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    On Easter my husband, and 2 sons ages 14 & 16 and myself where in the car going to my sisters and all of a sudden I got this hotflash that wouldnt go away, so I pushed the botton to lower my window so I could get some air, not wanting to lower it low becase didnt want son to get cold in the back seat...For some reason I put my hand out to kinda wave the air on me then I thought everyone else was getting cold so I pushed the button up to close the window but my hand was still in it so I rolled it back down a little after I let out a scream and guess what I rolled it right back up with my hand still in it AGAIN and screamed AGAIN......My family was freaking out.....I didnt know wheather to cry of laugh so I did both......My family couldnt stop laughing I ended up with a big bruse of the top of my hand......Sorry so long
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    I understand. I backed my G37 into a pole and could not tell you why??? I even have a backup camera on it. I did not know whether to laugh or cry either. Things like that seem to happen more and more. Watch out for those windows!
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    this post was surpose to go under the brain fogs sillys from tandy
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    I do feel bad for you though, that is really scary and it must have really hurt! I do stuff like that too. oy!

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    This is Tandy~ I found it!!

    This wins 1st place!! my kids would have been cracking up at me too :)

  6. pattyholland

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    And its ok to laugh now lol Hand doesnt hurt like it did. Plus you know my family will never let me live that on down. But im sure a telephone pole would hurt alot more lol
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    that is funny too but OUCH! that must've hurt!
  8. blkkat

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    HUN at least we can laugh at ourselves!!

    and thank you for your sweet post to me the other day, i'm not as sad today.

    glad you found us .

    your new friend , BLKKAT----Mona
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