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    Hi All,

    I'm 28yrs old and had fibro for 5 years and CFS for 2yrs. This year, I have given up most of the volunteering I do in order to make getting better a full time job. I have a strict protocol that I'm following and going to put all my energy into getting better and nothing else.

    I am at the point where I just can't put up with this DD anymore and am going to fight fight fight.

    I have to put everything aside despite my feelings of wanting to do things as if I don't get better I won't be good for anything.

    I am starting by getting my amalgam fillings removed safely and then chelation therapy.

    My current regime is:
    wake up when my body feels like waking up and not before
    have a bath with epsom salts every other day
    take my tramadol painkiller 8am and 11.30am
    drink fresh ginger root tea
    take 1 digestive enzyme before every meal
    drink fresh vegetable juice x 1 glass every morning
    take 1 acidophilus probiotic after every meal
    clean, floss teeth, massage gums with rubber tothpick, put gel on to make them stronger and prevent from bleeding. Use mouthwash for dry mouth 3 x day

    Take all my supplements:
    Vit C 1000g x 3 times a day
    Vit E 1000iu x 1 a day
    Vit B high potency complex x 2 a day
    Flax seed oil x 1 a day
    Co-enzyme Q10 30mg x 3 a day
    L-glutamine x 1 tsp 100mg powder once a day
    Calcium, magnesium, zinc in malic acid x 1 tsp 100g powder
    Thyroboost x 2 in morning

    Use zapper once a day to rid me of parasites and bacteria
    Use CES (cranial electro stimulation machine) for 1 hr everyday to help brain chemicals and pain
    Use vibro tornado exercise machine for 5 mins every other day and increase to 10mins every other day.
    Eat balanced diet - include 6 unshelled brazil nuts to diet for selenium a day
    Protein shake at 3pm

    Ensuring I get at least 1 hr of sunshine a day to help with sleep and Vit D

    I am doing many things to stabilise my adrenals before I have my amalgam fillings out so I feel strong enough.

    After amalgam fillings are removed, start Dr Cutlers chealtion protocol to rid my body of mercury.

    Reflexology - once a fortnight so I can get feedback on what's happening to my body and unblock the energy lines.

    Massage - from my husband

    Aromatherapy oils - burn & choose dependant on how I feel

    Ensuring our cleaner uses only nontoxic cleaning and no chemicals. This is so simple to do using water, washing soda, liquid soap, essential oils and smells great.

    I've always been one to put other people first and help them with their problems but now I have to be selfish and look after number one but I will also to reply to you all on this board if there's anything I can help with.

    I'm also saying no to any social things such as lunch etc or indulging in any length of conversations - not that I get asked anymore as people know I can't do these things but ensuring I say no first before having to let them down later so I don't feel so bad.

    I plot a metabolic temperature graph daily so I can see how my metabolism is doing.

    I'm going on a complete detox week in Spain for a week in September with my husband.

    All this is a full time job and I don't believe I can get better if I do any kind of work except a few e-mails a day so I am giving it my all.

    I may start the methylation protocol at some stage but want to go through the heavy metal chelation process first.

    Avoiding negative people and issues.

    Some people think I'm crazy for taking so many things but I believe it's what my body needs to get better and before end of 2009 I hope to be at last part recovered and am etermined to stay positive. I have done enough research to know what I need to do and what part of my body needs treating first so now it's time to put it all into action.

    I just wondered how many people are doing as many bizarre things and have had to make their health a full time job? I expect there's lot of people out there?

    I am keeping records of everyhting just in case I can inform people later on what worked for me to help others.

    If this doesnt work then I will be broke and not a happy bunny!

    So fibro and CFS recovery is now my full time job!!!

  2. MamaDove

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    Another survivor among us...

    One thing in your post that stuck out was the FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT comment...You got it baby!!!

    I lost my willpower just as my docs convinced me how sick I was and that there was no cause, no cure, had to live with it and I was better off to just 'accept it'...I nearly died with that advice...

    Now everyday I am fighting for my life, my old life before I enabled THEM to get me this sick...I do blame others because capitlaism is a huge part in what we suffer, but you have to stand tall (even when you can't get out of bed) and pull up those bootstraps (even when you can't bend to tie your shoes) and start fighting back...

    Acceptance for me did not help...Getting honest with myself did...I have not worked since 2004 and busted my a** all my life with much physical labor, in and out of work...My diet sucked cause I was too busy working to learn all about good foods and why we should be eating only the good foods...I caused my body to retaliate against me and the doctors made it worse by convincing me that drugs were the answer and that diet made no difference in my conditions...I finally lived long enough to see my GI doc dancing around a trash can at Dunkin' Donuts at that was enough of a visual for me to distrust his advice...tehe (still dont know what he was doing and frankly dont want to know)

    I am so happy for you, you seem willing to get to the bottom of this pile of poo and climb out from under and I am sure you will improve, greatly...I have no doubt...Your determined attitude is clear and evident by this post...Don't let anyone stand in your way and take no advice from anyone that looks worse than you...I recently had a physical therapist that I must exercise (with tendon fluorotoxicity from Levaquin)...This young girl was 100 pounds or more overweight and had a hump on her back...When she mentioned how tired she was after lunch I asked what she ate, her reply, "only a McDonalds salad and diet soda", needless to say I ended our relationship that day...

    Find what you need to get well...Post when you can about your continued success (I have faith that it will only be successful) and stand firm in your goal of making your good health your full-time job...It's been mine for 18 months and I am getting paid a phenomenal wage in return...Loving it!!!

    I appreciated your Brazil Nut post and attempted to expand on it but hasn't gone over too well...I am sure we will figure something out tho ;)

    Off to make something healthy AND delicious for breakfast, have a great day dear, Peace~MamaDove

    PS. my goal was to be walking again by my 40th birthday, last year, and I did it, around when the time my profile pic was taken...Determination paved that way...Staying far away from doctors sealed the deal...


    JEANSKI New Member

    It is definately worth the fight! I am excited for you! I have learned so much by being determined to do all I can for myself. This will be a good year for you no doubt.
  4. texangal81

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    I want to do exactly what you are doing. I am not going down without a fight. It might not work, but doing nothing isn't going to work either. However, I'm an all or none person and that is a very hard habit to break. I have to accept I can't do it all at once. I just posted that I need help to kick my diet pop addiction first. I need to make a list and I will as soon as I finish writing this. I am going to list all of the poisons I am ingesting or exposed to and start removing them one at a time. I'm going to start adding supplements, vitamins, etc one at a time. Right now I don't take too many meds, so I'm not going to fool with them just yet (Ultram, mobic, and hbp med). I'm having lapband surgery to assist with my weight loss. It isn't that I can't do it on my own, I have, many, many times. But I suffer from terrible hunger that has gotten worse over the years. As I hurt more and more and I'm tired more and more, I cannot tolerate the added pain of that kind of hunger. Lapband is supposed to get rid of that. I am praying it does.

    Unfortunately I still have to work full time so the sleep issue is tough. I am hoping to get the ok to work from home most of the time. That will help tremendously. I'm also single, but quite honestly the men in my past have pulled me down and not pushed me up, so they aren't being missed. I prefer my parents and children, who are a much better support system.

    We are going to fight this, one way or another.

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