Those who roll their eyes can kiss my a--.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 4DJ, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. 4DJ

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    Sometimes I think because our symptoms are so bizzarre and make no sense that it is easy for people to dismiss FMS. My Grandmother had it. My Mother has it, I have it, and now my Daughter might be next. She is showing early signs of CFS and FMS. Because of this my family is very supportive. And all those who roll their eyes can KISS MY A--. Yes even you doctors who have not treated me with the respect I deserve. I am so over all you people who make us feel like crap just for being ill. Love to my FMS Brothers and Sisters, --4dj--
  2. YES I SO AGREE! (I have a post here about husband rolling his eyes) they think we don't see it, normally he is good about it but not lately.
  3. daboysone

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    I just wish we could say KISS MY A** into the actual faces of the Dr's who don't get it and treat us like S***! I guess saying it in our minds and on our computers at least helps a little. Good for us! Stay strong.
  4. 4DJ

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    You are so right I have been through so many drs. And sometime I would be treated so poorly, you sometimes wonder if you might be lossing your mind. And I almost did. I found myself in the funny farm. Terrified of the pain and not a single dr that cared. They were human once to werent they? I finally have a DR. that truley cares and wants what is best for me. Keep looking they are out there. --4dj--
  5. spacee

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    I might just be feeling I was "bonkers" ...or in the twilight zone or something. When no one around you could happen! My family understands to a degree that I am sick and are supportive. They just have no idea HOW sick I am. And I don't know how to tell them.

    Over the 23 years I have talked to 5 counselors. The last one is the first one who didn't try to make me better with "........". Who said, "how many doctors did you see before you were diagnosed?" Seems on some level to "get it". How lucky am I? I may see him once a year but he is there if there is no one else.

    We are family here. All of us.


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