This should just about do me in ... I'm in charge of office move!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kat_in_Texas, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I'm beside myself right now. I can feel my muscles tensing up more and more just thinking about this!

    I just found out that our corporate honchos gave the green light to relocate our office about 10 miles north. It will ultimately a good move for our business, and it will cut my own commute in half which will be a Godsend (Dallas traffic is nuts!), BUT .... guess who will have to handle all the details???? (I'm the admin asst.) And to make things even more challenging, we have to move by December 1st!!

    I'm already struggling to make it through each day. I've been in a very bad flare for three months and it doesn't show any signs of going away. I have NEVER handled the holidays well, even before FM, and I have been particularly dreading them this year. I don't need to add anything to the holiday season, especially this!!!

    This move is a very sudden thing and will have to be done quickly and efficiently as we only have six weeks, and my boss is absolutely no help in that area. Fortunately our office is small (6 employees total) but the arrangements that have to be made and all the details to be attended to are still very overwhelming. I don't know if I can do this. I'm just sick about it.

    I'm just worn out and whiney today ... sorry to vent here. I just needed to tell someone!! :)


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  2. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I know what you are facing!!!!

    Years ago I was in charge of moving our offices to another location. We had 55 people in our office!

    And ... to make things worse, we had to change over to a new computer system the following day after we were moved!!! It just worked out this way somehow.

    So .... nothing could go wrong! The computer HAD to be hooked up and working, but the furniture had to be there to set the computers on, and the phone system had to be installed so the computers would work, etc., etc., etc.!!!!

    It was a logistics nightmare!!!

    I had to have workers working all through the night .... and I had to be there with them. This has been the ONLY time in my entire career that I left home at 6:15 am one morning and did not come home until late afternoon of the following day!!! I was sooooo tired that I just about couldn't drive home--which was a 75 minute drive.

    You will definitely stress out .... but you'll make it!!!!
    I have confidence in you!!

    Good luck,
  3. angelheart

    angelheart New Member

    Kate, I have coordinated one move, which involved a build out (new construction) and it was awful. Our lease is up in 2007 and I am pushing my boss to make a decision by Spring 2006, so I am not in the situation you are in now.

    I too have a small office (12 people), but our business is Information Technology so having computers, networks, phones up and running from old place to new place seemlessly is crucial. I DREAD the thought of it all and don't think I can go through it again to be honest.

    I keep praying that they extend our lease here or by then I can change jobs or not work at all (YEAH like that will ever happen).

    Good luck and one of the first things you should check on is your telephone service (keeping same phone number) etc. That is always a biggy for any business.

    I know you can do it too! We are here for support!

  4. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I'm sure everything will work out fine, but I just wish my boss would have had the foresight to think about relocating six months before our lease was up, instead of two months! I definitely plan on doing very little other than "supervising", but it's just such a crazy time of year anyway and this will definitely add to the mix.

    To further "enhance" my life (or at least my day!), I received phone calls from both of my adult children this evening. The first call was my 23-year-old daughter who will graduate from college in December announcing that her plans were to move in with her boyfriend in 10 days. What?!? (By the way, we've never met the boyfriend but don't care for the way he treats her.) She has no plans for a "career" at this point (mind you, graduation is in 7 weeks) but will "probably" just continue to waitress "for a while." Sheesh.

    That call was followed by my 25-year-old son (who is still in college and evidently making that a career in itself!) informing me that his roommate is moving out and he will "probably" need help with rent for a while. My son is in school on student loans and works at a grocery store for spending money. Can you say mature?

    So all in all, the whole thing with the office is actually not that big a stressor compared to having two so-called adult kids!!!

    Gotta love it, huh?

    Have a restful evening, everyone ... I'M GOING TO BED!!!!

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