This procedure changed my life!

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    In 1995 I became very ill. I was an elementary teacher at the time and recently married. My pain, fatigue, memory problems, frequent illness, etc... came on gradually but eventually affected my whole life. I had to stop working because there were days where I could not get out of bed. It took about two years for doctors to rule out most every disease and finally officially diagnose me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Of course they informed me I may feel like this for the rest of my life. I felt like I was such a burden to my husband, but he remained extremely supportive and provided everything for me. He never complained.

    I feel it was some sort of divine intervention that I learned about a little known doctor who had conducted a study on CFS patients. It was a small study that hasn't yet been published, but every patient had significant changes for the better. I certainly had nothing to lose and began to see that doctor. Within 6 months I felt "back to normal". Two years later I felt much better than I ever had or knew was possible! I was not a part of this doctor's study, but can certainly testify as to the effectiveness of the procedure he performs.

    It's been over 5 years since I began care with that doctor and none of my symptoms have returned. The procedure is safe, relatively inexpensive, and I have personally seen it change many people's lives. It's not just for CFS patient's--it has helped people with many kinds of problems.

    I hope it's not against the rules to tell you about a non-profit website where you can find out more about the procedure I'm talking about. Another patient of this kind of care has started a non-profit awareness campaign to get the word out about this procedure. It is called the National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical Care. (NACUCC) [This Message was Edited on 03/06/2003]

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    Thanks for letting me know! I deleted the web address myself. (I had it listed wrong anyway.)
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    Someone here just had the surgery for that. Not everyone with CFS has this problem, but I have heard that if one does, this procedure is successful.

    Love, Mikie

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    This procedure is not a surgery, but I think it has the same premise as the surgery you speak about. This procedure makes more room for the spinal nerves and brainstem to function correctly. There is a surgery that does something similar, but this procedure is safe and much less costly. You are of course right that the cause of CFS is not the same in every one, but people who do meet the criteria for this procedure have had amazing results. (Speaking as one of them, and knowing of many more.)

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    Thanks for your happiness on my regaining my health! Since I have, I've made it my life's mission to help other people find the help and hope they're looking for. I wish the best for you too!

    Your input about this procedure is interesting. I've seen that "infomercial" type program you're talking about. The way it was produced is pretty cheesy. I didn't know it was ever aired on television. I've seen it as a free video tape supplied by that awareness campaign. I don't think it does justice to the procedure, but I suppose it is produced to talk at a patient's level of understanding, leaving it to the doctors to explain to their individual patients.

    The lady that produces it--Louella Harris--has nothing personally to gain. Her intention is to make people aware of the care and offer them more information if they're interested. It is definately a non-profit effort.

    By the way, the procedure is extremely safe--much safer than the drugs many of us tried/continue to try. So don't be scared.
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    Chiropractic care with NACUCC? If so, how often do you have to see a chiro and when did you notice your first improvement?
    thank you in advance

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    It is a specialty in chiropractic. There are only about 200 doctors in the country that practice the method that helped me. The method that helped me is called NUCCA. The NACUCC organization supports this method as well as a few other similar methods. You have to go to someone who has really thoroughly studied this method for the best results. Many patients of these offices drive/fly great distances for care because it is really worth it to them.

    These doctors are NOT interested in seeing you 3 times a week for the rest of you life. They're interested in seeing you get better with as few visits as possible. Right now I only get adjustments about once every 6-8 months. I do get checked in between to see if I need to be adjusted but usually I don't need an adjustment. A good doctor will put you on a schedule tailored specifically for your case.

    Since my CFS affected my memory I have a real difficult time recalling specifics of that time in my life. I do know that some of my symptoms like various pain began to decrease within a few weeks. I gradually got more energy and more refreshing sleep. I'm sorry I can't recall the time frame. I just know that 6 months after starting care--I felt "normal" again. I'm glad I didn't stop care at that point though because I actually kept feeling better and better as time went on. After two years I reached my peak of feeling great and I've stayed that way. I rarely even catch an illness anymore even when everyone around me is sick. I know it sounds too good to be true. But this is what happened to me and many people I've seen. Others may not have such a dramatic change, no one thing works for everyone. But if you research the science behind this upper cervical chiropractic--it makes total sense. I think there's a lot of people out there who could benefit if only they knew about it.

    That's what makes that non-profit organization (NACUCC)so nice. They'll send you free information and even an opportunity to ask a doctor questions if you want to.
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    I read your post with interest. I am new to the message board. I have trigeminal neuralgia and cfids. Heard about a chiro. in my area that does this treatment. I would like to talk to you more about the treatments. But I haven't figured out how the message board works yet. I am in terrible pain and the theory of these treatments make a lot of sense to me. Can you reply to me? Thanks
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    I'm new too. Actually, I just came to the sight in order to offer hope to all of you who are suffering. I remember the feeling of hopelessness and not knowing what to do. This procedure is what got me back on the road to health. Are there specific questions I can answer for you? Everyone may benefit from your questions.

    Or there's a lot to be read on reputable websites. The specific technique that helped me is called NUCCA for National Upper Cervical(neck) Chiropractic Association. Other similar techniques are called Grostic, Orthospinology, A.O. (Atlas Orthogonal), and Blair to name a few. That non-profit organization supporting all these "upper cervical" methods is called NACUCC-National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical Care.

    There's even a study (yet to be published) on the affect of NUCCA on CFS patients that you can reach from a couple of websites.

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks- I did read the information on the louella Harris site. I want to know if you are familiar with others who have had Trigeminal Neuralgia who have benefitted from the procedure. How much training do these chiro's receive? The person I plan to see says he does the AO (I think) method. He's listed on the website I read. Thanks
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    Thanks for sharing what has obviously been so successful for you. I am very happy that you have received such dramatic relief.

    Love, Mikie
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    LoL..... I have scoliosis~ FM and some bad disks,a little cervical arthritis,a bit of spinal stenosis.(alot of area chiros don't wanna know me!!!)I'll try to search on this subject. Thanks for the offer!
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    Thanks for the info. I looked it up and I called to order the video on it. Have a great day:)))) Linda

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    I have known others to get relief from trigeminal neuralgia. An upper cervical doctor would be able to tell if an individual patient is likely to respond once an exam is performed on them.

    I personally had Bell's Palsy--which involves the Facial Nerve rather than the Trigeminal Nerve as in Trigeminal Neuralgia--but they're both cranial nerves. It causes one sided facial paralysis. The NUCCA procedure helped me with this as well. I am able to move both sides of my face again.

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    The education a NUCCA doctor or other upper cervical chiropractor receives is extensive. Typically a four year undergraduate degree is required before chiropractic school. The Doctorate of Chiropractic degree is about a ten semester (five year) program. This is the same degree for all types of chiropractors. Most upper cervical docors then have to travel to seminars and study under other UC doctors in order to learn the unique and complex upper cervical work.

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    The really nice thing about upper cervical care is that it is so gentle. Many people who aren't able to be adjusted by a regular chiropractor are good candidates for upper cervical care. The conditions you listed: scoliosis, degenerated discs, and arthritis are some of the very reasons people seek upper cervical care!
    The upper cervical chiropractor always takes x-rays so they'll be able to tell you if there is any reason you wouldn't be a good candidate, but the conditions you listed will most likely not make you ineligible for care.
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    I have now had 2 treatments from an upper cervical chiro. I don't hold most chiro's in high regard. However,this fellow was knowledgable and supportive and did not charge me a fortune. I felt no pain from the procedure and had immediate relief from my facial pain. I went back to see him 24 hours later because I felt great. I had held the adustment pretty well. Also, I felt quite clearheaded after the treatment for the rest of the day. These are early results so I have to wait and see. But I wanted to let others know this is worth looking into. this chiro is only one of two who do this procedure in all of San Diego so I'm glad to have found him. Thanks Nuccadoc.

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    Congratulations! I'm so glad for you! Just knowing that at least one person is benefitting from my post here makes it all worthwhile. The only way for people to find out about this procedure that changes so MANY people's lives is from other people--so keep talking!
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    recieved the video on this. This is the same treatment that I had gotton when I was on vacation visiting my parents. I had a pinch nerve in my neck for 2 weeks before I went and then when I got to my parents was still in so much pain, that I could hardly move my neck. My sister in law told me about this Dr. an hour away. She told me that everyone from her church was going to see him, and that he was great, so I made an appointment and went to see him. I tell you what he fixed me right up. It is you atlas in your neck that plays a MAJOR part.There are about 2000 doctors world wide that use this method. He is a chiropractor, but is not traditional, he is an ORTHOSPINOLOGY Doctor. The tape I recieve, explained it and I am so excited to know that there is 5 here in Tennessee, that use this method.They sent me the phone # of the one here in Knoxville, and I will be making an appointment to see him. My dad was scheduled for an MRI with his fingers numb with hardly no feelings in them, and my sister back home took my dad to see the same doctor I had seen, and he is fine with NO numbness!!! People need to call and get this tape!! Thats for writing about this. I am soooo excited, to go see this doctor.
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    I'm going to check it out