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    Today was my first visit to the integrative doctor. I knew it would go well, when I was scheduled for an hour and not the usual 15 minutes that I have been getting with my "traditional" doctors. To some it all up as short as I can, he basically said that people with CFS/Fibro have a wide array of symptoms, and everyones different, but it's usually caused by the same "culprits". Among some are stress, virusus, poor diet, and more. He says when we have an overload of several factors, that some of us get symptoms. Some factors we can do something about (like diet, exercise, meds), and others we have no control over (pollution). He made the following suggestions for me (I only have CFS, not Fibro,but he says the protocal for both is very similar. He follows the protocal of Jacob Teitelbaum in his book from Fatigued to Fantastic (with a few variations). He wants me on a Meditteranean Diet. This takes out milk and you eat very little meat. I am sure you could find out specifics by doing a search. He is also changing my Synthoid (thyroid meds) to Armor because it work with T3 and not just T4, plus it's as more natural ingredients. Wants me to start exercising again, just a little at a time.....Try to work on stress reduction (suggests baths with lavender and time away from my two young children). The supplements he is starting me on are: End Fatigue Daily Energy Drink, B-Complex Vitamins, Flaxseed Oil, Calcium (1000-15000mg per day), Magnesium (600-1000mg per day), NADH 10 mg per day, CoQ10 100mg day, and Probotics, 3 per day. I am only starting a couple at a time, plus they are very expensive all together! He is doing labs on Monday to check cortisol levels, and a more sensitive type of food allergy test that most docs don't do, and other things, having me to fill out a questionaire for Candida, and doing temperature checks to check out thyroid functioning. I will let you know how all this words in a few week. Keep me in your prayers, as I have alot of changes to make! I am encouraged though. Finally I have a diagnosis and not just another dr. saying it's post partum depression! By the way, I do thank God for doctors. They help save lives every day.....just got frustrated by not finding out whats wrong. Hope this works! Oh, I wanted to add, this "natural" doc. that I went to today, doesn't like labeling patients with "CFS" or "Fibro". He thinks even though we may meet the criteria, some may not, but still may have similar symptoms. Whether or not you meet all the criteria isn't important to him.....he treats the patients and symptoms and doesn't really worry about the label.
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    I hope this new regimen works for you. Be careful with that much magnesium -- it may give you diarrhea. I take only 120 mg a day. If I get constipated or "slow," I'll double my dose to 240 mg and that's enough to make a difference. I can't imagine taking 600-1000 mg!!!
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    I think that it is the same thing, or very similar. Some towns don't have these type doctors, so if you live in a small town, you may have to travel to a larger town. I actually do live in a small town, so I am blessed to have found him. He used to practice traditional medicine, he was actually a surgeon, but he felt so strongly about alternative meds, that he switched, even taking less money, from what I have heard... Good luck.
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    dear praising him: Your post reallyk caught my eye, Mr. dr. is Cheney unfortunately he hasn't helped me much and part ofthe problem is I can't afford to have many p. consults or even faxed respsonses and do good to get from w. ky to asheville for required annual visit, he's the closest
    , I know andrew weil has an integretative clinic in AZ
    but bucks is a problem and i'm bedridden

    questions for you please:
    l. What state city is this dr. in?
    2. what is the end energy drink
    3. is armor prescrip?
    4. I'm not able or good at doign a lot of searching on net, could you tell us more about the meditarean diet please.

    God bless and good luck

    Paul Mark in KY