Those of you that use Grape Seed Extract do you get it with RESVERATROL

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobbycat, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    On some Grape Seed sites they say it is better to get the Grape Seed extract with RESVERATROL. Also anyone out there know where the cheapest place to get it.. I bought mine at costco however, it does not have RESVERATROL in it which is the good part of the grapes
  2. AuntTammie

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    It does not have red wine in of the sources (there are a few) of resveratrol is red wine, but the supplements don't have wine.....when people are saying that wine is good for you, this is one of the reasons why, however, the reason that red wine has resveratrol in is it bc it's made from grapes and grapes are a good source of resveratrol. It's kind of like when they tell you that chocolate is good for you bc it has antioxidants in does, but if you buy an antioxidant supplement, you aren't getting a supplement that has chocolate in it.
  3. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Google iherb - then enter the site and click on the Resveratrol link. The first one that comes up - 'Country Life, Resveratrol Plus' - has both grape seed, resveratrol, and OPC's. It's their best seller by the look of it in this category, alot of good reviews too.
  4. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    Thanks for reply and I will google that site.
  5. LadyCarol

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    With Grape Seed extract the most potent component is the Proanthocyanidin which is one of the most powerful & potent antioxidants around. It's the Proanthocyanidin rather than the Resveratrol that provides the health benefits from grape seed extract, red and purple grapes are rich sources of Proanthocyanidin as is Pine Bark extract, Green Tea extract, Cinnamon, Bilberry, Apples etc. to name a few.

    It's best to get as much Proanthocyanidin as possible directly from the natural source, such as eating purple and red grapes and bilberries daily, rather than from processed sources and supplements. The natural sources contain a wide variety of components as well as the associated natural enzymes which are essential for the digestive system and immune system function.
  6. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    The problem with grape seed extract is the product usually only contains a sub-component/compound of a whole range of components/compounds that actually exist in a whole grape, apart from that it's one of the best general supplements around. The seed contains alot of nutrients as do most seeds as they provide a concentrated life force that is waiting to grow into a plant.

    Often grape seed extract contains Polyphenols such as Proanthocyanidin but the extraction process often results in other components not being included, for example, Resveratrol, Anthocyanins, Catechins, Ellagic acid, Myricetin, Quercetin, Kaempferol etc. not to mention the wide range of nutrients, antioxidants and fibre that a grape contains.

    Eating the whole grape will provide all the components of a grape, the skin in particular is especially rich in beneficial compounds, as well as providing healthy enzymes for the digestion process.

    Most grapes consumed these days are the seedless variety. As long as grapes are properly washed in running water they are an excellent quality food to consume. The sugar in grapes is of the type that is natural for the body and helps provide a readily available source of energy.

    Yes grape seed extract and grapes will help eye health. I just had my eyes tested and they haven't deteriated at all as a result of health issues.

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