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    The girl at the pharmacist counter just got a new little puppy that she had in for a little yesterday. A cute little guy that looks like he's part cocker and part wiener dog. She was telling me that they found this little guy in a box, left out in the middle of the desert. I was shocked, thinking that maybe somehow he was left behind by a camper, but she said he also had two siblings in the box with him. What kind of a sick person would do this????? Especially when you can take little pets of a shelter. They would have either frozen, starved, or been eaten by another animal.
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    I love animals and have raised many on bottles.

    Just a few weeks ago someone cut the ears off a Jack Russell mix not far from where I live. I kept the article and his court date comes up in February.

    I want to see this man get his punishment. It will be interesting to see what the court system here will do.

    The dog's name is taco, the owners have had him taken care of and he is recovering well.He just doesn't want to go outside as much because he is afraid now.People in the community paid all his vet bills and he is doing well.
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    We had a problem here last year in the winter. In TWO seperate incidents a litter of puppies were found on the side of the road cold, wet, hungry, and VERY scared. A couple that found one of the litters took the animals to the shelter and kept one and took it to the vet. The other litter was treated and adopted....except for the ones that died from a common disease dogs get. Preventable with a vaccine.

    The woman who did it was prosecuted...ALSO the pet store owner in the city that was paying her to get rid of the puppies. Apparently the puppies were ill and he didn't want the cost to treat them!!! She "said" the shelters wouldn't take them so she dumped them on a country road in the snow covered ditch.
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    This is so cruel. We rescued a dog from a national forest. My boyfriend happened to hear the poor little thing yelping over and over. He brought him home and thought I was going to be mad at him, but he was just the cutest little thing and had "please love me" all over his face.

    It probably took more effort to put the puppies in the boxes and take them to the desert than it would have if they would have just took them to an adoption/shelter.

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