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    Hi, and thanks for responding to my post. I just wanted to ask you a few questions. What type of pain did you feel and did you have it 24 hours a day? Also, how did they eventually find that you had gallbladder problems. Did you have stones or did they remove you entire gallbladder? Also, did you have the pain for a long time before they figured it out. This damn doctors are just to ignorant. My specialist keeps insisting there is nothing wrong. My gallbladder ultrasound was normal, so that's what he sticks to. I see him next week, and let me tell you...I'm going to blast him. If there is a cause for this pain, aside from fm, I want it solved. It is not fair that I hurt so bad and they keep brushing me away. Anyhow, I do appreciate your concern and please write back. God bless. Tes.
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    I think I had fibro for years. But I started having pains in my right shoulder and back, doctor first diagnosed me as having pleurasy and lactose intolerance,she never mentioned that to me, I only found out that later on. I had mentioned my mothers history on my initial eval. The pain continued so the next diagnose was costochondritis, which was true, I had an X-ray years earlier that showed arthritis in the sternum. Finally I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but this particular pain never felt like the other.
    Doctor sent me to a bio-feedback practioner, when I spoke to her I realized for it to work you need to be able to accept the fact that the pain is not signalling something wrong in your body. It's for things like adhesions and stuff that cause pain, but not damage. I told the biofeedback gal it wasn't going to work because I knew this pain was different.As the pain escalated, my primary sent me to see a rheumy he recommended oxycontin 20 mg 3x a day. Honestly, I don't know one pill fron another,not back then. My primary gave me MS contin 2x a day. My pain went through the roof, I though it was because she was supposed to give me it 3x a day, I didn't realize it was a different medication all together. Soon, my doctor, became very rude and abusive as well as her staff, they started accusing me of drug seeking and all sorts of stuff. I was crushed and lost, because I was telling the truth. Luckily , I was seeing a psychaitrist all along, he believed in me, he told me to keep showing up at the ER until someone dealt with me. So that's what I did, luckily I had good insurance.I had been through so many tests I can't tell you and I believe they had done an ultrasound, finally my doctor just because she was starting to get pissed sent me for another ultrasound to shut me up. This time there was a gall stone, the doctor at the hospital contacted my doc immediately, my doctor said she never got the call, finally I insisted my doctor call the ultrasound doc. Well, immediately I was sent to the surgeons, who were rude but competent, this is small time hospital and doctors. Anyway, they planned the surgery for the following Wednesday, no changes in medication. I went to the ER that Friday night, the pain was excrutiating, the surgeon on call didn't even want to touch me, I had become a liability, he said just go home and wait for your surgery. I asked him should I stay on the mscontin, he rolled his eyes and said absolutely not, mscontin is morphine and morphine makes the gall bladder spasm increasing pain. So he changed my meds, this from a guy who didn't even want to get involved because of possible malpractice. So the deal was she had been giving me morphine instead of oxycontin and the pain had increased due to the drug and she then accused me of being a drug seeker, because of my stating I was in worse pain and the fact that I didn't go for bio-feedback.
    What I am getting to is this, gall bladder is hard to diagnose just through tests, I have since learned it goes undiagnosed all the time, second morphine makes it worse, so if they give you morphine and your pain goes up that is a sign, third in the later stages of gall bladder disease the pain is everywhere because it is so intense,mostly I felt like I had been shot with a cannonball right through the middle of my chest.
    Finally, no doctor in my area would tell me if there were signs of this being ongoing. My psychaitrist put me in a psyche med ward at a major hospital out of town so I could find out about how long I had been experiencing this. My duct was three times it size, when the surgery was done. The doctors said maybe it was naturally this size they didn't want to add to what might become a law suit, so I went to the psyche hospital and the measured the duct and it had gone down in size, showing that gall stones had been passing through the duct causing it to become 3 times its size. So that was my experience, if you know you have a pain that doesn't fit in you fight for yourself and don't let them put you aside. I was too ashamed because I was taking pain meds I let them bully and abuse me, that won't happen again. I wish you luck and if it's not gall bladder, you make them find out what it is. We know our bodies. I wish you courage and luck and if you ever need anyone I'm there for you. I hang out in the chat room alot. You can also reach me at