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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by luvnewcomb, Jan 26, 2007.

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    I will now have been on LTD for 2 years and my disability co is going to review me again - has been every 6 months since I was approved.

    In my approval letter it said I'm approved for my lifetime as long as I remain disabled as approved by the plan. There is nothing as far as I've been able to find in the paperwork that I have that has anything in there about mental disability as some of you have mentioned, and I know a lot have been kicked off after 2 years. Mine is for my FM that I've been approved (and did need a lawyer back when I went from STD to LTD as they tried to deny me)

    Main question is are there any of you who were dropped after 2 years but had an approval letter that stated as mine did for life? My husband tells me that now that they've approved me they have to prove I'm no longer disabled, not that I have to continue to prove I am. My doctors still agree I'm unable to work, that nothing has changed, and that any depression I may feel from time to time is secondary and not the reasons I'm out of work.

    Please let me know as I'm starting to get nervous about being dropped and having to pay a lawyer again.

    Thanks so much -
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    Well, the company is Met Life. It does say and I quote "approved for your lifetime as long as I remain disabled as approved by the plan." They "say" they pay the 70% until I'm 65 then 15% after I turn 65 until I die.

    I rarely go out except for doctors appts, or short little rides to the pharmacy and once a month or so for a short trip to the market, or once in a while my hubby and I go to dinner at the dinner less than a mile from my house, or to visit people. I'm mainly in the house, sometimes for weeks on end. I don't have the energy, and driving is too difficult - I've had an accident from my foggyness and am basicly afraid to drive unless absolutly necessary. I can't ride far without extra pills for the pain.

    I requested a copy of the policy (which doesn't look like the full policy to me) but they said it was, it doesn't say anything funky that I could see.

    I applied for SSDI and was turned down and my company I worked for has a lawyer that handles everyone for that. I also have my own lawyer that handled my case when I went frome STD to LTD and then again when it changed from my job to any occupation. I used my lawyer to help at that point... so for my LTD it's at the one year LTD mark they change the definitiion - which was last year at this time.

    I've never seen anyone watching me, but am very aware and watch for it. If they do, they're very sneaky about it.

    I've been completely honest with what I do or don't do and went to the IME they sent me to last spring with their doctor who agreed I am disabled. I normally need to use a cane when I'm out, and other times if I don't use it it's for very short walks and I'm feeling a tiny bit better that day. They know in my symptom lists and statements what I do and don't do and have approved it in the past with those statements.

    I'm just very nervous when I hear of all the horror stories everyone seems to have at this time in my LTD - the dreaded 2 year mark.

    Is there anyone who's LDT co is Met Life? Also, what company did you work for, if you don't mind sharing? Maybe that makes a difference. I worked for a world-wide giant corporation that is very well known and they assign you a LTD rep who I would talk to (I think she's with Met Life, I don't know, or she's a consultant for the co who - I forget the word for it, fibro fog, not withitness - administers? the plan for them).

    I'm just so nervous and it's adding extra stress making me feel even worse and more pain. I will get my lawyer if I need to and my doctor said he'd testify for me if it ever came to that.

    Anyone who replied thank you, and anyone who has more info I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks -

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    advice more so to people who are contemplating LTD or who have it now.

    advice: stay on your toes, insurance companies (especially for LTD) are ruthless. I have supposedly one of the best insurers in Canada (Great west Life) and they have treated me like a criminal and even had surveillance on me ( I found this out after I got a lawyer). Yes I am happy I have LTD, but there are times when I would rather not and not being the treated the way I have been. Better now with the lawyer. I could write pages but I don't have the energy. I wish I had and would recommend to anyone to get a lawyer from DAY 1 (even if need to borrow money) if applying for LTD as unfortunately it is required to navigate the utter maze and all the traps and bullying the insurers do. I think once they know you have a lawyer than they smartin up some so better to just get one from day 1 and avoid all the BS cause eventually you will need one, well maybe not all if you are one of the lucky ones.

  4. luvnewcomb

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    Thanks to you all.

    Of those who have fought their LTD company who has lost or won, and was the settlement close to what you would have gotten had they paid you what they were supposed to monthly?

    It seems it would be so much easier to just be done with them, but then each month they are my lifeline to being able to pay my bills and not have to declare bankruptsy.

    When you were finally denied where you fought them how long did you wait, what type of lawyer did you get, and how long did the whole process take. Also, did you get close to, or the same as you would have. Are you satisfied with the result and did it leave you able to keep from going totally broke.

    I am not looking for figures - just an idea of what to expect.

    Thanks so much.

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