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    i am reading every where that i'm not the only one have been waiting ayear are longer fro ss reply what is going on i'm about to lose my shirt here.

    doctors to trat this are hard as %$#%# to find they want to work with your mind get more sleep when i do get sleep it doesn't stop me from hurting like ^$^%$% all day and night my pain is none stop i take meds i get maybe 2-3 hrs relife medicate every 4 hrs some time i can go 6 very seldum.
    i cry all the time i'm getting so sick of this now the doc i'm seeing only gives me pain meds to last a week at a time so not only does my insurance have to pay him weekly i have to pay my $15.00 weekly i haven't worked in over a year waiting on ss.GOD it's ohhhhhhhhhhh
    i feel like i'm going to a drug dealer and when i get mad and don't go beleive you me the next day after beening out of med's for 24 hrs i'm scraping up $15.00 dollars from some where.

    it is really really sad
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    I, too, am praying for you. Yoou have our support. Keep on going forward.

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    They charge nothing until you get your disability. When you do, they can only take 25% of back pay or $5300 whichever is LESS. I would highly suggest it.

    I waited over two years, but I'm finally going to get it thanks to my lawyer and two docs who filled out their forms.

    Yes, my shirt, pants, and everything else is gone. It isn't easy to live on nothing.
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    Dear Babygirl44:

    Not sure if you have worked in the past, and if so, you may be able to collect state disability, if Texas has such a thing. In California, I can get 12 months of about 50% of my salary. After 1 year, I would have either returned to work, or can apply for SSDI. Through my work, I also have a 70% disability insurance policy through UNUM Provident, which I am learning is not too easy to get them to agree that you are disabled and unable to work.

    If that is not an option, you may be eligible for SSI, which is for people who have little to no income, and few (less than $2,000.00) in assets.

    You can also find out if you can get free prescriptions from the manufacturer of your medications. You just have to find their website, or 800 number to find out if you can get their meds for free, or at a reduced amount.

    I am not sure why your doctor feels that you can only get 1 weeks worth of meds at a time. I would think that your doctor needs to better understand your financial situation, and I also think that your insurance company would not like to be paying for 4 office visits per month, if you are only getting a refill.

    Good luck to you.

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    for the reply sorry it took so long to respond i will check into that but i don't think that is a option because we don't pay state taxes in tx but i'll check and ssi we can only get if were getting ssd but i will check on these things thank you very much.
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    Texas has nothing to offer you except SSI. When you apply for SSDI, you are automatically applying for SSI also, so if you have not heard that you are approved, you call them right away!

    You should have heard immediately whether your specific situation made you eligible for SSI and Medicaid, to tide you over until SSDI approved.

    You call your local welfare office now, ok? Your total household income and number of dependents determines how much you could receive.

    BTW, in order to qualify, if just a tiny bit over the limit, would be to decrease your household income by that much and a little more...spouse work less hr, take less pay etc.

    Good luck to you, please let us know how you are doing, ok?