Those on PROVIGIL: your Daily DOSE??

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  1. elsa

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    Dear All,

    I really need ya'll's help. My doctor prescribed provigil, but is being very conservative...50mgs day to start. I think provigil might "give me a fighting chance" at getting my life back, but not at this dose. He's a good Dr.,listens and believes that FM/CFS really does exist and I have a check up on 5/15. (1 month after starting provigil
    , so I'd like to be armed with info.

    I dont feel shakey, uncomfortable and I'm sleeping well since taking it. Dr. also found high ebv, started me on valtrex....sleepiness is not one of side effect. Also have ultracet which I take rarely....again too sleepy.

    I noticed on some back posts that some take 400-600mg day of provigil. I have taken 100mgs...helped some. Didn't by any stretch of imagination send me "over the edge"

    I really appreciate sharing dosage info.. Look forward to hearing from ya'll soon.
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  2. LindaW

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    I'm taking 200mg of Provigil and it does seem to help-the co-payment with my insurance is large, but it does help
  3. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I thank you for your response. I've heard so many different ranges....trying to get my ducks in a row before Dr.'s appointment...

    Look forward to more replys, info...

  4. Sweetmia

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    I too had high EBV titers. I take 300 mgs of Provigil and 60 mgs of Strattera. The combination has been highly effective for me.
  5. RubyintheSky

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    I am taking 400mg of Provigil a day. I was on 200, but it just did not help enough. My fatigue is so severe most of the time that it feels as if my very bones are drained to the marrow, and my body weighs a ton. Without Provigil, I'd never get out of bed. I take the full 400mg in the morning. It does not work for me to divide and space the dosage.

    50mg is very very low. Surely your Doc will bring you up to at least 200mg a day?
  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    My Dr. prescribed 50mgs. a day probably not realizing the extent of my fatigue. Also, although had been diagnosed with FM, just added CFS on that appointment. Poor guy also hadn't gotten the results from ebv blood work at that time. In the past if I needed something he's been right there for me, so I feel he will again on this issue.

    I get best results with him by "arming myself with info", so I am very appreciative of all the input. I took a copy of a natural medicine book in with me way back when and pointed to fibro. and said that's me! After appropriate testing to rule out auto-immune, etc. he said your right! I bet same holds true with my provigil.

    Sweetmia, I'm not familiar with strattera. Is it for mental clarity? Did your doctor precribe it for your fm? Do you feel any side effects?

    Thank ya'll again for letting me ask all these questions. This board and it's members have been more helpful to me then I know how to say.


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  7. florenceb

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    ...that my Pdoc would have started me on 50. The first day it definitely got me out of bed BUT about 6 hours after taking it I slept for several hours. (This was 2 years ago) I also found that if I split the dose of 100 and took 50 in the am. and 50 several hours later that I had trouble falling asleep. I even took 50 or 100 mgs as late as 4 pm. and that gave me restless leg syndrome. FAST FORWARD.. I finally adjusted to 100 mgs. Then, I noticed that during my period it wasn't working as well. I would take it and go right back to sleep. (I think it had something to do with slow transit time; water retention maybe) I was consistantly taking 100 mgs in the morning. Then stopped it for a day and boy, did I feel awful: crying, anxious? hopeless bleak mood. SO, be careful! I can always tell when it is winding down: I have to take Xanax (Pdoc prescribed it to counteract the "down" feeling with Provigil) along with the Provigil. I take at least 100 mgs a day; have gone as high as 250- but I get headaches when it wears off at the end of the day. (I had menstrual migraines for years and years). ANYWAY! I think everyone reacts to it differently. I am not a coffee drinker; I weigh about 120 lbs, etc. I hope you can find the right dose. Does the provigil now come in 50 mg form? It was only available in 100 and 200 when I began to take it. My Pdoc is such a sweetie: she told me it was cheaper to get the 200 and split them in half! One more thing: it gives me diarhea about one hour after I take it; at the higher doses. Good luck!
  8. CoyoteRefuge

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    I've been on 200 mg. of Provigil for about 6 years. I started on it before the FDA approved it in the U.S. Ordered it from Europe at a cost of $400 plus a month. My rheumotologist had never heard of it and I had to go in armed with information (as always) to get her to prescribe it. I called the company that makes it about going up to a larger dose and was told that they have found that taking a larger dose really does not do any good so I have stayed with that. I cannot imagine that 50 mg. would have any effect on you at all. I am most interested in what a larger dosage will do for you and certainly hope that you doctor will give it to you.

  9. kalaya

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    50 mg is a very low dose so don't feel like you are abusing this stuff if you up the dose a bit.Come to think of it yours is the lowest daily dose I have yet to see.And remember that it is quite possible that you may develope tolerance to Provigil and need to escalate the dose to get the same effect.I take around 100mg or a bit more a day along with Ritalin 5mg per day.Don't sweat going to a higher dose[even much higher]because currently you are at an ultra low dose.Good luck and God bless.
  10. mommysisland

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    I am currently taking 200mg. of Provigil in the am. and another 100mg in the afternoon, on most days.

    I've tried higher doses, but it doesn't help appreciably and I'd rather not take it if I can avoid it. I take so many things, and I want to reach a day when they are all necessary. Probably pie in the sky, though I hope not.

    As much as I like Provigil and need it, I'm mindful that it a powerful fairly new drug. There are no long term studies on its side-effects. Maybe your doc is using too much caution, but probably has your best interests at heart.

    When you go back you can ask to try up to 200mg. a day. That should have a discernable effect on most adults. Remember to, that it doesn't work for everybody. I know our Mikie tried and it didn't help her at all.

    Hope it all works out well for you!


  11. elsa

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    Confession time....50mg had zero effect.Next, try 50mgs a.m., 50 mgs. in afternoon.....nexxxttt 100mgs...there was hope for help at right dose.... 200mgs...pretty helpful. Going to try 200am with smaller dose @ 2pm..If this works for me, then I'm going to move up my appointment from the fifteenth and say this is what I did and this is what worked and go from there.

    I truely am tough as nails,(as most of us are), and he knows if I'm asking for help I must really mean it. Also, it is so true to educate one's self and be a PARTNER with your doctor...not just along for the ride. If it hadn't been for all you wonderful members here, I would be sooo in the dark.

    I have had no side effects from provigil so far, but I definately keeping my eyes open.
  12. elsa

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    Thanks for your indulgence.....wanted to get the weekender's input....
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  14. mommydoc

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    But most studies show that there is not much physiological difference between the 100mg and the 200mg dose.

    So just getting up to 100mg would probably make a big difference if this medicine is going to work for you.

    Good Luck!

  15. Sweetmia

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    The Strattera is to increase the norepinephrine uptake. Strattera has helped the most. It has helped with the following symptoms:
    1. dizziness
    2. brain fog
    3. excessive blinking
    4. lack of focus
    5. depression

    I have CFS; do not have FMS. Hope this helps. Amy
  16. elsa

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    Fibro. and CFS. Thank you Amy for explaining strattera. It is something I'm going to put on my list. I'm trying to do one drug at a time....see if works, but more importantly,make sure my body can tolerate it.

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