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    Hi: Tell me what you think the symptoms are for CFS. Now you've got me thinking. I've had viral infections off and on for the past few years. Last September I had a bad one. Then on Jan 6 I got another one. I was so sick and weak for two weeks. I still didn't feel at all good, but went back to work. Only made it three days. My husband had me in emergency rooms. They all took lots of blood tests and ekg and came up with the conclusion that it was post viral syndrome. He took three weeks off work and had to carry me into the drs office many times. They took blood tests for just about everything they could think of. I had a cat scan, an mri, and some muscle test where they stick needles in your legs and shock you (that one was like a torture chamber). They ruled out MS. The neurologist couldn't give me a time limit for when I'd get better. They all seem stumped. Then they and I came up with cfs. Man, I'm so upset about all this tonight that I can't go to sleep even after I've taken my pills. I feel like I could fight what I don't know. Do I sound stupid? Can you give me an example of the cfs spell? I'll be anxiously waiting for your answer.
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