THIS is the dog we ALL need to have...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    so cute! not to mention helpful!!!!!!
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, doggone it! Ah-maz-ee-ate-in'!

    You think that's one dog or a couple dozen that all know
    one trick?

    My mother was good at training dogs. My dog only knows
    one trick: Peekaboo!

  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    I put it on my FB!

  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    We may 'only' have 4 dogs now... but I put that one on my Christmas list! ONLY if it comes already trained, however. It can sit on my lap all the way back to MX, lolol.

    I had a terrier mix when I was 13, I trained her to do a lot of tricks, but nothing useful. Never occurred to me at that age. She'd learn anything for a treat, just like that dog. So maybe eventually I think I want another terrier LOL, they're smart, definitely good watchdogs, etc. and don't need to be over 30 lbs.

  5. jole

    jole Member

    THIS is the dog you were talking about wanting, Victoria! I say go for it! :) What's one more anyway??
  6. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I'd love to have a dog who could carry laundry upstairs for me. I tried to devise a back pack for my current dog, but it just didn't turn out like I planned.

    This video is so cute--thanks for sharing with us.
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  7. quanked

    quanked Member

    This wonder dog made my day! I emailed the link to a number of friends who can appreciate four legged wonders.
  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Im back for a while. Now that I have my laptop working again, I can lay down and get online at the same time. Missed you & others on this board!

    Fight :)

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