This is neat: Kilimanjaro Trek to Aid CFS this month

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    I got this news brief from last month's issue of PHOENIX RISING, a free monthly online newsletter on CFS and FMS:

    Kilimanjaro Trek to Aid CFS - On the 1st of September Simon Winnall and Ian Winstanley embark on a great expedition to North-East Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa at 5,895 m. All money raised will help fund the ME Research UK research programme.

    Simon's sister, Nikki Winnall, has suffered from severe ME for the last 8 years and is currently bed-bound with bouts of total paralysis, hence their wish to use the expedition to raise funds for research. Her brother Simon said, "When Nikki was fit she used to love the mountains; she once walked from North to South Wales to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I hope by attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro we can raise funds and the profile of ME research." You can sponsor them by visiting their own webpage to download a sponsorship form, or you can sponsor them online via their own just giving page The guys will post a Kilimanjaro blog once they return so you can read about their adventures
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    What a wonderful thing to do! I hope their expedition gets lots of publicity.

    This was very heartening and exhilirating to read. Made me feel adventurous.

    Glad you posted it.
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    It made me feel adventurous, too!

    I'm disabled now, but I used to climb mountains all over the Rockies.

    You know what?
    I think Prickles has climbed Kilimanjaro, back in healthier days.

    I hope you see this post, Prickles!

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    Climbing the Rockies must have been so thrilling! And what beauty. Haven't you climbed in other countries too? I remember that you've traveled a lot.

    I've always wanted to explore the Appalachian trail here by us.

    Last month I rapturously enjoyed the 1,000 acre New Jersey Botanical Gardens. It was the first time I had been out for almost the whole summer.

    I read where you've started using your scooter. I know it feels like such a painful contrast to speak of after Kilimanjaro, but I found that just this week it was blissful standing and staring at the huge full moon for awhile outside the library.

    Prickles is so spunky - her climb wouldn't surprise me.
    Would love to hear about that someday.

    Have you ever written then or now about your climbing and traveling experiences?
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    The Botanical Gardens sound beautiful. I hope you get back soon.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to sample a bit of the Appalachian Trail?

    Prickles is a character, isn't she?

    I climbed mostly in Colorado, especially in the San Juan range between Durango, Telluride, and Siverton. I also did a lot of hiking and mountain biking in southern Utah and northern New Mexico. I always wanted to write a hiking and biking guidebook to the Four Corners area. And I'd still like to do more writing about my adventures and misadventures.

    As far as foreign travel, I have a post on here somewhere about a trip I got to take to Siberia with some of my Navajo students. I also studied in Paris and London during college.

    I do miss all of the adventure, but after being housebound for so long, I'm enjoying just riding to the park on my scooter! I sit in the park during late morning, with blue sky, huge clouds, cottonwoods that are just starting to turn color, the Sandia mountains to the east and the mesa to the west. At times like these, life, even with illness, isn't too bad.


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    who's been on Kilimanjaro.

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    Great story of your Kilimanjaro climb.

    In my climbing days in the Rockies, I had to turn around more than once due to bad weather or the fact that I just wasn't up to it on that day. But I never tackled anything as high as Kilimanjaro.

    Sounds like you were very wise to come down.

    Kilimanjaro; kidnapping in Turkey; a year in Germany...

    I'm eagerly waiting for a book on your adventures.