Those on Medicare what do you do for dental insurance?

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  1. lmmillion

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    Since going on Medicare after being put on SS disability, my COBRA health and dental benefits ended. I'm not married and do not know what people in my situation do for dental coverage. Are there plans for people like me, or do you just have to pay cash from now on?

    If anyone has purchased a separate dental plan for themselves, please let me know who it's through, etc. I feel so vulnerable without any dental insurance anymore! Thanks.
  2. 69mach1

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    they will provide something like one cleaning per year and some other services...

    as far as paying for a personal dental plan it is usually a joke....

    if you have great or good teeth then you would be further ahead putting that monthly prememim in your pocket opposed into the insurance companies...

    i used to bill dental insuarance retired dental assistant..on ssdi now...

    most will only cover up to 1000 worth of work per year...and then you will have a deductible let's say 250.00 yr. then your monthly prememums will be like last i new of one 50.00 a month..i am sure it is more...then they typically make you pay 20% of a cleaning and xrays, 50% of extractions and root canals....

    we always advised just put the money away in an account for yourself...and if you use it fine...

    do the math...even if itis 50 a month that is 600 a year plus the 250 ded. that is 850... already then a cleaning and fmx depending what area ;you live in is like 180 total....

    then you have to pay like 20% of that...

    if you do not have it provided through and employer it ususally is not worth your month to invest in...or throw you r money away..

    maybe you have a local dental school around...go get your xrays or cleanings from them...much for a cash discount..some dr's will if you payp that day..

    ask if they would be willing to work out a payment plan...

  3. 69mach1

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    how much a month and what they will you have to go to a provider, that accepts that plan...what deductible is per year...what amount they will cover per year...

    usually better off getting a money market account for medical/dental...

    do you have alot of previous dental health you have alot of large fillings? these are questions you need to ask yourself....

    or are you someone like my self that has had really good teeth an barely a filling in there you have fillings that were in between teeth..from not flossing ususally...

    food for though
  4. lmmillion

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    I have been relatively lucky with not having too many dental problems. A couple of crowns, though, and they were not cheap. I'm thinking that I may be better off just keeping a credit card aside for those dental emergencies that could arise. Other than that, I guess just paying cash is the answer.
  5. tandy

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    Medicaid paid for all of it.

    I don't know if theres a difference between medi-cal
    or medicaid?? but someone above said they would'nt pay for crowns.
    Somehow I got one done??
    and I need another. My appointment is this coming tuesday for a root canal,...then a cap/crown.
    They have to submit a final x-ray of the completed root canal to medicaid for approval.
    Maybe all states are different??
    (should'nt be)

    take care,

  6. mme_curie68

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    Do you live near a dental school?

    Again, I know I'm spoiled living near Boston - the two major dental schools here, Tufts and Boston University offer low- to no-cost dental care.

    The trade off is that your dentist will be in his or her residency supervised by board-certified dentists.

    It's not a bad trade when the only other options are costly no matter which way you look at it.

    Madame Curie

  7. suzetal

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    That you can get your plan D and eye and dental .I don't remember how much it is.Cant find the book.

    Call them and they will send you the book.I took out one of there plans cause I wanted with my Medicare to be covered just as I am now.The price for my plan was 79.00 and I still pay the 88.50 for Medicare .

    The total is a lot less than I was paying .I paid 561.00 a month. and my co pay was more than it is now.

    The extra does not bother me .I need eye exams and glasses .I also need some major dental work due to this DD and the meds I take.

    Hope this helped