This pain is so good!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ldbgcoleman, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I hesitate to post when I know so many are suffering here. I have found so much hope now. I took my second riding lesson today for the first time in 5 years! I feel so good! I rode Sophie and she was a dream. After last week I was pretty sore but the good sore. The "you know your muscles worked" sore. Today I did much better. I am going down my list of things I want to do in life and getting back into horses was #1. The beauty and freindship of the horse, being outdoors. Grooming and taking care of her all were so inspiring.

    I am so afraid feeling better is temporary but I am so determined to embrace life. I had a such a happy morning I wanted to share it on the board. Next week Grant #1/2 is taking his first lesson and I get to ride again. I can't wait! I have got to get a digital camera to post some photos! Take Care everyone! Lynn
  2. orachel

    orachel New Member

    something that you love so much and missed out on for so many years. It feels great to know that one of us is actually experiencing life and living it to the fullest. Good for you!!!

  3. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Ain't nothin' better then sittin' on a horse watching the world go by!!

    That is what my remission is all about. For me to be happy in life, I've got to have my red cross work and my horses. My love of my life husband is always present, so he doesn't count. LOL

    The horses are better then any medicine I have ever taken and I am so pouty that I didn't go today. The weather was beautiful ... as I'm sure it was for you seeing as we are state neighbors!

    Anyway, didn't make it because of female cramps!! GGRRRR! I have battled these darn pains, etc from the very first moment. I haven't been on any progst. or estrogen, etc 'cause I just had my hormone levels checked again.

    I'll get the results in about a week and a half and all those wonderful compounded bio-id hormones... then there will be no stopping me!!

    The really great news today was that I HAD NO CFS/FM SYMPTOMS!!! Just plain ole female cramps that have hurt like the devil since I was 13 years old. ( At least I was able to find a positive in all of it!)My CFS/FM symptoms are truly falling by the way side. Thank God.

    I am soooo thrilled that you are riding! What freedom! Like you, I even love all the grunt work that goes along with the riding ... my horses just crack me up!

    I can't wait to get back into the show ring. This year's show season is all but over, but next year looks like a real possiblity ... no stretch of expectations here.

    I simple cannot wait. I might have already been back showing if I had a little less complicated horse. He isn't mean or anything and he is very talented ... just a handful and a true athelete. It takes a while to get him level ... whew.

    He is a challenge that I love. If I do everything right he is talented enough that we will do well in the ribbons. I have shown all of my life, so I really enjoy having one that makes me think and makes me strive to be the best. I am truly blessed to have that one in my life.

    I am sorry I ran on about me. This is your celebration!! I am truly, truly thrilled for you!! How great that you rode. Those endorphins someone posted about recently get cut loose after a morning spent riding and caring for horses ... no doubt about it ... you feel better.

    Thanks for letting us know. Please take some pics next week. Congradulations on your remission. Don't worry about back sliding. If it happens, you've got your FFC team to adjust things for you and get you back on track.

    Take care,


  4. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    So, so happy to hear you are doing well. It must be wonderful to start living and pursuing the things you love in life again. I wish you the best and continued improvement in your health!!

  5. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I can't remember what you are doing that is making you feel so much better? Wahhhhhhh!!!! Are you doing Guai?
  6. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Thanks for all of your support!

    I am not as sore today as I was last week! I was pretty tired last night.

    Elsa- I want to hear all about your horse! Give me the details. Are there any good message boards for horses? What state are you in? Do you board or have your horse on property?

    We are just working on house plans for 15 acres we have in Cartersville and I really would like to have a horse on property but I am being careful and checking everything out first and getting in contact with people who can help with everything! The property bnacks up on Protected wilderness area so there are tons of trails.

    From the moment I stepped in the barn I knew I was gonna own a horse again! I am beyond excited. The Trainer I worked with has a 3 1/2 year old who rode a cute little pony the entire time I was taking my lesson. It had never occurred to me that Grant was old eneough but he is bigger and stronger and he takes a lesson on Tuesday so we will see. That makes the whole dream more realistic because if I could ride with him and have him at the barn WOW!

    My husband grew up on a farm so he is right there with me. I am riding hunt seat and I even jumped a little yesterday. Last week I rode a magnificent animal named Catch. He was for sale but out of my league! Sophie was TB mare and a lesson horse but a beautiful sweet girl with a very smooth gate. Catch was really stepping out so he was a bumpy ride.

    Sorry to go on and on! Would love to hear about your baby elsa!

    Razor I am going to the FFC Atlanta and I started in May. I would say I am about 75% back to my normal self. I knew I was better when I started to have the hope that I could set some goals and accomplsh them. I am also taking a salsa class one night a week with my husband and room Mom for Grant's class as well as tackleing this house project which 6 months ago I told my husband was out of the question.

    Thank you every one for your support and good wishes!! Lynn
  7. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Thanks Lynn! I hope to reporting some fun times myself one of these days.

  8. sofy

    sofy New Member

    is so important. Ive had passions that I had to give up but after the mourning period I found that I dont have to be on a one track path to be able to find joy in life.

    Ive learned if I cant do this then to find what I can do and thats worked for me.

    For now its wonderful that you are able to pursue horses but if that door closes you will find another so go ahead without fear of losing. Just enjoy what you have for today. Life is all about change and those who adapt to change get the most out of it.

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