This was my prayer in this morning

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    Dear everyone, below was my prayer in this morning. I post it here because I'm really confused, and I always doubt I pray in a wrong way. You might think I'm stupid, but I don't have anyone to share. I really hope to get some messages 0r correction from you. Thanks for reading.


    Dear Lord, I'm begging for your mercy. Please give me some help. I know I shouldn't ask for the solution directly (and I feel sadly to say I'm quite sure you won't help me in this way....). I'm praying hard. I'm attacked seriously by my fear and anxiety. I see no way out in the future. It's hurting me not only mentally but physically now. My chest pain is twisting me. I keep rubbing my chest but it won't help. I feel so terrible when I'm shocked to wake up 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning and cannot sleep well. Everyday when I open my eye, I start to blame myself and worry how I get through this day. Besides chest pain it also causes my waist pain and stomach ache simutaneously. I feel so helpless. I'm running out of medicine (Xanax, Stilnox, Zoloft). And dear Lord, you know my situation, I can't afford to visit doctors again, you know it......(I didn't get any income for months)
    Dear Lord, I sincerely pray that if you might not help my inner-fear at this moment, please at least to offer some mercy to reduce my physical pain. That's what I only wish now. Please help me. Amen.


    Dear all, in fact my chest pain comes back when I write this post.
    A few days ago I started to read the book "The purpose driven life". it says life is full of tests from God. Life is just a short-term experience, we should focus on the eternity. I start to think if I'm now under my Lord's test, even an hour is too long. Hope you may understand how I feel, everyday my pattern is: Fear-->chest pain-->back pain (sometimes)-->walk like a zombie on the street-->exhausted even at day time (my doctor used to tell me I consumed too much energy to fight my inner fear)-->start worrying at night--->pray at night (lack of faith now)-->sleep--->suddenly wake up early in the morning-->fear............the pattern repeats again.

    I'm sorry if this post is too long. Please pray for me and give me some instruction in praying. Thank you.
    By the way, the book also says "you'll definitely fail if you USE God to acheive anything." Am I USING God to solve my difficulties?
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    I personally don't think that there is such a thing as a wrong way to pray. Prayer is just communicating with God, just like talking to your best friend. You can share anything with your best friend and you know they will not judge you. Talking to God is even better because he loves us more than anything you can imagine. It's also OK to ask God directly for anything.

    You kinda sound like me sometimes when I feel like I don't deserve God's blessings so I shouldn't ask. He assures me that I deserve his blessings and it's OK to ask for them. I think a person's prayer life is as individual as the person and personal. I have a problem in remembering that everything is in HIS time, not ours. I'm so guilty of giving him my problems and then if he doesn't handle them when I think he should, or quick enough I take them back to handle myself. He really gets me on that one on a regular basis. Remember God wants us to depend on him for EVERYTHING so that being the case how can you be "using" him.

    Read Psalms 31 1-5. I'll be praying for your peace, rest,and healing. Please take care
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    Thank you for your message. And thank you for your kind prayer. I don't know what to say for the moment because I'm still not good either mentally and physically. Everything seems to irritate me easily and I can't control my emotion rationally.
    Dear Lord, I wish you to help everyone who is in need and doesn't have a clue of how / what to do. Amen. And wish every member well and bright.
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    Hi Littlebluestem,
    I'll keep your suggestion in mind. You might be right. In fact I really rely on Xanax a lot. Since they're running out, I'm so worry.
    On the other hand I also blame myself on the relationship between God and me. So if you can pray for me to get on the right track, I'll be deeply appreciated.
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    LittleBlueStem is so right, you don't need to have self-defeating thoughts. Remember that God does not see us the way we see ourselves. We are his children and he loves us regardless of how we see ourselves. He loves us regardless of what we have done, or how far we pull away from him.

    I do hope you will look into the alternative treatments that she mentioned. We all want you to be OK. Please take care of yourself, we enjoy talking to you and praying with you.

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    I am sorry I missed your post. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Prayer is the cry of our heart. God wants us to tell Him what we are feeling. I Tim. 1:7 says that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. God wants to be invovled in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes life gets so overwhelming that we become fearful and have anxiety and dealing with chronic health issues. I find that I need to break it down and just focus on today or if that is too long then focus on making it through the next hour and then thank God and go through the next hour. The future with its uncertainities is too overwhelming. I imagine a lot of your chest pains are from anxiety and fear but it doesn't make it any less real. Life is tough and the only way to survive is my hanging onto God. Do you have a Bible or can you get one? If you open to the middle there is a section called Psalms. If you start to read them and underline or copy out and personalize the phrases that tell you how God will help you and give you peace that will help you a lot. Keep talking to Him as you are doing. Do you have someone you can talk to about this. Thank you for posting. I am sure that was not an easy thing for you to do. Remember God does not hate you, is not punishing you or crush you. Father I ask in Jesus Name could You please come and give Getridof peace in the middle of his storm right now. Please reveal to him how much You love him. Please help him to see that You have plans for His life. Please somehow come and give him hope. Please shine Your light into His darkness right now. Please honor his faith and send some people who can help him at this season of his life. Please bless him and hold him tight. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Thank you for writing me. I know I still have a long way to learn. Every member's suggestion is very helpful. For example I never thought I can talk to God like a friend, I wish to have progression in my learning.
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    Loved your drawing. You'll make progress, keep asking, and seeking, God is already with you, you just have to figure it out in your heart. I love reading Psalms, please, read your bible.

    I'm glad littleblue, and Caffey, and manager posted, because it was too much for me to do. But i agree with them and had you in my thoughts.

    God Bless you, and may His peace be with you.

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    Hi Littlebluestem,
    Thank you for posting the prayer. I'm also trying to find the book you mentioned. These few days I feel a little bit calm but when night comes I get worse again. But don't worry. I think I can figure out the trick to put down the fear.
    Wish everyone well, I'll pray for you guys too.