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  1. tandy

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    Hello everyone~ Hope your days are kind.

    Just thought I'd share something very interesting on the power of prayers.

    You can search it your self,..but I found this site where
    researchers of praying found that when they took drops of muddy waters and look at them under a scope,they saw nothing but yuk patterns and just dirty gross water.

    They then prayed over the dirty water and used possitive
    affirmations. After,...they looked again under the scope and saw beautiful snowflake like patterns,crystals!!!

    The site shows before and after photos. Please see for yourself,...Its amazing and wonderful research on the power of praying!!
    I typed in messages in water.

    Let me know what you think.
    Now Imagine what our prayers for others in need accomplish!!

  2. tandy

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    Hmmm?? you've got my curiousity arroused~???? lol
    I will take a look in a little while.
    Hope it takes me right where I need to go.

  3. tandy

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    If you should see this.
    Tell her I'm thinking of her alot.Wishing her wellness,and we miss her more than she could know!!

    If you are in touch with her? Can you tell her that My Gramdma just passed away??
    she was familiar with my requests for prayers for my grams. (she was the Diabetic that needed her toes amputated)
    I'd love to talk to her????


  4. PoorPatty

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    You can find her at Annie Kidwell country music site (another member here that has a guest book you can sign and a great check it out) and contact her. Know she'd be thrilled to hear from you. Will tell her about your grandma...but talk to her yourself! She'll be pleasantly surprised!