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    Hi there. Thanks for responding to my post for the spotting before periods. I also noticed that you have IC. My doctor suspects I have it as well, because I am showing signs of it with no Bladder infection present. Have you seen a doctor for the IC? Please give me any ideas. Thanks. Tes

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    Yes, I have seen a doctor for IC. I had originally started with symptoms three years ago. I too thought it was a UTI and I would be fine. They tested said, yep, UTI, never did get better.

    Luckily, two three months after I started having problems I was at my sisters' wedding when her SIL told me I might have IC, she had it. All this time doctor's thought I had ovarian cysts. So I went to a Urologist and went in for a hydrodistention of the bladder. It showed me I did have IC, I had angry red "holes" in my bladder lining.

    A lot of my advice is the same as CFS. Cut down on eating acids, sugar, do relaxation, treat any yeast issues if you have some. It can go into remission, mine did for a year until I started some new herbs and hurt it again last month. my sisters' SIL has been in remission for two years.

    So back to medicine to help the constant peeing sensation and baking soda with water to help alkalize my bladder.

    I was lucky that I got diagnosed before CFS because they sent me to Physical Therapy for pain. NOw I'm struggling to find energy to do the stretches.

    There are some great resources. There's a book and a yahoo group called the IC puzzle. Good information, really helped. may help you too. Definately cut out spicy and acidic foods and see if it makes a difference. It may not happen right away. The quicker you treat, the more likely you are to get it into remission.

    Find a great urologist. I had one who specialized in IC who was great, but I went to some terrible ones. There are other medicines out there to help.

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