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    I am now being told that I have CFS, FM, degenerative disc disease in the lower lumbar spine 1,2,3 and 4 and some in my neck. I also have something called spinal stenosis. Along with these conditions I have osteoarthritis and scoliosis. Oh, along with these I also have IBS and polymialgia and acute migraine headaches.
    I also have the dreaded "D" word. Does depression just seem to go along with pain? I have never been depressed before all of this.
    I wonder if this is a chain effect or what? It really seems as soon as I was dx with FM then the others started soon thereafter. I just need someone to tell me it is all going to be okay.
    I am so glad I can come here and let some of my true emotions go,
    Thanks to all of you,
    Faith, hoping for better days ahead :eek:)
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    I have been fighting against the depression word in conjunction with FM for years. Many or should I say most Dr's. still believe that it is the depression alone that cuases FM/CFS. Oh how wrong they are. I even had one Dr. call me out on it the other day. I am working into a new pain mngt clinic (I have much the same diagnosis as you, except I had back surgery in 2007 for the disc issues), and the P.A. who was doing the intake info asked about depression because I am on Effexor. I told him they put me on Effexor because they said it would help with the pain, it never did. I told him I never was depressed it's not in my personality, and he said. "You have FM/CFS and you don't think depression started it? Are you kidding me?" At that point I was pretty angry because I knew at that point what/who I was up against. I can only hope the actual Dr. I see on Monday will have a broader mind and of course I will be armed with the latest xmrv findings.

    I myself have had this all for 7 years, feels like a million, and it just gets worse with every passing year. I know that everyone reacts differently so I truly hope this isn't your fate.

    I have absolutely no idea who this person is that resides in my body now. I miss myself sometimes sooooo much. I miss my job, my life, my friends I just flat out miss me.

    The only thing I can tell you is "Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst".

    This board has saved my bacon more than once because I can come here and let my true feelings show and no one criticizes or condemns you. You have people here who know how your feeling both physically and emotionally and its ok.

    Wishing you better,

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    sending lots of gentle hugs & prayers your way.....sorry you are having a hard time, but try to hang onto that hope
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    Hi Faith,

    I'm sorry you are having a difficult time. I had clinical depression when I was in my teens. (Mother/father made really bad decisions in my early childhood. I didn't work through those issues until my teens.) I know what depression does - I've been there.

    Since I've been sick (since 2004), I have had some really scary times. I was 24 and trying to move up the professional ladder, going back to school and in a serious relationship. After a year of going doctor to doctor and being disappointed time after time, I again slipped into depression.

    My councilor at the time was amazing! She taught me to grieve the loss of the life I thought I would have. That was a tough one... Accepting I would never be that person again, whew. I hated it. I did get through it and learned the manage what is in my control. I have to go through this process with each "flare".

    Since learning the greive, acceptance and management process, I have not had "depression". I have days when I can't see the sun through the clouds... Meaning hope it sometimes hiding from me. However, I am able to see the sun again after going through the process.

    I hope you are feeling better. Remember some things are out of your control. The things that are in your control - learn to manage them. Take time to enjoy things, be thankful for what you do have in your life. The more you strive to "see the sun", the easier it will be to see it through the clouds.

    We're all here to help you when you need it.
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    After I found out I have FM about a year and a half ago, I, too, had other things "pop" up with my health. Before I was diagnosed with FM I learned I have degenerative disc disease in my neck. I can't remember anymore what year I had back surgery to fix a severely herniated disc on my L5 S1 vertebrae, I'd have to find all my papers from then, but I'm thinking it was 4 or 5 years ago.
    Anyway, did 1 doctor diagnose you with all of your issues? I'm just wondering because I'm still on a "mission" to find out the root of all my many problems.
    I also feel as if this is all a chain effect. It seems my "chain" is getting longer as time goes on, also.
    Here's to hoping for better days for us all

  6. FibroFay

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    I've sat here at the computer the longest time and just stared at your post, not knowing how to respond, yet wanting to say something kind to you. I feel at a loss for words. I want you to know I care.

    I think depression is a natural reaction when our bodies have failed us. Hopefully, doctors will be able to treat your depression effectively. You'll probably need something for it.

    "I just need someone to tell me it is all going to be okay". I pray you and all of us can find that place inside ourselves where it is "okay" enough. There just has to be better days for all of us.