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    solargirl451 New Member with great interest how you manage your muscle spasms. How do you take care of the spasms that develope in the neck, upper back and shoulder areas? Sometimes mine are so bad that I have tried to talk my 200# husband into walking on my upper back! The pain is like a searing hot poker and I can feel the muscles becoming like a big knot.....the pain is just excurciating!! When the muscles are not doing that, there is a deep, burning muscular soreness that is there 24/7. I have a hot tub, but it really provides little relief, in fact my hands and fingers become quite swollen from the heat of the water. Someone also posted something about ZMA...what exactly is it? How much of it do you take per day. I would be so happy if I could just get this agony down from a 10++ to a 5 so I can have some quality of life. ~~~ Thanks so much! ~~~

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    I just got on the computer this evening, so just
    noticed your message to me. Nice to "meet" you.

    Did you by chance read my reply to "mrsvirgo"
    on her post about "nausea"? It's a ways down,
    about page 5 or so. Anyway, the reason I ask is
    because I go into more detail on a specialty
    called Visceral Manipulation. It can be quite
    effective in treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome.
    I had intensely burning muscles in my upper back
    and shoulders. Also had a very stiff neck. Had
    learned to live with it though was suffering
    quite a bit.

    I rec'd treatment from this D.O. described on
    my post to Mrsvirgo. Give it a read.

    Also, I do a couple of stretches that seem to
    help. One is done on a door jam, and stretches
    the pec muscles in the front of the body. I
    can try to describe it if you would like me to.

    When the burning was very intense, I found a
    "male" massage specialist who did a very
    intense massage focusing just on the upper back
    and neck area. It lasted for one hour and for
    the first time gave me relief that gave me hope.
    Folks trained in myofascial release will probably
    be the best for this. In addition to the great
    muscle relief, the quiet music and lilac oils
    allowed me to get a very deep relaxation, which
    I was really needing.

    I have to say, I've not had deep burning since
    for about 6 months. Pursue help and don't just
    try to "live" with it.

    I read a reply from Mel saying that ZMA helped
    him significantly in the muscle spasm department.
    May also be worth a try.

    God Bless, ............ Jillian
    P.S. Keep in touch, let me know how things go.[This Message was Edited on 01/15/2003]