Thorastic outlet syndrome, anyone?

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  1. Line

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    My Pt therapist dxed with me with thorastic syndrome, I am so tired of trying to find ot what is going on.

    I have fm, mps, tmj, arthritis and other neck issues,like bone spurs and narrowing. Been dxed with costo, but I am not sure of that because of the trigger points in our chests.

    For 7 or more weeks I am getting tingling in my neck, shoulder and face on and off, now getting some tingling in my scalp. My neck hurts, shouder, top of chest, collar bone ad the top of my left arm feels like I have been beaten, my upper back is so sore especally around the blade. Have been getting all these things for years but the tingling never lasted this long. Just looking for some answers.

  2. bettydroop

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    Sure sounds like it! Is this pt that diag. you going to work on that then? Did he not go into details enough or maybe you are questioning the diagnosis? You can always get a second opinion. All I would say is try everything first that you can BEFORE you go to a surgeon to correct this! They have a tendency to wanna cut first thing and alot of times THAT could have been prevented.

    If he/she can work on your Scalene muscles ( and the others that contribute to this) you just might feel a HUGE difference in your symptoms!

    Good luck to you with this**** Karen
  3. Cromwell

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    Of face goes numb gets tingley, left arm feels heavy, weak, this is here now. Often it happens worse whenI have the neck pain. Area below the neck to left on top of back gets numb. I was dx'd with arthrtic neck. I have oft thought it was from my shoulder as it aches a lot, a masage there helps.

    Good luck.

    Love Anne C
  4. Line

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    I get heat, massage, trigger point and ultra sound, the therapist thinks she can work the tos out since it is not in my arm yet. She is having a hard time with my tpr's, releases them goes to another and the first one she released is back again. She only worked on my neck with the tprs she said I was too swollen to go into the others.

    Also I am using my tens at home with heat over it for 1/2 hour three times a day. doing 10 shoulder shrugs, shoulder rolls and putting my shouders back. she told me not to hold any postion just to do the exercises.

    I am so miserable, It would not take much for me to sit down and cry.

    Hugs, Linda
  5. Line

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    You have helped a great deal just by being there and caring enough to post.

    Mine is left sided, but the collar bone pain and upper chest soreness is both sides, do get some occasional tingling down the right arm and shoulder.

    Forgot, yes I do sleep on my stomach or back, but usually wake up on my back with knots all over my neck.

    Thanks, Linda

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