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    I know this is the second time I have posted this, but I have to tell you again. You have to try the Pure Synergy from the Synergy company. It is the only thing that has really helped me with my fatigue. I am about 60% better in the fatigue department and it has allowed me to work on other symptoms. I don't know about you, but when my fatigue is so bad, I just don't care about anything. It makes everything so much worse. I am getting ready to order my second month supply. I take it 2 times a day and actually was able to do 20 minute fast walking video tapes 4 times last week.
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    What is this stuff that you are taking and how do you get it.? Is it something like the herbalife, formula one. Janice
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    It is much different, if you go to the company website you can see that lots of doctors and other reputable people drink this. It reminds me of the Barley Green I was taking for a month or so but it does give me a boost in energy. it has a lot of Chinese herbs in it. It runs me around 60$ a month but that includes shipping. I usually never try stuff because of the cost of it, but this was recommended to me by a friend who has CFS also. Doctors recommend this to people going through Chemo for an energy boost. It is great. Give it a try, what do ya got to loose. Let me know how you do on it.
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    For all you evening folks
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    I was wondering what I could take for fatigue, because I have ZERO energy. I will check the Pure Synergy out. I don't know what's in it (caffeine)? but will try anything. I am soooooo tired all the time. Thanks again.
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    If this is a product that you can handle drinking. Will it make one puke? Seriously, some of that stuff is so nasty tasting that it is hard to get down. I have this problem and find I waste money on products that I can not get down. Also what consistansy is it? I would love to try it and $60.00 for a month of energy is not bad.
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    I appreciate you posting this.
    I am like a walking dead person.
    I have avoided most supplements because I am always afraid I will do something like hurt my liver and have another problem on top of these 2.
    But I am desperate.
    Next paycheck, I am going to order some for myself.
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    I, too, have checked out the website. As far as being able to drink the stuff, I know I wouldn't be able to choke it down!! But the good news is, they also put it into capsule form. It is actually cheaper that way ($40 compared to $60).

    My biggest question is, do I need to continue my one daily vitamins? Pure Synergy does not contain very many vitamins, per se. It has some Vit. A, B12, a little calcium, and not much else. So I'm wondering if I would have to continue with the other vits. and the B complex... They make a product called VitaSynergy for Women (and men), that does contain all the other vitamins, but it costs just as much as the Pure Synergy. There's no way I could afford to take both!

    Kellbear, do you take a multivitamin in addition to the P.S.?

    Thanks, Debbie
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    Debbie, did you find out how many caps per day that one needs to take? I could not find that info anywhere on the website. It might not be cheaper if you have to take a lot of caps. You could cap the stuff at home. I purchased veg caps from the health food store. Anyway if someone finds out how many caps you have to take please let me know. thanks a bunch.
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    Hi, hon. I couldn't find anywhere how many a day to take. The bottle contains 270 caps for @$40. Since the powder is approximately one months supply, I can only assume that it is the same for the caps. I think that equals about 9 caps a day. Yikes!!!!! That's alot of pills! I just don't know if I could drink that stuff though. I think I'd rather take the pills! I'm still exploring all the different avenues for fatigue.
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    Thanks so much for sending this in more than once. I missed the others. I went to the website and it is worth a try. The ingredients are sure what we need. THANKS AGAIN. I will let you know how it does.
  12. Princessraye

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    I was doing some research on where to get the best price on Synergy products and also on the capsules someone mentioned. The more I search the more confused I get (similar sounding names ) Is the correct product the one that Dr. Teitelbaum recommends?
    If so I am finding it at iherb for 30 and the the 30 capsules for 5.50 :) Sounds too good to be true so wondering if I am not finding the correct product.
    I have heard it referred to by different names Enzymatic therapy, infusion, synergy, etc.


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  14. debbiem31

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    You have two products confused. The one that is promoted by Dr. Teitelbaum is called Daily Energy Enfusion from Enzymatic Therapy. It is a citrus tasting powder that you mix with fluid. It is way different than the Pure Synergy that we are referring to.

    Pure Synergy is a "superfood". It contains all sorts of good stuff, but it's not chock full of vitamins like the Energy Enfusion. They are both supposed to help fight fatigue.

    The Pure Synergy is the product that comes in capsule form as well as the powder.

    Hope this clears things up for you...
  15. Princessraye

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    Thanks I think I understand now :)