This winter weather brings the pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrscindyau, Jul 30, 2003.

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    Just sounding out a bit. This is the first year since diagnosed (7 yrs ago) that I remember the winter affecting me this badly (though it doesn't get too cold here in Oz). For the last few years I've had terrible hip, leg, and foot pain off and on throughout the year, but now it seems to affect my shoulders, arms and hands. Thank God I'm not past going though. And lately my husband has been bringing me tea and toast in bed every morning. Sometimes good things do come out of bad things. I just keep reminding myself daily, "... this, too, shall pass." Maybe the Fibro will last a lifetime, but God always seems to know when to bring the good days. For that I am thankful. Hope your good day is just around the corner, everyone.
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    I know what you are saying...I couldnt wait for the winter to be over here. I thought...well at least once the warmer weather comes..I shouldnt feel so in so much pain. I didnt even want to take my daughter to the mall, shopping..(which is very unlike me). But I physically could not. The front of my theighs, calfs and ankles are TERRIBLE, and lately its in my arms. I also have herniated and bulging dics in my cervical spine, which I was recently told Im beginning with a mild cervical stenosis.
    Now that summer is here...I cant wait for fall...the rain, and humidity are killers. These past two weeks, I have been taking everything under the sun to get rid of the pain,just to be able to function normally.

    Best Wishes, keep up the good attitude
    I havent seem to have gotten there yet.
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    Another voice from Oz. I have always enjoyed the cooler weather, much prefering it to the heat but I am not enjoying it this year. Don't want the hot weather either, so I am going to be in trouble. At present I seem to be in a flare with the FM. Don't know why, but I certainly have more pain and cramping muscles with the FM just now. Whether that is due to the cold or not I don't know, but it isn't much fun. Love Ozgran.