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    I've made several small changes this month. Friday night i found myself actually thinking. yeah actually cognative. i made a list of the small stuff i've changed and a list of my goals for september.

    my changes include: using apple cider vinegar 2 times a day before meals. got on the scale poundage went down a little. Take a flexeril before bed, sleeping much better. Hubby and i have been taking a 3 mile walk at least once a week. I changed my parttime work to every other day so i have a rest in between, also with this i have to take every third friday off if i work overtime at my fulltime job. i've been taking my multivitamins (double dose) everyday. I've been drinking a can of slimfast if i can't find the time in my busy schedule to have a real meal. and i cut down my chocolate and caffeine intake.

    the results were, i can think, i'm sleeping better, i have more energy, i lost some weight, and i'm not hurting quite as much and i'm not as cranky.

    In september my goals are to start weight training 2 times a week and start yoga. I will also try to eat more fruits and veggies. i added here also to play my guitar, which my hands were hurting too much to do, and play my drums each at least once a week for now to see what happens.

    I think somewhere something i'm doing is helping. lets see what happens. maybe i can figure out what it is.

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    You have really studied this and your illness and seem to come up with what works for you.

    Great news and thanks for sharing.

    Love, Susan
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    Glad to hear things are going well.

    I looked at your profile. I see you collect unicorns. Where do you keep them? I believe I read a special permit is needed as they are on the endangered species list.

    There is also a unicorn on this board. Not sure if she is fair game or not.
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    actually i do have a "real" unicorn she lives in the basement with the dragon. they both have their own rooms down there. I also have a special permit from the foundation of imaginary/fantasy animals in captivety.Since they are well taken care of i can keep them and as long as the dragon doesn't cause any more fires in town the fire marshal approved it also. hehe

    I just hope this less pain thing lasts awhile. with the bad weather coming all the rain, for some reason, likes to hit the midwest.
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    thanks for replying, i hope others find their "key" to this also. I think the vitamin thing is what made it go into remission before. I just couldn't remember until it started to work. then my hubby said that he remembered it was the B complex that i took.

    I'm not saying it'll work for everyone, its just what,so far, is working for me. There's still the arthritis to deal with though.

    Thanks Angell
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    thanks. I did put alot of computer time into it. my family thought i was nuts because i was spending every minute i could doing research.