This week I helped 2 dogs who were running loose to get back home

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    I found a large dog named Moose I think he was either a St. Bernard Puppy or a St Bernard mix. He had a tag with a disconnected ph# on him. And there was another small dog too-not sure the breed. He had a collar on and was named Bear and there was 2 phone numbers on the tag. Fortunately both dogs lived together. After several back and forth phone calls between the owners & their other family members I was able to delever them back home. They sat outside in my car for a few hours and they were perfect angels.
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    My daughter rescues dogs and I always tell her there is a special place in Heaven for people like you.

    My little Rent-A-Cat came by this morning to have her treats and some cream. She doesn't like it when I sit outside with my friends. She thinks I'm supposed to come in and play with her--just the two of us. Yesterday, she was asleep on the sofa in my little sitting/guest room and I forgot she was there. Thankfully, she slept til I came home. I've done that twice. No litter box in here so I'm lucky.

    What you did is great!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    I know a beautiful male cat that slowly meanders down the sidewalk in our parking lot every day until he gets to my car--I don't know who he belongs to. Then he walks past my car, slowly backs up, then rapidly for a long time stomps his back feet and shakes his tail and sprays my front bumper (it's painted). I laugh out loud when I'm in my place and see this as this cat is hysterical to watch with this funny and exaggerated way of spraying.

    Our Government marks vehicles with paint saying "property of U.S. Goverment" and this cat is marking my car with "invisible spray" as "property of Cat Nation." And neither of my cats are sniffing when they ride in my scooter basket to my car and then they ride in the dog seat in the front seat of my car. I even had the car washed and waxed immediately afterwards and saw the cat back again the next day spraying again!!
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    Soooo good to see you posting again. We've missed you! I've missed your cat stories and am picturing this cat's little dance and whiz on your car. I'm smiling.

    When my SIL went looking for a new car, his little dog ran up and peed on the wheel of one. John took that as a sign he should buy the car. Guess if you want to buy a car, you have to put a deposit on it :)

    Hope you stay with us and continue posting your stories and observances. We see through your eyes and your kitties' eyes. We can learn a lot from cats.

    Love, Mikie