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    I am so glad to have found this web site; you have no idea how good it feels to find that I'm not alone. I was recently diagnosed and wasn't offered any aid by the docs. My primary doc told me of a support group and have been to 2 meetings; then I learned he's been a guest speaker. But, he's never offered any assistance or help with my FM. On this site, I've read so many entries about various problems - it's almost like I'm the one writing the message. And, the replies are so helpful and encouraging. No one at my end truly understands my situation - the fatigue and pain (plus all that that entails). But, you people do....

    Thanks for "being there"!!!!!!

  2. Mikie

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    Look until you find a good doc who is willing to treat your symptoms. A pain specialist is often our best friend. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    We all know pain to some degree~ Some more than others but we're all in this together. Having an understanding place to come does help our illnesses~ Your not alone :)
    Nobody at my end understands either.....but its probably pretty hard.We have so many damn symptoms its mind boggling to us too!! Hope you stick around~ I also wanted to point out to you that we have a chit chat board too!! There you can talk about anything,wether it be your children,jokes,your idiot husband,your pets,etc.,... I like it there...give it a try~ You can get there by clicking on the message boards tab,...a list will come up-click into chit chat.All the girls there are really nice. We have chatrooms too~ Hope your feeling good today!!
    Take care :)
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    Hi jrsinc and welcome to the board. I had a similar experience as you with the support group. It was run by the local hospital. Nobody wanted to say anything about the doctors as they were all right there. Then I found a nice group run by a woman who's had fibro for decades, she runs it out of her home. It is an hour for me to get there but it is very relaxed and informal as it is not affiliated with any medical institution whatsoever. She has over 100 members (although they are not there at the same time), and she has all sorts of literature and referral information, and if somebody wants to just blow off steam about a certain doctor they can do it and not fear repercussions. We've all had our frustrations with physicians haven't we. This group also does quilting and charity projects when they are able.

    This board is absolutely wonderful and I feel like it's my second family, no let me rephrase that, somedays it's my first family! (My own can be unsympathetic sometimes). Everyone here is so compassionate and knowledgeable and willing to share information. I think you will be very happy here and welcome to the group.

    Good wishes,
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    Thank's for the replies. As I said, this site is great and so are the people. What makes me sad is that so many suffer from FM/CF that it makes this type of site necessary (with no cure in sight). I hope this site never goes away....

    Has anyone ever spoken before Congress on this? Is there any major research?

    Thanks for "being there"......
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