Those on antivirals, which one would you suggest to try first ??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by app5775, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. app5775

    app5775 New Member

    Hi, I read with interest others threads that are trying antivirals. Some do better with certain kinds than others. I'm going to ask my doctor to get me started on an antiviral but I'm not sure which one seems to be helping the majority of the people here or at least the ones that seem to be showing the greatest improvement overall. Also I need one with the fewest side affects due to my sensitivities to many medications. Suggestions and helpful information would be appreciated. thanks
  2. ask2266

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    It depends on what viruses you have. If you just have EBV, I'd go with Famvir. I've had no side effects on it, except extreme virus die-off, herxing at week 2-4, and I am feeling alot better. But if you have other viruses then an herbal anti-viral or Valtrex or Valcyte may be better.
  3. app5775

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    I know I have Epstein Barr and another virus I believe its called Herpes 6 or something like that. I'm not sure but there was another virus my doctor tested me for. So perhaps Famvir would be best as you stated. Hopefully I can tolerate an antiviral. thanks for your opinion. Sue
  4. Slayadragon

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    My doctor says that he has tried _all_ the herpes antivirals (as well as a few of those supposedly targeting other viruses) on his patients.

    He is most enthusiastic about Famvir, which he says is effective against a wide variety of viruses (not just EBV) with very few side effects. (About 20% of patients get heavy die off, as did I, but that's not the same thing.)

    He often uses this drug alone to very good success, he said. The drug often needs to be taken for a long time (a year or more) to get full benefit though.

    He just has started using Valcyte. However, at least in early January, he still seemed to be using Famvir first to knock off a good chunk of the viruses before moving to Valcyte, thus hopefully minimizing the amount of exposure needed to the more toxic drug.

    ask2266 has been making terrific progress with Famvir alone (see my Famvir threads). I've not seen that with Valtrex here, although it may help some people similarly.

    If you want, you can look at a post I wrote in early January about my doctor's comments. It is called something close to:

    My Strategic Plan for Using Antivirals (Valcyte etc.)

    Good luck.

    Best, Lisa

  5. app5775

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    Thanks Lisa, yes I do read your antiviral reports and it does sound interesting. I have to be careful with medications so I need to try something that is least apt to give me any reactions. Yes I understand the die off situations so I'll ask for a milder dose to start out with. I feel I'm cleared or at least on a "maintanence" protocol for my yeast and allergy issues to try something more in my fight for wellness. I'm thinking an antiviral is next on my list for combating this crap we have to deal with. Thanks by the way, many of your suggestions have helped in my yeast and vulvodynia issues. I'm not 100% but I'm much better in that regard. I know I'm getting off the subject but my doctor has me on substantial amounts of caprylic acid for both my yeast and an intestinal bacteria along with oregano oil and it sure seems to help. Anyway yes I'm believe I will confront him with trying Famvir. Its seems to sound like the drug of choice. Has there been any updates on the promising antiviral being tried out of Stanford? I haven't seen anything on the board as of late concerning their trials?

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