This is precious. I wish everyone could be like this.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. cjcookie

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    My great niece who is 4 years old was helping me clean my room yesterday and she saw my medicine (I had spilled some beads and she was helping me pick them up). She said "I don't want to ever get sick". I knew what she meant and I said, "sweetie, you aren't going to get sick like me." Then she told me "I hate it that you are sick and feel bad and can't work."

    She's four and she remembered all that and was so incredibly sweet. I had to look away while she was helping me so she didn't see my start to cry. Can you believe what an incredibly sweet and understanding little girl she is at four years old?
  2. fivesue

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    and accepting again.

    What a truly sweet moment. That's one to keep on hand for when life is very hard.

    Thanks for sharing the story. A very warm spot in my day today.

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    compassion gene but you just proved me wrong - sometimes boys do get it too. My son is very compassionate but I don't think he would have said that at four years old.

    I'm going to start keeping a journal with these things.
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    hi there
    my little boy is only just four (last month) and he is so in tune with me and how i feel on a day to day basis. he is very aware of the fact that it hurts me to do most things even down to mummy cant pick him up, she has to sit down and he has to climb on my knee as i have a tendancy to have slipped discs on top of FMS at the slightest thing (sneezing even!). He often says, 'il pick that up for you mum,watch your back' or he will pick all his toys up without me asking him to and then he will say ' iv done it mum, itl save your back and then you wont hurt as much' he is my treasure and a joy to me every day, this bright young thing has so much awareness and understanding at his tender age it shames most adults. My teenage daughter would happily sit and watch me struggle to do most things and one of her favourite comments is 'if it hurts you that much mum then why do you bother doing it' 'IT' being hanging the washing out or cleaning the bathroom or changing the beds. but she wouldnt dream of doing it for me, so yes the young can be so much help and so full of love for their mum that they are indeed an inspiration. on the other hand beware teenagers as they really dont give a monkeys as long as they dont have to do anything to help lol, by the way, she was a helpful little soul when she was younger too, shame she grew out of it but i still love her to bits, jus could shake her some days but im sure i am not on my own there. Thank heavens for my little boy though as he makes me smile every day and he makes me laugh out loud countless times a day too, he is my sanity.

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