This sounds like just another hoax-what do you think?

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  1. EllenComstock

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    One thing I have noticed since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia last summer, is all the "cures" out there. I know some people have been helped by different things, but it is confusing to know what to try-different things seem to help different people and some people are not helped by anything.

    This morning my husband was watching the early news on our local news station while I was still sleeping. He said there was a story about a bracelet called "q-ray" that supposedly helps people who have chronic pain. I think I have seen pictures of it or something similar in all the reading I have done. My husband said the bracelet didn't go all the way around and on each end was a round ball. The station decided to check it out to see if it was just a hoax. They found a woman who supposedly has fibromyalgia. First she wore it on her left wrist and no difference. Then she wore it on her right wrist and within 45 minutes her pain was greatly reduced. I asked my husband if there was a doctor in the story, but he said no.

    I am very skeptical about this. It sounds too easy to be true. If it is so wonderful how come it isn't making the national news? With so many people with chronic pain think of all the millions that could be helped by it. My husband thinks that if it isn't too expensive (maybe $30.00) we should get one and try it. A part of me is mad that the station would publicize our illness that makes it look like it's no big deal. Just put on this bracelet and you are instantly better!

    What does everyone else think? Have you heard of this bracelet? Has anyone tried it? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    If it's the q-ray bracelet I've seen advertised it is REALLY expensive - I can't remember the cost right of hand (darned ol' fibro-fog!!) but it wasn't cheap! I wondered if it would really work too. If you do a search on your computer and just type in "Q-ray Bracelet" you will get several sites to visit. I looked at one and the bracelets were LOTS cheaper than they were on the commercial. I have seen folks wearing those coppery looking bracelets that are supposed to help with arthritis (sp?). A guy here at work wears one and swears by it....I don't know if it really does work or if it's "mind over matter!" I have my doubts but if anyone has had any luck I'd like to know about it too! I'm at the point where I'll try just about anything to start to feel halfway human again!!!
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    was helped tremendously by the Q-ray bracelet. He put it on 8 months ago and has never taken it off. He was helped with his shoulder pain within 20min. So....we bought one for me and it did not do a darn thing for me. I think it is becasue his pain is joint pain where mine is deep muscualr inflamation as we have in FMS. My hubby is also one of those who gets zapped by electricity when getting out or in the car seat. I think it has something to do with our energy fields too. It's worth a try for any joint pain IMO.
  4. Fibromiester

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    My Bro/in/Law bought one for me (the cheap one-$50)- and I tried it on my left wrist...nothing. So I switched it to my right...nothing! Now, it May help some people...but I kinda think it's one of those placebo-effects,IMHO!
    (I have FM)
  5. schnoodle

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    I tried it and it didn't work for me. They are good about reimbursement though if you want to try it.
  6. dan0248

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    My Dad used to tell me that to believe in only half of you see and none of what you hear. I found a temporary cure for my F/M and this isn't for just anyone. Shock therapy, it worked for me, back in October of last year I got tangled up in a circuit that had about 1100 volts on it (it was on a Neon bar light) and I shorted out from my index finger to the back of my of left hand. I had to yank my had out of this fixture, you talk about hurt, I could just barely walk and made my way back into the office where I just flopped in a chair and didn’t even try to move for about 30 minutes. Anyway so much for the short story, my F/M didn’t hurt or brother me for well over 10 to 15 days. I liked that part, but I just can’t bring my self to even think about it again. With my luck it would either kill me or burn a finger or a hand off.
  7. LadyDragon

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    My husband bought one for me..... the first thing he has bought be since I don't know when..... it does not help the fibromyalgia, but does relieve some of the pain from arthritis. My assistant (I am a teacher) also wears one. She swears by hers. You just can't wear other jewelry on the same arm. So, my opinion...... it does nothing for fibro....... but it has some affect on arthritis.... Good Luck!!!

    PS... they are not copper (I don't think)... and the only reason I didn't return mine was because my husband bought it. You take what you can get... lol. Any way, should you buy one..... no.

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