Those of you who have received the IV's at the FFC...

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    Just wondering if you experienced any side effects I should be aware of before I make a decision when I go. Thanks!

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    I went to the Denver FFC for my first appt in May and had one IV at the end of that appt. I had a pretty bad reaction to it. During the IV, my arm felt like it was on fire. They put an ice pack on the injection site, but that didn't help much. I also felt extemely loopy while getting the IV, like I'd just downed a bunch of tequila shots (at least from what my I remember from my younger days!).

    They had me in a big comfy chair with the TV on, but I couldn't even focus on the TV. I tried to read a magazine, but couldn't focus on the words. They turned the IV drip down in speed, which helped some. It took about 45 minutes to finish. When I was done, I didn't even know if I should drive. I waited another 30 minutes before leaving, but probably still shouldn't have driven. Fortunately I only live about 15 minutes away.

    That night I could not sleep at all. And I felt icky for 3 days after the IV. Found out later that is called "herxheimer reaction". I had never heard that term before. Now that I've been on this board, I see it all over the place.

    I don't mean to scare you. Just wanted to let you know my experience. I'm not sure if the IV helped in the long run or not. I've been feeling better this past summer, but I think I attribute that to other things besides the IV. I have gone back to the FFC, but I'm very hesitant to get another IV. I know other people swear by them. I do know they have many different kinds of IVs. Maybe I just had a bad reaction to the one they gave me.

    I think another part of my reaction was due to the 24 tubes of blood they drew at the beginning of the appt. I think you are a little depleted after that! Drink tons of water before going.

    I posted an idea earlier to take a tape recorder, especially for the second appt. I wish I had taped it because they give you so much information.

    After my second appt, I started taking T3 for low thyroid and I am feeling better. I do think the FFC can help.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks! what kind of IV did you get? They told me today they have one for muscle pain, a nutritional one and one other type, I can't remember.
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    I don't remember them giving it a specific name. When I asked what was in it, they said vitamins, electrolytes, something for pain and lots of other good stuff. They didn't say what the other "good stuff" was. I looked on my invoice from them and it said:

    IV - standard 90780 $105.00

    Maybe the "90780" is some kind of code for the type of IV. The Denver FFC is closed on Fridays, otherwise I could call them and ask what I got.

    One other woman was getting an IV when I was getting mine, and I asked her if they are always so painful. She said, No, but some are more painful than others. She was getting some type of silver, I think??, IV and said it did not hurt at all. She said this was her 13th IV and she was almost done with the IV therapy and was feeling much much better than she had six months ago.

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    before giving up on them! You may have the Herxheimer reaction after the first one, but after that, you will start to feel better and better with each additional one. You have to realize that your body is getting rid of all of the junk and the IV's are helping you. Don't give up prematurely!
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    But used to see a doc of osteopathy in florida at a wellness clinic (loong before diagnosed. If I still lived there, I have NO DOUBT this woman would have me totally straightened out by now! LOL)

    I used to get Iv therapies all the time. Antivirals, immunoboosters, etc. WAS THE HEALTHIEST POINT IN MY LIFE, BY FAR!!!

    And Yes...they do hurt going in. You may be able to ask if they have that snazzy topical analgesic "spray" to spray on site of definitely burns a bit. And you do "herx" after it...used to feel like had a flu for next day or so...but lemme tell you...SO DANG WORTH IT!

    I can't think specifically of what any of mine were called except for Meyer's Cocktail...if memory serves, it is a super vitamin rich immune booster...Used to get those all the time, and never ever been healthier!!!

    In my opinion, its just like any other medical procedure. There is a bit of discomfort (but that really depends on whats in the iv...some burns and some doesn't, some causes harsh herxing, some doesn't....ASK your doc exactly what sort of a reaction you can expect. And I used to take headphones and fave tunes to try to drown out the setting around me and zone into music when was getting the iv and uncomfortable. Worked really well!

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    Yes, I should try another one. I am sure the one for EBV would be helpful for me. I have a screamin high titre of EB. I'm just such a baby that the herx part of it scares me!

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    Yes, I've had them. I was going to the Cleveland FFC and had 2 Oxidative IVs there. It did not hurt, it took awhile to complete the drip, like over and hour, maybe because I have small veins and they use a smaller needle.

    They no longer use the Oxidative IV, which I'm sorry about, because it did help me by reducing all my pain and increasing my energy, and lasted about 1-3 weeks. The only side-effect of this IV was that it made me give off an odor kind of like onions!

    Now I'm going to the Seattle FFC (recently opened and closer to where I live). I went up last week to try the Superviral IV. It's anti-flammatory, anti-viral, anti-yeast, and anti-oxidant. It's made of a licorice derivitive and glutiathione. I was nervous about a possible reaction, but all went just great. It did not hurt, and I did not react.

    If it's helping me, though, I can't detect that. It did not give me the boost of the previous IV.

    As for reactions/side-effects, I did have that problem at my ND's office. She gave me an IV prior to me starting at the FFC that she said had helped her other patients, it had a lot of vitamins in it. However, I had a miserable time of it in the office, it did hurt and I almost stopped it, and I was sick for an entire week. That was just too much for me. So no more of this type of IV for me.

    I just think it all depends on the individual, and if one doesn't try, one won't know what helps. But it did take me awhile to get over the experience of the IV from the ND, before trying them at the FFC.

    I understand your concerns, and hope that you find what works best for you!

    Best of luck with it,
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    What D.O. in Florida at a wellness clinic? I live in Florida.