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  1. tes

    tes New Member

    Hi's been awhile since we last spoke. It's Tes:)
    I was reading up on some of your IBS posts and feel the same way you do. I am in a really bad flare right now and the pain in my waistline has been unable to walk. I normally have suffered with IBS with constipation, but lately it is more runny stools and severe pain. Do you have the pain in your waist constant, day in and out? Are you taking anything for it. Please right back. I really need someone to talk to. I was under severe stress for a couple of months. Had a biopsy done.....all went well but now it seems that my IBS is at it's worst.

    It never bothered me during my stressful 2 months and now that I got the good news and starting to relax it hit me. Do you ever feel that your pain is worse when stress in your life is non existent? Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you so much,

  2. tes

    tes New Member

    Hi Tandy:) Hope all is well. I read you were going to the American Idol!! Write back when you can.

  3. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Its sure been awhile~ !!
    Sorry to hear the IBS is resurfacing.

    Hmmmmm?? honestly,... I never notice a pattern to my flare ups of IBS. They seem to hit me out of nowhere.

    at times of stress,..and times when nothings going on in my life and things are calm.

    But when it does act up my case seems to hit hard!
    Yes,...I have all over tummy pain. Into my sides as well,... and low back. Mine is more left sided.
    I'll get episodes where for 7-8 days I'm so sore, and going to the bathroom way more than I should.
    (sometimes 5 times a day) Its hits me fast and hard where I NEED to get to the bathroom fast!
    I'm kinda releived a little right after but the pain returns. (cramping,lots of gurgling belly noises)
    soemtimes I can even feel an area in my stomach thats like a knot.???
    I did try a probiotic recently called Primal defense.
    It did help some,... or more than anything else ever has. But i'm currently not on anything for my IBS.
    I hope this has helped some.
    I know the pain your going thru .

    I'm afraid to eat when my IBS gets bad. since food brings on the severe cramps and diareah soon after eating. I almost feel better fasting when it gets real bad. ?? (weird huh?)
    If I can help anymore,..please shout back.
  4. tes

    tes New Member

    So nice to hear back from you again. It has been awhile. With my young kids, there is always something going on and hard for me to find time for myself..I can't rememeber being this this much pain with my IBS in a long time. I think the stress these last couple of months has done me in. Is your IBS with diarreha only or do you constipate as well?

    I have a real hard time with the pain in my waistline....that's where the colon runs across. Yesterday it hurt so much I couldn't even bend over to pick up something...does this sound familiar? And even a bowel movement does not seem to ease the pain. I guess when the colon is in spasm, just trying to keep calm is the main thing. Today not only is my waist in so much pain, so are my ribs. Wow, when a flare hits, it hits me hard. I hate this so much. It's so hard for me to take my kids out, because of the pain. I have been in flare for 2 weeks now and hope it will ease off soon. How long do you normally flare for with your IBS? Please write back. I am so scared. My doctor prescribed me Zelnorm the other day, but I don't know much about this drug and I am afraid to take it.

    Thank you so much for listening and giving me some input.

  5. tes

    tes New Member

    Hi...just thought I'd get more responses. Hope to hear back with any advise.

  6. jenemc

    jenemc New Member

    I have crohns diesase..and when i am flaring,..which sounds like what you are doing...i eat soft food...or do the brat diet..bananas..rice..applesauce and toast.

    or if its real bad..i'll do a liquid bet is to call your dr adn see what he says and maybe he can give you soem meds for it.

    hope you get to feelign better soon.

  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I do find the milder/blander diet works best when I'm really bad off. I think thats why I stay slim.??
    I make up for it tho when I'm feeling better~ :)
    Hugs ta you for you help~

    sorry it took awhile this time.
    I've been crazy busy!! just got back from vacationing for a week and then had an idol concert,...its hot as heck here in NY and I've gotta pull off a birthday party next week.!!! uuuugghh!
    July is my busiest month of the yr!! (can't wait till august!!LOL)
    deep breath! :)

    Now,..if I can remember your last post reply ;)
    My IBS is mostly Diareah,...but every once in awhile it'll be constipation.
    sometimes it'll start as constipation,... and same day an hr later it'll be bad diareah!!??
    I also get the ribcage pain. ....not shooting pain. Just an achey very sore to touch ribs. Hurts just to turn over in bed :(

    Do get alot of bad gas pains too???
    I'm kinda curious because I get very painful gas pains.

    That ammodium OTC med for diareah works pretty good.
    1 -2 tablets and the diareah usually stops.
    Adding ,..
    IBS flares totally drain me too!! I feel so tired and weak after a few days of dealing with this.

    I hope your doing a bit better soon~
    I'll check in again later tonight or early am.
  8. skunk

    skunk New Member

    I have had some success in relieving my IBS symptoms. I went to a nauturopath and she put me on a hypoallergenic diet, so no dairy, sugar, nightshades, coffee, citrus...etc then slowly added things into my diet and noted what caused more pain. I found that eliminated dairy especially helped with my pain, and increased regular (normal!) bowel movements... Have you tried anything like that?

  9. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    is Acididophilis Pearls by Enzymatic Therapy. Try a 30 day supply. Order on this site (or where ever) or buy at local health store. Also eating bananas.

    I know what it's like to have to find a bathroom IMMEDIATELY, and the pain you are in. Over the years Ii've had some horrible (and funny if it didn't happen to me ) stories about IBS diarrea attacks. I've shat is some mighty wierd places, but what can you do?

    Try the "pearls" and good luck!

  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    for Tes~

    and a huge Thanks to the others who have added their help here :)
    I've read about those pearls (probiotic).
    They do sound good enough to give a try~

    we'll try anything!!

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