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    this pass saturday i went to the emergency room, cause my mouth was on fire, still is, i have bumps underneath my tongue, and i requently run my tongue across the bumps. the doctor said i have a human herpes virus, can some one tell me with else beside valtra is there that i can get for this problem, i got a prescribtion of valtrex from the doctor who refused to gave me refills, or no more than 7 pills, what a joke, after you plead like a dog for many of the precribstion, you only get 4, and 1 refull, heres the kicker, take 2 caplets twice a day for 1 day, is she for real. so tomorrow i have to go back to have it refill. any other products is appreciated, prohealth, has a product,they want 140.50, plus shipping and handling. anything else folks.
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    I would ask her what her reasoning is for giving you the amount of pills she prescribed.

    Is this a recurring problem? Is she a specialist?

    It may be the doctor (Is she s specialist?) does not feel that more medication is warrented but I would go to the source to find what is going on.

    Good luck.