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    I certainly don't mean to leave anyone out (my title) I just think those that don't go to the fibro board would be lost as to what I am talking about. I am a pastor and my heart is so heavy with what is going on with things there I am just asking those of you with faith to pray with me for all of our members. I pray that we all will take a moment before posting an answer to someone and consider the effects of those words on the many come to the board for support and a sense of belonging. I pray that all will be met with understanding, unconditional love and support. Never contempt, accusations of ineptitude, or
    negativity. Can any of us imagine what it would be like if our Father responded to us with such coldness and sarcasm?
    He even sent his only Son for those that were lost and weak, and we all know that we all have days that we do well to see beyond the day's despair. At any rate, I know there is much powe in prayer and I just ask you all to pray with me for God's Hand to be on the board. Much thanks!

    May His perfect peace and love surround each of you!
    love, P. Michelle
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    for the reminder to be more positive. I am a born again christian and my husband is a baptist minister. He can't pastor any more b/c he is waiting for a liver transplant. I have fibro and osteoarthritis. I have to push and continue to go to my job b/c my insurance there is covering Dales's (my husband) transplant. I really get down sometimes, today being one of those days and when I read your post, God nudged me and reminded me just how much I do have to be thankful for instead of being depressed and dwelling on what I consider to be problems.
    God used you to get my attention. Thanks for taking time to post this today.
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    So very sorry to hear you are having such a tough time and certainly hope that your husband doesn't have much longer to wait for his transplant. How long have you been dx w/fibro and ost. arthritis? I am hoping that your job isn't physically draining, sometimes with this stuff even using our minds can be draining though right? I will pray for the both of you, and pray that you both have the support you need to get through these tribulations. I pray that by morning His works will surround the both of you, that you will have a renewed sense of peace and joy of belonging in the Kingdom, and that things will just start falling into place for you, in ways that only the Father can make happen. May His presence bring you complete peace as you rest tonight and you wake to a new day.
    love, P. Michelle
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    Thank you! This is the first time at this board. I am a Fibro, arthritis, cfs, back problems

    I am happy to see others christians on the board. I used to work and do alot of "hands on" at the church. I still "work"
    but silently. Intercessory prayer, everytime I go to the board and see someone hurting I pray for them. I believe that prayer is the only real answer to all our pain and hurts. The GREAT comforter is the only true way. Praying for each other is what I call family!

    The lord is my refuge and shelter from the storms He lifts me up and covers me in the safty of his loving arms.

    God bless you all today I pray that he gives you much mercy and grace.

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    So glad you found this board and feel free to visit often, I really love this board , as I read through the posts on the other boards I pray for them also but always am careful what I say in regards to my faith so as not to break rules or offend anyone. I so very much agree that He is the Great Comforter and Healer, and such a giving and loving Father as well, Alpha and Omega and all we need. He has taught me the essence of taking one day at a time and not concerning myself of worries that may come tomorrow or next week. Praising Him and hoping you are having a peace-full evening! love, Pastor Michelle aka Rebel
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    Thanks for the advice. I sometimes, in the things I write show my faith, it is hard not to. I never thought of the fact I might offend someone. I am glad you brought that up I myself am going to have to be a little more careful about that but I am glad I found this board where there is no offending when it comes to the lord I wish everyone could know his love, peace, mercy and grace and I will pray for that!

    Have a great weekend!! Remeber....
    I can do all things through christ who strengthens me!!!
    Thanks for being a friend

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    I know what you mean about it being tricky not to let the Faith show, after all we were never meant to be hidden, as we are creatures of light and it is our nature to let His light shine. You really don't need to be too concerned, especially when someone comes out and asks how you handle the bad days and such....I have to tell them it is my Faith and my Father's Hand. To not tell them, it is almost denying Him and taking credit on to let that light shine! I read through the rules and it mostly just wants us to keep from "preaching" and getting into areas of spiritually that could cause controversy. So, I just practice the Loving one another on the other board and come here to sing His praises!:) Have been wanting to post to others that may be interested in this board to come check it out but have not as yet come up with a way to do that.
    love and peace to you, P. Michelle
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    Let me give you a little information of how this board came into being;

    I have been here for over two years now, a year as moderator or thereabouts.

    We used to say like 'God Bless You', and ' I will pray for you' etc. on the FM/CFS.
    Well there are others here as well as in the real world that do not share our faith, and resented these expressions.

    It did cause a big problem at one time. So the WebMaster was kind enough to create this board; 'Worship' for all of us, no matter what faith or belief that you may have.

    This way, if you have a need, and would like to request prayer, here is the safe place to so without causing any discord on the other boards.

    I also know how hard it is not to tell some of the members that are suffering so badly that I will pray for them (I do pray for them, I just don't say it), and also that without my Lord I would not have made it this far with this illness too.

    As for some being unfair or just plain disrespectable, we even get some people here that are not sick at all, but just like to play on the kindness of others, that sounds awful, but it has happend before and will happen again, the devil is a busy fellow, when Mikie and I see this, we will stop it before it gets out of hand.

    Sometimes it gets pass us, we cannot be everywhere at all times. We are both suffering from FM, and Mikie also has CFS too. So we do know your pain and frustrations first hand.

    We also have several Web Masters that also monitor these boards as well as we do. You just don't hear from then like you hear from Mikie and I. They do have other things to do, like keeping the mechanics of these boards running smoothly.

    If you see a problem, don't get involved in it, just email any of us, Mikie or myself will see to it as soon as we are able.

    It is wonderful to see all of you here now, and I know the Lord will bless this board like He did before. We have seen some tremendous answers to prayer here. Some nothing short of miracles.

    Many of us feel helpless in the real world, but when it comes to praying for others, that is something we can all do without causing pain.
    And the Lord loves a happy giver, prayer is giving your time when you pray for others. He loves to hear from His children, and no request ever goes unanswered with Him.................

    I am so very happy to see all of you here, and God bless you, and keep you.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Appreciate the background info, on this board and it's start, I for one very much appreciate it and those that made it happen.

    When I posted this originally, it was a few weeks ago when everything was out of whack and I just felt so ...oh, you know what I mean. You and Mikie do a great job of keeping up with things and having to make tough decisions, do you know how much you are appreciated? How many of these boards do you two have to keep track of? God Bless you both for what you do for so many when you have your own illnesses to contend with . I will keep you both in my prayers, and keep Praising Him for His strength and peace He shares with us all. love,Rebel
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    I don't mind telling someone I am keeping them in my prayers. Geez, almost everybody, except maybe atheists, pray, regardless of their spiritual orientation or religion.

    The problem we once had was that we were getting too many people posting long "wittnessing" types of posts on the FMS board and it was making newcomers think this was a religion-based board. Some were uncomfortable and intimidated if they were of other persuasions.

    James was kind enough to create this forum so that people could discuss their faith, offer up prayers, ask for prayers, etc. I think it is wonderful that we have this resource.

    I pray for all of us every day, in fact, I pray for all who suffer chronic illness because it is so devastating.

    Love, Mikie