This Woman Needs Our Prayer

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    One of our members alerted me to this sad post on the Depression Board and I have copied it here. This woman, the deceased, and all the people left behind to grieve need our prayers. Thank you all and God bless you.

    Love, Mikie



    Please hear me out. 02/29/04 01:24 PM

    My name is Taryn Johnson, I am very emotional as I type this, and I appologise if I dont make sense. I am asking for help in understanding the suicide of my Fiance Zachary Timothy Nessler. Zach committed suicide on Februray 12th in his home by a self inflicted gunshot. His family and I were getting his finances in order when we came across a password book lying by his computer with the address to this message board and a login name and password. This has devastated us all beyond comprehension. Zach and I were going to be married a year from may. I dont understand this,my heart is broken, why would he do this to us, when we loved him so much? None of us were even aware that he was suicidal, much less even going through problems. We also found psychiatric medication under his bed,no one knew that he hurting, why didnt he tell us so that we could help him? Zach was such a gentle and kind person, he was soft spoken and affectionate, everyone who knew him loved him,why would he want to take his own life? There was no warning This is such a shock. all he left us was a note that said "Ive made a mess of it all. Im really sorry, I have to go Im sorry."

    Zach has a good job and a family and fiance that loved him. He was going back to college, because he wanted to get his degree. I cant understand why he would just throw it all away. I feel so helpless, and angry at him. At the same time I miss him so much, and would give anything to see his face one more time.

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    How well I can relate to this dear young lady and his family. Two years ago, this month, on a clear, bright March morning; my nephew took his own life, by hanging. He left his fiance and beautiful baby girl, devoted parents, a brother whose birthday was that day, along with many uncles and aunts, cousins, that loved him very much. In a moment of despair, he shattered many lives. There was no note, no known reason-he kept this to himself and God. He was a very handsome 20 year old. And his daughter has her fathers eyes.

    Dear Heavenly Father;
    How I pray that You will be with this family, that You will comfort them in their grief with the peace that passes understanding.

    Lord, be with them in the very hard days ahead. Only You alone can help , Dear God. Oh, Dear Lord, that they feel Your Presence. That You catch their tears and bind up their aching hearts. My Dear Sweet Jesus, let them turn to You, please reach out to them Lord. I pray that You will be with them in their grieving and all the uncertain days ahead. You alone are able to heal and bear this with them. I ask this in the name of my Dear Savior, Jesus. Amen

    My brother and his wife gave over their lives to the Lord. Though they are still heartbroken, Jesus is their mainstay and has drawn them into His great love. They minister now, when and however they can to others of the Savior.
    God, through this tradgedy, has brought them close to Himself and has been Glorified.

    Their sons little girl adores her paw-paw, and she is the sunshine of their hearts, and brings a smile to their faces.
    And there are still days when they cannot do anything but sob out their hurt and pain. We feel it also.

    May God in His great mercy, hold this dear one and this young mans family close to His bosom, and give them peace.
    One day-there will be an answer.

    My heart out to them all. blessings

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    My heart goes out to you and your family, I know how devestated you must be.

    I will certainly be praying that the Lord will wrap his arms around you and your family and give you peace, comfort and strength throughout this difficult time.

    Blessings, Judy <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
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    I`m so sorry you lost your fiance. In my home town, we recently had two young guys commit sucide also. They were friends and did it within two weeks of each other. No one knows why and all the families and friends are hurting so bad just like you.

    Praying that God will comfort you in your grief and give you peace and understanding about this. You may never know exactly why he did it. But there must have been something in his life that was unbearable to him. If only they would just talk it out with someone, things would look alot better.

    Take care,
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    I know that a suicide death is a terrible shock for everyone. My thoughts and prayers for God's peace to be with you all.

    Please let me know what city/town you live and I will find out if there is a suicide support group for you & your families. The suicide support group I went to after's my brother's death was a total God Send. I know I would not have made it through the pain and sorrow without the help I received from the counselor and participants in the group.
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    Prayers are with this person and the family.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. Zach was obviously reaching out when he logged into the depression room. I am so sorry that he didn't give you a chance to try and help him, but know that this is not your fault and was Zach's decision. Depression is a tricky illness and it is common for people to try and hide it from their loved ones. My heart so goes out to you and your family and I will be praying for peace of heart and peace of mind for you and Zach's family.
    God bless and keep you,
    Love, dona
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    Sorry to hear of you tragic news we are preying for you right at this moment

    God bless