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    the LD board on this forum. I came here to see if anyone here knows of a good bug expert (Entomologist is hard to spell though the brain fog and pain I'm fighting

    The odds are good that I don't have LD since the results have been negative from several LD including one from IGENEX. But I would like to find out something about ticks. As an outdoorsman , I've had tick several bites through out the years.

    There's something I've seen in the great outdoors , several times , that does not fit the common belief that there are no flying ticks. I wonder if this is just an abnormality of the places in WA St I've been or if they exist elsewhere.

    Before I became sick , I spent a lot of time pursuing deer in the hills and mountains . In three areas of my state , I have experienced something that doesn't seem to meet the "norm".

    I've noticed small swarms of flying bugs buzzing around deer , myself , and other warm blooded species. On several occasions they've landed on me. On days the deer were hiding better than I was've observed the following sequence of events.

    After they "decide" that they have landed on a warm blooded species , they begin to shed their clear wings. They look exactly like a tick. They are soft and can be squashed easily at this point. As time passes , they begin to harden and flatten.

    After a certain amount of time (I don't recall how long specifically) they become as hard to squash as a hard deer tick and look exactly like one. Then they start to borrow in and suck blood just like a tick. I've even left them embedded in me long enough for them to start swelling like a tick that has drawn blood.

    I believe that they are a type of tick. Does anyone know of a bug expert I can share these true life experiences with in hopes of finding out what kind of insect this is.....for sure ? I've always intended to bring some live specimens to an entomologist to see . But , they aren't very hardy until they shed their wings and start to harden.

    By then , I've always decided to move to another area to look for deer. And they haven't survived well in a zip-lock bag that I had my sandwich in...

    Yes , this is a true story. Before I ran out of money and couldn't finish college , my majors were Forestry , Wildlife Management , and (Mountain) Recreation.


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    They aren't the same as black flies...I'm familiar with them and these bugs are different. Yes , a person does definitely notice when a black fly bites ! But these take their "donation" just like a don't feel a thing !

    If the "insertion" was painful , I wouldn't have sat still while they did it. I'm not that dedicated to observation.....LOL...I have no qualms with squashing a bug causing a painful bite.

    Are you still able to go into the woods and actually hunt ?

    I hope so !!!!!

    I usually make a couple of trips up there during the hunting season. I can't walk very far and have problems holding my weapon still......I passed on some shots because of the latter.

    I sorely miss the superior flavor and nutrition of wild game over the so-called "domestic meats"........

    Maybe it's connected to my NA heritage......

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    One of the things I have to fight is memory loss. I think that I've had 6 or 7 Lyme tests. They were interpreted by several kinds of Drs. The last test was through IGENEX and I think they had some kind of an interpretation on the test results. I think the odds that I have LD are relatively low.

    Right now , I'm in a postion of only being able to afford to pay most of my monthly bills. I haven't been to any Dr. for awhile since I believe that having a place to live is more important. And finding a good "specialist" Dr. close to me isn't a challenge that I've been successful with as of yet.

    At least my PCP believes that LD , CFIDS/ME , FM , and the related DDs are real ! But , he's not a specialist and not well versed in treatment of them. In my immediate area , it is a bit difficult to even find a Dr. that believes they are real....

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    I did check out that list.

    Unfortunately , the closest LLMD is a little over 150 miles away. The way things are going right now I would have one heck of a time driving a round trip of 300+ miles. Even IF I could afford the $100 it would cost in gas.

    Right now the best medicine I can afford is laughter. Y'all are invited to the chit chat board on this forum to have some fun. There's both serious and fun things over there.

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    I hate this brain fog.......

    I have to include that several of the ABX treatments that I've been through have had little or no effect.

    I haven't been through the more expensive ones though..

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    Have you researched the herbal supplement called Samento? I don't know how expensive it is. I believe you work up to a tolerable dose.

    Just something to think about.
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    Hippoboscid flies