Those w/Major Constipation Issues

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  1. jaminhealth

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    For one thing get into the habit of drinking Warm/Hot "clean" water thru the day...get things unblocked...

    When I was trying LDN a few yrs ago I got the WORST
    bout of drying constipation and with the help of Mag Calm and drinking hot water, I was able to get unblocked... I keep lemons on hand to so I squeeze some fresh lemon in the water...

    Pain meds and so many drugs will do this to our systems and we Have To Get Rid Of WASTE......
  2. LadyCarol

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    Eat fresh fruit, green vegetables and whole foods will provide plenty of natural roughage and water to help keep bowels loose and exercise the digestive track.

    Drinking too much water flushes nutrients out of the body and means unnecessary trips to the toilet which takes time out of a person’s life. It also wastes water as well as wasting energy that's required to process the toilet waste produced.

    Once constipation has set up it's best to use a laxative to get things moving, then after the initial motion the above diet intake food will help to keep the bowels moving.
  3. jaminhealth

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    but too many drugs cause major issues...and taking laxatives forever is not the water now and then is a good thing....I'm not saying drink hot water all day...
  4. jaminhealth

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    I'm feeling constipation issues, my history is that I work on keeping regular all the time...

    So I just ordered some Slippery Elm that I've heard about for a long time but never took it....

    Taking slippery elm orally, it helps stimulate the nerve endings in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Anatabloc is working on my pain too much to not take it.

  5. LadyCarol

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    My mother use to give me Slippery Elm as a child, it's absolutely delicious when mixed with hot milk and drank in the evening. Sooths the digestive track and is really yummy.
  6. mareeterrii

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    in the past crunchy peanut paste and prunes have helped me.
  7. sPeeDeeBee

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    I've had major constipation issues all my life. They've been compounded by oxycodone and fentanyl, but how bad can it get, right? Wrong! I've tried so many things and finally in the past few months found true relief--I mean back to an every day bowel pattern!! Can't tell you exactly what it was, but I'll tell you the TWO things that changed (at the same time) just before I got regular. 1) Went on the candida (no processed, simple sugars) diet; and 2) started taking Armour Thyroid to treat hypothyroid.

    Have to say I wasn't diagnosed hypothyroid by lab test--the test said I fell w/i "normal" range. New doc says "normal" 'ain't' normal--included too many people with hypothyroid. I was symptomatically hypothyroid (NOTE: those symptoms are almost identical to CFS!!). He's an integrative medicine specialist. Give it some thought!
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  8. jaminhealth

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    I can attest to that one...I went 10 long miserable years with that normal mantra and then I got to work...

    I've been on Armour since 2002 and still have constipation issues, so I take a lot of "stuff" to work on regularity.

    I see only integrative MD's now, would not go to a conventional MD for anything.....

    I am doing more coconut oil NOW and hoping things will get easier too. CO works on the yeast issues.

    I'm getting nicer BM's in the couple days of 2T CO and there is a lot
    of info on it and constipation issues...

    Coconut is truly a miracle food.[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2013]
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    Not only do you need to be drinking lots of water which does not totally help, everyone needs at least 35 to 40 grams of Fiber everyday to get rid of the waste. Each one of us carry up 45 pounds of waste in our intestinal track. Fiber is a great way to lose weight as well . I have lost 21 pounds by drinking 24 grams of fiber everyday. If anyone would like more info on this or any related issue please feel free to let me know.
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