm going to do a bit more research on this though.
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    The cricket music makes sense to me...I don't believe it's a hoax. First, they play "normal" cricket sounds, then re-record at "human speed" which stretches out each chirp. Neat sound...but sort of eery.

    Don't want to be a pesty about the controversy, though...

    Loved reading about the cricket on Grandma's shoe!:)
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    Cricket on a cool is that?!?! Loved the story, and thanks for sharing!!