those of you on guai, what symptoms have resolved

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starstella, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. starstella

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    hi. i read about all the physical experiences that you guai users have and it does not sound like fun. frankly, it sounds like just more misery. i read some of your messages saying how much better you do on it, but am curious as to what symptoms you were actually able to rid yourselves of by using the guai. thanks.
  2. Dayle

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    ALOT. I HAVE ONLY BEEN ON IT FOR 3 MON. MY SHOULDERS ARE NOT SO SORE. I CAN SIT AND TYPE. I am sleeping better. I am walking farther& faster. My stomach is not upset as much my TMJ is not bothering as much etc. Before I started guai I was on 150mg of effexor, today I didn't take any. I've been taking 37.5mg for a month & hope to be off it soon. I have a great doc helping me & doing my mapping. I am very lucky I am a low dose quick responder. I still feel sick at times but I always have. TRY IT YOU CAN ALWAYS QUIT, BUT WHAT IF IT WORKS WELL FOR YOU; BUT YOU NEVER FIND OUT?

  3. starstella

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    i know there are more of you out there
  4. jamesthewise

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    Seriously, I think that guia is the most powerful
    combat against FM. After taking it for 3 days (I
    started on high dose, impatient I guess), my legs
    feel heavy and I sleep better. I hate to move, but
    I think that the FM induced stress has always kept
    my legs tense, now they're relaxing. It might be
    a while before I feel like exercising again, but
    I feel it's a step in the right direction. I
    find myself needing to spit more, more salivia in
    the mouth. This might have something to do with
    guia's affect on mucas and bronchial function. My
    appetite as increased.

    I recommend to everyone. Be aware that your symptoms
    after taking guia SHOULD worsen, and even old symptoms
    might creep up. Which makes sense to me, a reversal.

    GUAI reversel is said to months even years, depending
    on the severity of your condition.

    If you can, take a vacation, start guai, be ready
    to relax for a while. Not always possible for everyone,
    but with worse symptoms,and a body needing to relax,
    it definitely helps. IMHO, of course.

    READ UP!

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I noticed almost right away that my Fibro Fog was greatly improved.

    When I started taking the Guai, I had been on Morphine regularly for pain in my neck, shoulders, hips, legs, and knees. I now seldom ever have to take Morphine. My tender spots are much less tender now.

    Unfortunately for me, my CFIDS is the worse of the two conditions and my fatigue has not improved permanently. I have had some wonderful remissions, though. I am on antibiotic therapy to deal with the CFIDS, and I do not believe I will be much better until I can get my stealth mycoplasma infection under control.

    I believe my FMS symptoms are about 3/4 reversed which is right on target as I've been sick for 12 years. I approached the dosage slowly, so my Guai flares were not that much worse than my regular FMS flares. As I look back now, there is night and day difference in my FMS symptoms.

    Love, Mikie