Those replacements, grrrrrr

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    I often WISH I had my old pain and not all this added pain since hip replacment 3+ yrs ago....sure did me in.

    Just got a message that Johnson & Johnson will be settling a $4Billion lawsuit on these replacements.....this is just one company involved....

    I exercised all my life BUT was Never a runner, so I'm sure the future will be more and more damage from the many runners out there......there is a health program on the radio right now about all this and a surgeon is discussing his practice....

    My parents were NEVER exercise freakos and lived into their 90's and no joint surgeries.....

    So, exercise lightly and don't push and stress those joints.....if only, if only....

    Prolotherapy is a great protocol to look into before any of those invasive and often damaging surgeries..... is a very informative site.
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    Have you considered making a change to swimming? Swimming is a fantastic method for getting all the exercise you could possibly need, but it will do so without causing unnecessary strain on various parts of your body. There is likely an affordable gym or YMCA near you that would have the necessary facilities to provide you with everything you need. You may find that some of the pain in the joint is relieved after a month or so of swimming. A search on the internet will offer a variety of workout options that will help keep the workout interesting for you, but simply doing laps will be more than enough.
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    Thanks for the swimming rheumy has attempted to get me into the pool BUT with my instability since replacement, I worry about falling around the wet surface of the pool areas....our local Y does use oxygen to keep their water clean vs fluoride/chlorine which I dread going into my pores, our city fluoridated about 4 yrs ago and I swear my joints all got worse since I do use city water to shower in. That's a whole other topic on the fluoridation in our country....I have my posts on this topic here...

    I'm getting some HELP with the Great Lakes gelatin I'm now taking for about a month....just glad I had a full active life before all this.

    Glad you are "waking" up to foods and their impact on us. jam
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    Good grief, I check in on a replacement group and today got another horrid report:

    Has anyone had their hip replacement taken out after an infection and the doctor does not put a spacer or anything else in. More or less leaving you with No hip? I am about to have that done and trying to find out how difficult that is. I am 35 years old have had 11 procedures since September 2012 on my Left Hip, as it is severely infected. Need the Advise...

    Another person on this same group who is early to mid 50's, has been thru hell and back...she had to have two replacements removed due to infections, went thru massive antiobiotic regime and then had to have each replacement re-done one at a about going thru holy *H*......

    All, I can say do everything to NOT do these far as I know I have no infection going on, but still a lot of soreness after 3+ yrs.....and a lot of instability. grrrrrrrrrr And if you find you really need to do it, do all one can to WAIT for much much older years to do it, I was 72...the younger one does these the MORE chances for things to go wrong down the long road of life.

    A lady in our bridge club who is early 80's fell late last year and broke her hip,,,they did an immediate emergency far as I know right now she is doing pretty well....she has told me she has no OA in her body so that sure is on her side.
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    I believe one of the major reasons for these replacements is overuse of steroids by many..and a huge reason for so many in young people. I had taken almost NO steroids in my life, my replacement I'd wager was due to years of wear and tear and advancing OA. I've had a few cortisone injections since my surgery as I have ended up with so much other pain areas in joints.

    Avascular Necrosis of Bone
    High dose prednisone (for example, greater than 20 milligrams a day) predisposes some patients to joint damage, most often of the hips. In avascular necrosis (or osteonecrosis, meaning “bone death”) of the hip, the part of the leg bone that inserts into the pelvis dies, resulting in pain with weight–bearing and some loss of joint function. Many patients with avascular necrosis require joint replacements.
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    Very distressing, all I can say is do ALL to avoid the cutting of the body. Prolotherapy is a GOOD alternative to save what we have in our can work.....the ortho and surgeons just keep getting richer and we're left with the mopping up of what we let them do..... Prolo has been around since 1800's and medical world came out with all their fancy cutting, replacements and surgery and drugs.......ahhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Just got this info today from Dr. Mercola's works:‎
    Joseph Mercola
    by Joseph Mercola - in 1,509 Google+ circles Jul 10, 2013 - If your doctor recommends any of these unnecessary surgeries, please be sure to get a second opinion.