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    Have not read the last of 117, going there now.


    I just want to mention this. Barry took, not one, but TWO classes in the study of insects because he
    found them so fascinating. I will have to admit, they look like they are from a different planet or
    continent. That would be pretty fascinating. It couldn't be worse than discecting the cat in nursing
    school :)


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    Bump up.

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    on the computer about exploding termites. Did you know the queen
    (the termite queen, not the parachuting one) can live for decades?

    Dave Barry has frequently voiced his belief that lobsters are actually giant

    And did you know only the British athletes get air conditioning?

    Why is life so filled with suffering? Look at Betty White. She missed being
    Butter Queen. BTW, there is no town named St. Olaf in Minnesota. My
    aunt, however, was a graduate of St. Olaf College.

    The college was located in Northfield, the home of the bank the James and
    Younger brothers tried to rob in 1876. Cole Younger and Frank James were
    still alive when my dad was young.

    The bank is still there. Still has the bullet holes in the walls. There is a
    festival every September to commemorate the event. Can you see it
    on Youtube? Sure. You can see everything on Youtube.

    Longtime poster Ken Holmes went to Concordia College, Northfield's other
    college. Imagine that. a small city of 24,000 with two colleges.

    Well, folks, this concludes our program of free association. "Freedom's just
    another word for nothing left to lose. Nothing ain't worth nothing, but
    it's free." Kris Kristofferson

    Adios, Pards

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    Does this mean we can only talk about the Olympics or is it just a regular Lounge but dedicated to the Olympics? I'll just treat it as usual and hope I'm doing it right. As far as the opening ceremony, I got soooo bored watching the first part that I switched channels. China is just too tough an act to follow, even for the same producer. I did catch the Queen "parachuting" into the arena. She really does have a good sense of humor and is a good sport. Too bad she kept it hidden for so long. Glad the Royals are getting a bit more down to earth. Before I could catch the rest of the show, I fell asleep. I suspect the martinis I drank at the party had something to do with it :) More about the party later. I actually enjoy the winter olympics more than the summer ones. I used to play a bit of volleyball (who didn't?) and I played a LOT of tennis but I can catch tennis at any of the big tournaments. Skiing and ice skating is my thing, especially skiing. You can take the girl out of the mountains but you can't take the mountains out of the girl, especially if she skis. I can catch the rest of the opening I missed because they are rerunning it.

    OK, the party was a smash hit. The stories were really great, touching, funny, lurid, etc. Several others were about lost jewelry finding its way home. One was about a gold watch, lost three times, which found it's way back. The last time, the man who returned it became this woman's husband and they were married 30 yrs. My friend's lurid tale was about an affair with a married man with whom she was "crazy in love" at the time. She was only 19 and a bit naieve. Still, he gave her a gorgeous bracelet with pearls in gold. She can look at it and get a smile at how wonderful it felt to fall in love. He moved away and nothing came of the affair but there's always something about that first love no matter how it ended. We had Smores martinis which were delicious. I had taken half a Klonopin under my tongue a while before I went and I sipped slowly so I had a good time. I had taken a nap with Tweety in the afternoon.

    Barry, Denver is having really high temps and it is uncomfortable but, yes, dry heat isn't as bad as heat and humidity. Still, many of us are finding that as we get older, we just aren't tolerating it as well as we did when we were younger. Yes, we can vacation vicariously with Jole in San Antonio. I am not a fan of "art films." They are offten dark. Seems that lately, I'm content to watch stupid movies, like the "American Pie" seriees, just to distract myself. My pea brain will probably rot :)

    Jam, I think AA, Alanon and Science of the Mind all have some excellent ideas. If one reads enough, researches enough, engages enough and is willing to pluck the best from all these sources, a commone element emerges. It may be in different form, but it all helps one to take responsibility for one's own behavior and spiritual development. We are all in this thing, called life, together and we bring gifts of love and learning into one another's lives. How many times do we need something, perhaps without realizing the need, when someone comes along at just the right time with what we need? Some people don't even see these gifts. It takes spiritual preparation to recognize them. Seeing isn't believing; believing is seeing. Not my original idea. I took it from the "Santa Clause" movie. See, y'all, I do get some gems of wisdom from these lowly movies.

    Linda, I'm a Cancer and we like to hang onto our things with our crab claws. I think that's why I don't like to gamble. I hate to lose money. About the only way to win is with poker or blackjack. As I mentioned, though, I just can't take casinos. I'm not a fan of horse or dog racing because of exploitation of animals. Our family doesn't go to rodeos either. My SIL's family are big gamblers. His uncle in LA owned a race horse so my SIL got to sit in the owner's box. It's such a seduction and not good if one cannot afford to lose. I'm not against gambling per se; it's just not for me.

    Rock, I love the specials on TV about insects and their behavior. We have beautiful butterflies down here (are they insects?) My DD and SIL were out with the couple, the one in which the wife died suddenly, just before she died. A butterfly kept landing on the husband's arm. It kept coming back to him and was content to just stay there. He was mesmerized and delighted with it. My DD said that she had such a sick foreboding feeling when it happened. We have occasional psychic events in our family but usually nothing too definitive. I told DD that they should be on the lookout for butterflies. Many people relate them to their loved ones who have died. It's kinda like when my Mom sends feathers to us from Heaven. Feathers, pennies, birds and butterflies are common things which people connect to loved ones who have passed. BTW, I found a feather sticking up from a base at Target. It's made of some kind of composite material. I bought it and painted it silver and put it in my bedroom to remind me of Mom, as if I need reminding. She sends signs all the time.

    Well, Loungers, this is the end of my "War & Peace" post. I wish y'all a beautiful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Can't get interested in the Olympics.Maybe I can't focus enough I don't know.Huz watches some and DD talks about it.I think GD is better because I haven't heard from them today.She told me yesterday she was sick because she is a Princess.She was still determined they would be at the waterpark again this weekend as promised.

    Huz asked what I wanted to do today and I suggested a drive to a favorite outdoor shopping area.He knew I wouldn't be able to resist spending money on clothes and I didn't disagree so he wants to wait until tomorrow.I don't think he seriously wanted to leave the house anyway and I don't care either.Looks like more rain so good that we didn't.

    We are getting rain and thunder on and off since last evening.So thankful.I hope the drought areas get some of this.

    I'm still thinking about Barry's quinoa.I've never tasted it but have heard of it.A friend used to own a health food store.

    Huz and I keep making a pact that we will start back to work on cleaning,sorting and packing but we don't.So Mon. is the new agreement.I just had a down week and the humidity and heat just drained all our energy even though we are inside.

    Sorry I have nothing much to contribute lately.I'm just hanging out inside trying to relax and stay cool.Read all my books.

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    It wasn't that expensive and has high marks from consumers. Talked to the tool mgr. at Lowes and he agreed that the Skil was an excellent choice for a nonprofessional. I decided to go with a nice trim molding instead of the crown. It will give basically he same effect but just won't jut out quite as much at the top. I used it on top of a bookcase and it looks great. It's easier to put up as I'll be doing it by myself, as usual. The saw is still in the box until I'm ready to use it, hopefully tomorrow.

    Ran into my pal, Joan, and we made a quick trip to Publix. We stopped over at the pool where they guys were finishing up installing our wi-fi hot spot.

    Other than that, there isn't much exciting going on around here. Like some of y'all, I'm just not that into the olympics either. Watched a little soccer the other day but can't stand too much of that.

    Jole, so glad BIL is doing well after surgery.

    Jam, I like that one too. It suggests we should try to be ready for the lesson so the teacher will appear. I think the minute we make a decision in our hearts, the Universe sets things in motion to help us.

    Pam, so glad for your rain. Every little bit helps. We are just getting little spits now and then. I want to get back to our monsoon rains.

    Think I'll just take it easy the rest of the day. A nice nap sounds like just the right thing to do. Zzzzzzzzzz.....

    Love, Mikie
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    Really a 4 hour 'walk out' as they put it, of the nations in the Olympics.
    That is what got me. Left after an hour of that. Huz was asleep about as
    soon as it all started.

    It was the internet that told me that the Brits got the a/c and no one else.
    Either that or CBS which is Huz's choice of the national news. We used to
    watch ABC but Huz really likes Scott Pelly. Me, sadly, (I know I have said
    this before) the tv would not be on, if it were not for huz. Frankly, I find it
    a good time to floss my teeth :)

    Yes, Betty White as Butter Queen...such a missed pop. Or Julie Childs...she
    was a huge fan of Butter.

    Ok, between Lake Wales and Babson Park (about 15,000 ppl) we have two
    "universities". They were both colleges when we moved here and in the
    last 5 years switched to Unis and I have no idea what you have to do to
    be called that. Webber International University caters to a lot of foreign
    students who cannot not get into their socialized form of education that
    puts you on the track for college/uni about age 14. If you didn't know what
    you wanted to be OR your grades were not excellent....Then you have to
    go to vocational school. Or hope you have parents who can send you to
    school in the USA. They are predominately Business oriented.

    Then there is a Church of God UNI that has it's headquarters in Indiana
    (I think). Teachers seems to like to go there and probably some pastors.

    That is only part of lesson about our area for today.

    Jole, so a great therapist (your DD) can take a cat apart on Thanksgiving
    and put it back together despite bad glue and the teacher gives her a D.
    I'll give the teacher a D. So glad she has found something that she likes

    I love the saying particularly at my age "Freedom's just another word for
    nothing else to lose".

    Bless you Pam, with all that is on your plate! Hope your energy level

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    Just a warning there.

    My yoga teacher got an email that a 3 day yoga experience was going to be
    held on Beautiful Sunset Lake in Lake Wales, Florida. And to make her
    reservation by paying $1500 for the three days. Some additional costs
    may be added later.

    Ok, you savvy ones, this is nothing knew to you. But here in the middle
    of orange groves, we are shaking our heads.

    1. There are 3 ways to sleep. Bring your own camper, bring your own RV
    or sleep in the bunk beds. The men and women are in different cabins so
    if you come with someone of the opposite sex, you will not be together.

    Also, the lower bunks are for the ppl age 55 and older.

    2. Bring your own bedding and towels. And bring all white clothing to wear
    and white turbans for your head (maybe the towel could do double duty)

    3. Oh, bring your own dishes, utensils and glasses and you wash your own.
    And sign up to help prepare the meals. Which are basically beans and a
    few other things. No caffeine. Some of the food will be too spicy for some
    so a milder version will be offered.

    4. Arise at 3:45 am to listen to readings by the head yogi until 7:45. At
    which time you will have breakfast. (And, boy, you will be hungry)

    5. The place has to be quite so to commune with the earth and so the
    ppl napping will not be disturbed.

    All of this is to celebrate the Soltice in the White Tantric style. There is
    a black tantric style where you cast spells on ppl and a red Tantric style
    for sex but those two are not going to be done at this gathering.

    Just wanted to let you know that we are not as "behind the times" as I

    Off to lala land!


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    I agree Mikie that after China nothing else compares. However I was thinking when the Chinese did their opening ceremony that most of the people are controlled and that is how they were able to put on such a show. Whereas, in London, everyone was a volunteer. So perhaps not as impressive but more appealing to me morally knowing the London presentation came from a core freedom of choice.

    I found some of it interesting enough to sit and watch but some of it was just dragged out too long and the parade of nations coming in the stadium is always hours long. I left the room at "F", waited what I thought was a good long while and they were only on "M's" when I came back, thinking surely it must be near the US. lol

    The Queen skit with the current James Bond was a hoot. And Paul McCartney, even at his age, still knows how to entertain and bring a crowd together. He was way off key when he began but got into his stride and made me smile.

    Oh and who could forget the Mr. Bean part. Hilarious! That man was born with dreadful looks, but he sure took them and used them to become a well loved and huge success. I was laughing and my husband says, "who is that?" I couldn't believe there was someone who didn't know Mr. Bean.

    I meant to watch the swimming today but couldn't rouse myself from bed today. I heard Michael Phelps came in 4th on the 400 meter. Shame. I like to watch the gymnastics. I am always amazed that people can do such things with their bodies when I have trouble simply walking without tripping over my own feet. lol

    Wishing you all a good Sunday. Hugs, MicheleK
  10. Mikie

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    Linda, I believe, but do not know for sure, that to be a univ., the institution must offer graduate degrees. Colleges usually only offer undergraduate degrees. Geez, that yoga retreat sounds like such a bargain--NOT!

    Michele, I also enjoyed the Mr. Bean and the Queen spoofs. The British do have a quirky and wonderful sense of humor. Would have loved to hear "Hey, Jude," one of my all-time favorite songs but I had decided to stop watching long before that.

    Just an FYI for those, like me, who have never heard of used cars called, dealer buybacks. These are usually lemons which the dealer has bought back from disgruntled buyers. Not all of them are lemons but the chances are good that they are. They are considered used cars so the Lemon Act does not apply to them even though they may be only a few months old. It may be very difficult to get these vehicles insured and financed except for financing through the dealership. The dealership must disclose when they sell a buyback but most people just sign the acknowledement without understanding what they are signing nor what the are buying.

    After reading about these vehicles, I would not consider buying one. There are ways to look at a car's history; it may have been badly damaged in an accident right after it was sold to the original buyer. You can have a mechanic check the vehicle out. Most of the time, though, these vehicles were unsatisfactory to whomever bought them. Even if there were mechanical problems or damage from an accident, the dealer usually doesn't fix problems before reselling the vehicles. Yikes! Buyer beware!

    Talked to DD yesterday. Her old Shar Pei rescue dog is doing better after some health problems. Bless his heart, he had a bad life before she picked him up. He loves her so much. Her other rescue dog came to her as a half-grown puppy so he has never known much of a life on the street. He was alone on the street enough, though, that he is a bit skittish. Still, he is fierce in defending the family when he senses danger. He's a Chow Newfoundland mix.

    More good news--a neighbor who almost died from a stroke is 85 percent and his doc expects a full recovery within the year. He had his stroke going out the door so his wife got him to the hospital right away and there was an excellent surgeon ready for him. I'm so happy for him and his wife. He had been depressed because the stroke had affected his ability to remember words. He's really more Barb's friend than mine but I've always liked him and his wife. He would stop up to the balcony but was shy because it embarassed him to try to speak. We told him that old age has done that to us and we think nothing of it. We encouraged him to talk to us and I hope it helped in his recovery. If nothing else, just socializing a wee bit has to have helped with the depression. He walks the dog and Barb and I always keep treats for our visiting dogs to the balcony.

    Barb called me to say how much she misses me; I miss her too. She is so excited with her brand new GGD. Can't wait to get the balcony up and running again this winter. Somehow, it seems to me that our hood is getting kinder and more supportive with the exception of one bldg. with a fued between two neighbors. We had that here for a while and it's horrible. It's stressful. Glad I was able to get to the party. We had a good time. I was resting yesterday and was just thinking about how many good things happened to me that day. It's important to get out and enjoy life once in a while when I can. The beauty of the balcony is that friends come to us and the wearing of jammies is considered dressing for the occasion.

    Hope everyone else has a great day today. I'm planning on it but if not, I take refuge on the sofa or in my bed. Thank God, I do have choices.

    Love, Mikie

  11. Ranigar

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    Mikie you make me want to get on down to Fl. in a hurry just to sit around on someones balcony in my jammies.I first have to get to Bealls to get some.Hope that's the dress code at sisters house but I think not.BIL always has something to say about what I wear.He's fat and wears Tshirts and shorts but teases me about a bright color shirt or baggy comfy dress.I don't get it.Living so close I guess I will have to let him know I don't care for his critique.

    Welcome Michelle.Love Mr. Bean skits myself.I know it's silly but sure does make me laugh.I had a hunch Michael Phelps wasn't going to do so well.I think the attention he got went to his head and he lost his focus and drive.Can't blame him he's young and that kind of media attention is overwhelming.

    That yoga retreat sounds crazy.I wonder how many people will be crazy enough to pay for that.

    Going shopping today.Just have the shopping bug.Looking for a couple short sleeve tops.I'm thinking there might be some things on sale racks because it is the middle of summer so of course sweaters and long sleeves are all you can find right?

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope you found some great things shopping. We do get some wool clothing and sweathers down here in the winter at the dept. stores but Bealls caters to Floridians. I'm sure there are some snooty hoods where the wearing of jammies is looked down on but not here. We wear Capri pants and tee shirts with sandals. If we're going out to lunch or dinner, we wear nicer Capri pants, shirts and sandals and we put on jewelry. I'll put on a skirt if the mood hits me but it's rare. Forget BIL's critique. Men think they were put on Earth to criticize women. Reminds me of following a truck with a bumper sticker on it that reads, "No Fat Chicks," and when it stops, out pops a redneck with a huge beer belly. I'm not saying BIL is like that but men do have double stds.

    Been looking at all the info on the miter saw. Think I'll pick up the stand for it. That's easier than trying to find a table to set it on and it's safer. It is also easier to store. I cleaned some luggage in the office walk-in closet and put it in my recently cleared out bedroom walk-in. I don't want a miter saw in my bedroom closet :) I found some pool toys that DGS has outgrown so took them over to the pool. We have a corner where we throw extra noodles and toys and anyone can use them or take them. Some of these toys are for the sand so some little beachgoers can enjoy them there. I think I'll haul out Mom's stuff that I need to get rid of and that will force me to deal with it.

    I have enough stuff to keep me busy for months. Thank God that yesterday and today, I have felt just a tad better. It's likely the Sudafed I took for sinus headache. I've been taking my blood pressure and it's good even on the Sudafed speed. Also, the jaw and teeth pain is much, much better. It would be a cruel joke to have the shots clear up my illnesses and be undone by a head injury. I've even felt some tingling in my chin which is the angry nerves healing themselves. Two good days in a row. I wish the same for everyone else.

    Hope the MIA check in and I hope Leah gets her puter up and running. Mine's still limping but I'm not going to do anything as long as it works on a basic level. The wi-fi is up and running at the pool. One of our neighbors is a techie and he's building a web page for our community. That is awesome!!!

    Love, Mikie
  13. spacee

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    That Mr. Bean WAS so funnie. Somehow I missed Paul altogether and I was
    waiting for him. That was brilliant coming back from time to time to see if
    the USA was 'walking through'. I totally missed them.

    Slept alot today. Morning started at 1:30pm. Afternoon nap at 4pm. No
    ritalin, of course.

    Just to let me whine a bit. My 1st son and 3rd son have 8 years between
    them. The 1st played football. (I couldn't clean the house or grocery shop
    BUT I could attend his game). Ok, 8 years later, we go to a high school
    game but I could not stand the and announcer. But I the 3rd
    one's basesball game was fine.

    Ok so I see a pattern going on here. And all this was before ritalin. Now,
    I can no longer sleep with the noise of a fan. The noise of the fan was always
    the plus cause it helped drown out Huz's snoring. Ok, can live without a fan
    or try a quieter one.

    But what I did accomplish today is the purchase of noise canceling headphones.
    I didn't really want Bose. High price and they put their name in silver on each
    ear. So found a JVC pair on Amazon that most seemed to like.

    Ok,I will be ready to go to the movies if anything good comes on. And to
    be around gkids. And office visits. Thanks for listening!

    Yes, I admit, Pam that fall seems to be in the air, at least on QVC.

    Wedding is over and not hearing much from the kids. What I have gleaned
    from FB. Newlyweds are dog sitting and #2DS posted that his wife refused
    to stand for the national anthem. (I have a feeling she might like to take
    that Iphone and hit him over the head with it..haha)

    I will keep you posted from time to time on the 3day yoga meeting. I decided
    to look at the site for the day camp. It was pricey but looked like it would
    be loads of fun. Particularly 8-11 yo. I know plenty of ppl who could have
    sent their kids their but have never ever hear of anyone from this town
    going or working there. No, we are wrapped up in Little League. And heaven
    forbid that a practice or game be missed.

    Pam, you will be shopping at Beall's in no time flat! They truly are a Florida
    store and know that we have semi tropical climate.

    Ok.last thought for the nite from me. I was a jr olympic swimmer at age 10.
    By age 12 I knew swimming wasn't going to be my sport cause of the size
    (height and weight) of the girls who were 13. The american who qualified
    for the finals is 6'1". I rest my case.

    Nite, nite.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    She has size 13 feet. It's like having swim fins for feet. Sometimes, Mother Nature gives an edge to athletes but they still have to do all the work of training to win. My daughter was a natural at sychronized swimming but, for her, it was a passing fancy. I tried some of those moves. Yikes! That is one sport which requires exceptional strength and grace. Reminds me of those old Esther Williams movies I loved as a kid.

    Linda, have you checked out those bladeless Dyson fans? I think they do make some noise but, supposedly, nothing like a regular fan. Good luck with the earphones.

    I finally got all my jewelry put away and sorted. The armoire doesn't hold it all but I was able to gain an extra drawer in my dresser. Today, I need to go shopping for the miter saw stand. The saw needs very minor assembly and it needs to be trued up if it's off. I'm just not up to it right now but need to get the trim on because it's holding up everything else in here.

    TV is going to be slim pickins as long as the Olympics is on. No one is running anything good. They must assume we are all glued to them and not watching regular TV. Even the stands at the games are half empty. The Brits are thinking of giving away tickets even though everything has been sold out for several yrs. I'm going through books on my Kindle like crazy. Good news is that I'm getting plenty of sleep, starting early.

    Where are all our Loungers? Hope everyone is well. Linda, hope you are doing better.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I've read four books in two wks. on my Kindle.Really interested in finding out how to have them stored on Amazon Mikie.

    Shopping trip wasn't very successful.Didn't buy anything.Huz sat outside and came in to tell me he would meet me at the bookstore could I get there on my own.At that point I had three items.I took tank top and two capri's to counter to pay and decided to try the pants on.Good thing because I didn't like how they flared out at the bottom.I decided not to bother with buying one little tank and walked out.Huz was shocked to see me with no shopping bags.

    It was nice to get out and I don't feel bad for not spending money that's for sure.My legs felt like I was walking on stilts and feet were numb.I did get to bookstore on my own.

    With huz being a woodworker I do know what a miter saw is.Glad you found one you like.I always wanted crown in our house but maybe the next.You did describe my BIL with beer belly lol.He is forever making comments to my sister about weight,clothes and hair.My other sister says he doesn't say anything like that to her because she puts him in his place.I need to do that I guess.I don't care about meeting his silly expectations.I wore a jogging suit with a couple stripes across the shoulders and he commented that I must be going sky diving.I was like huh?If we're going to live beside them I have to solve that silliness.

    Linda instead of Ritalin I drink cup of coffee and two big cokes.Bad bad habit and I crash hrs. later.I need the energy.Yoga looks like to much work.I have an unopened DVD of beginners but I'll never use it.I catch up on kids doings from FB too.Sometimes TMI on grands doings.

    Got to clean never know when someone will call for a tour,so far no one since the beginning of the month.On my first coke.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie and her mitre box just cracks me up. I think you are our only miterer
    here! Glad you have the know how and interest :)

    Sorry your shopping wasn't sucessful, Pam. But I AM glad you tried them on!

    I drink a diet coke. Seems to have no effect. The McD's fountain cokes (diet
    or otherwise) seem to do the most. Sure they are not good for is but... I feel
    too acidic after coffee and don't care for it before 5pm. Yes, I am strange.
    I even bought some caffeine tablets but not wowed by them. Seem to get
    a headache. Guess I will tweak, tweak, tweak. You do drink a lot of caffeine.
    My dad used to drink 3 cups in the am, but the cups were much smaller
    then :)

    Thank for the mention of the Dyson. They look really cool. I don't really need
    a fan since we started turning the temp down a couple of degrees and I
    take some tylenol during the nite. Not up during the night anymore. That
    is a plus!

    I read a couple of things about "how to write" today.

    1. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement :)

    2. One should never generalize. (I don't know why that struck me as
    funny. Kinda dumb)

    I am breaking in a new dermatologist tomorrow. Actually, it's the NP.
    I hope they are good. The one that I knew was good doesn't take our
    insurance. Of course not. And we do not have bad insurance.

    This is kinda interesting since Mikie, Pam and I will all be Floridians soon,
    A friend of mine was having seizures and wasn't responding to anything
    by the local doc. Finally, her doc and the Lake Wales Hospital wrote to
    MayoClinic in Jax and asked them to take her as an emergency. (She
    had not eaten in about 2 weeks or longer). The Mayo's MRI showed
    a small brain tumor that the local MRI didn't show. Her new neurologist
    is in Lakeland (over two towns from LW's) and he has asked that she
    return to the M. Clinic to get all her MRI's. He was so impressed with
    their latest testing equipment.

    Well, I now know where to not bother having any tests done. I think
    I am over tests for a while. Twin had her bone density test done and it
    was ok. So, I will just think my bones are ok too!

    Off to bed! Love all you and our ones who can't post, we are thinking

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Actual Floridians, soon-to-be Floridians, and all our wonderful Loungers, hope everyone is doing well. I'm a bit worried about all our MiA's. I know Leah is having puter problems; I hope she is doing OK otherwise. Don't know where our other Loungers are.

    Pam, sorry about leaving the store empty handed. Bealls has such great sales that I hate to miss one but I really don't need anything. What I need is a stand for that saw. I forgot we have a low-cost tool store here and I'll check there before I go to Lowes. I'll be upset if the same saw I got at Lowes is cheaper there. I hope you like Bealls. Their selection is more limited than the big dept. stores but they do specialize in the casual clothes we like to wear every day year round.

    Saving books on the Kindle in Amazon's cloud is really simple. When you are in the Home mode, notice that any book in the list which is highlighted has arrows at either end. If you use the little square navigator button to go to the left arrow, it askes if you want to archive the book. Pressing the center of the square button saves it to archive. Once you do that, the Home pages will add a line called, Archived Items and will show the number of books there. If you click on that with the square button, you can put any book back on your Kindle. Archiving can really keep the Kindle clear. You can make folders with categories you decide on to organize your books on the Kindle. A book can be listed in more than one category. If you go to Amazon, you can buy a Kindle guide or shortcut book for only a couple of dollars. It's been a big help to me.

    Linda, can't remember whether or not I mentioned that I'm putting up some nice molding which looks a bit like crown but isn't. It doesn't stick out as far but has the same effect on the eye. It's just easier for me to put up by myself. I don't have a power nail gun so have to drill the molding and cupboard top and sink finishing nails into it. I usually also use some silicone caulking on the back to help keep it sealed against the board surface. I got some paintable caulk to seal the corners and bottom edge of the molding. By the time I'm done and it's painted, it will look really nice. I hope this is the last project I have where I have to climb up a ladder. Of course, every five years or so, the tops of the cabinets have to be cleaned :) I have a long-handled duster to dust the stuff on top in between.

    I'm glad your friend's docs up there found the tumor. I think there is a big difference between many of the scans and some are much more detailed. Of course, a lot depends on the doc reading the scans too. I hope she will be OK. I found the hints for writing funny too. One reminds me of what I used to tell my kids: If I've told you once, I've told you a MILLION times not to exagerate." One of my kids' favorites is when I used to tell them, "If you break your leg, don't come running to me."

    Looks as though we are all fans of caffeine. I drink one or two big cups of joe every morning. I drink some kind of diet soda, cola or root beer in the middle of the day. I gave up drinking Diet Coke and anything else with Aspertame just before I started the injections to give them a better chance of working. I also eliminated MSG as much as possible. Publix brand diet sodas use sucralose for sweetener. I don't think any sugar substitute is good for us, with the possible exception of Stevia, but I know Aspertame isn't good. I loved Diet Coke and was addicted to it. I think Heaven must be a place where one can smoke, drink, eat anything and not have any bad effects from it.

    Don't know whether I'll go to the condo mtg. or not. I had a stomach bug yesterday and am still a bit weak. I was so tired last night that I think I forgot to take my Special K and my Cozaar. I'll know soon if I start to feel a bit buzzed. It's early here so I have plenty of time to decide. I have to sign checks to pay our assn. bills but they usually don't come in til just after the first of the month.

    Love, hugs and prayers for all our Online Family.

    Love, Mikie
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I appreciate that info Mikie.My Kindle is getting loaded up with books lately.I just loaded three more yesterday.Thought I would be taking a break but found more that sounded good.I wondered about that Kindle help book.I've debated whether it would be worth the money.I know I don't use a lot of features available.

    BIL and SIL dropped by last night to get their top Wedding cake from a yr. ago.I saved it in my freezer.I asked them if they were going to eat it.They didn't have that tradition that I was aware of back when I got married.Did they when any of you married?Luck or not it does not sound good to me.

    Sister in Fl. with the leg blockages gets another surgery tomorrow.My other sis down there took vaca to care for her.She's sweet like that.I have to call and wish her well before tomorrow.She's the one all confused from her meds.I put off calling her much because I get frustrated with the mixed up conversation.

    Today we have to go pay our respects to a friend for the loss of her sister.Sounds like the sister was young 55 so I don't know details yet.The friend was a former coworker of huz we've known a long time.

    That's something about the scan Linda.Scary to think it was missed except for Dr. having Mayo take her.It happens a lot I think.

  19. jole

    jole Member

    Don't know why, but I got knocked on my butt for a few days. Better today, thank goodness. Remember I said we were going to go see BIL in the hospital? Well, hubby went without me. Can't understand how we can feel 'okay' one minute and not able to navigate the next. Some days my leg muscles are too weak to hold me up, and they simply quiver with the effort. Anyway, BIL got home yesterday already. I hate the fact that they pull tubes and send them home!

    Olympics...China did have a wonderful olympics, but have any of you seen pictures of the buildings/grounds that were used? Totally in ruins, and unusable. What a waste of money! I would think they could have created something out of the swimming areas, etc. at least.

    My DD sent me a text picture. She and her two little ones (3 and 5) were watching an olympic swimming meet. The kids disappeared. She thought they were bored. But back they came with their swimsuits on, the 3 yr. old had her bike helmet on, and the 5 yr. old had a shower cap on.! They take their swimming seriously, and wanted to be in Too darn cute! I'm not a fan of the summer olympics either, but loooove the winter ones!

    Kindle...I got a booklet with mine that explains all the extras. I have 117 books in my archive already. Had them listed in categories besides, but my GD messed things up and now I can't figure anything out. Waiting on her to come back and 'fix' it. She's 8. These kids are unbelievably smart, or I'm totally tech hindered.

    Wedding, we didn't save our topper, but my bro did, and he got married 4 years before us, so guess it was 'in vogue' for some people. I saved our kids' too, 'cause none of them started out with a freezer. Two said it tasted as good as the day they were married, the others said theirs was slightly freezer burned. Thought I wrapped them all the same, but who knows?

    Sounds like lots of people suffering with health issues besides us. Think a lot of it is our ages. Nobody's getting healthier after they hit 60-65.

    Talked to my sis today. She's hanging in there, and her DD wants to move back to Wichita to be able to help out once the ALS gets to the next level. She told her mom, "I'm glad they said you have the slow kind, but when it gets to a certain point, I hope it goes fast". Was hard for my sis to hear, but she definitely understands.

    Linda, I would never make it to that yoga camp. Way too much prep and packing to do. I figure if you can get all that done and make it there, you probably could figure out all the yoga moves on your

    Mikie, you're the only woman I know who gets so excited over a saw! But then my DD got just as excited over her own set of tools, 'cause her hubby kept swiping one of hers and not puting it back. She put a padalock on it...ha!

    Missing Leah and wish her computer were up and running. I know she has to feel lost without it! Hi to everyone not mentioned, and hugs to all........

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    This is not about the dentist that sold drugs and was arrested.
    It is about the DOCTOR who sold drugs and was arrested. That
    is the new office for my new dermatologist. He went to medical
    school in Birmingham and is one of only 2 dermatologist in our
    county who knows how to do the MOHS (?) method of taking
    out skin cancer. I think it has to do with the margins.

    I bet he got a really good deal on that building (from the arrested

    Yoga. This is not about the Tantric that is having a 3 day Soltice meeting
    in December. This is a building across the street from the Derm. Office.
    A sign in the yard said "Yoga Tone Baths".

    That took me a bit but I did figure out that the bath part is the
    sound of the TONE washing over your body. It is suppose to correct
    the delta and theta brain waves. Which are out of whack in CFS. Hmm
    I don't think I could take the sound of the tone washing over me. It's
    suppose to help the immune system too though.

    Jole, I have often wondered the same thing about why can we not do
    things one day and can the next. It's just a guess and probably wrong
    but adrenaline might be part of the problem. Or some kind of neuro-

    Do you remember when they were having the Olympics and they would
    go to the homes of the competitors and show how they lived and trained.
    Don't seem to do that much at all this year. I love to see the USA win
    but I always feel so bad for the underdogs. Even if they are the young
    Russians. I'm just not competitive.

    1. Avoid alliteration always.
    2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

    Barry, I think of you and the movies you may or may not be watching!
    Leah, I am wondering about you too. I hope you have felt up to cooking
    cookies or something tasty.

    Solitare, is good for me when I can't do things and not interested in tv.
    I really look forward to it.

    I know that aspartame is bad. I tried to stop but need energy to move.
    I will try the Publix with sucralose. It has to be better for us that aspartame.

    Nite, nite,


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