Those with amalgams: any allergic reactions to metals?

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    I'm thinking about toxicity of amalgam fillings: I have 11 deep ones, dating back 40 yrs. I'm 52 and I had my first fillings put in when I was nine. From 9 to 15, I experienced progressive learning problems, particularly with abstract reasoning and reading comprehension. Before that, I regularly memorized piano compositions with no problems

    I have always been highly allergic to ANY metals, including 14-carat-gold. Whenever anything metal touches my skin - anywhere - I get a cluster of red, itchy bumps that become inflamed, unless I end the contact with the metal. I had my
    ears pierced when I was 15, and cysts formed in my lobes, immediately. Then the cysts got red and oozed a sticky, clear liquid. I put in gold studs. Tried silver, everything. Thereafter, whenever I wore any earrings, even clips, the cysts and ooze returned. I still have the cysts,though I haven't worns earrings for 7 yrs.

    For awhile,now, I've thought that the allergy to metal could
    be from metal toxicity, since I know some allergies occur from an overload of that particular substance in our bodies.

    Anybody else allergic to metals? If so, do you have many amalgams, or did you eat a lot of seafood as a kid or adult?
    (That's the other factor: I grew up eating all kinds of seafood, including shrimp, which is a known scavenger of wastes at the bottom of oceans and other waters.)


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    The naturopath I see, and trust for the most part, told me that 90% of the mercury from fillings is released into your body within a short time of putting them in your teeth. Much of it, like other toxins, is in our fat tissues, including our brain. For that reason, he said, chelation can often work as well as amalgam removal. I'm a little skeptical of that since I believe that every time I chew, or swallow saliva(a conductor of metals), I'm absorbing more.

    I plan to try oral chelation - it's cheaper than IV - in a couple of months. If that doesn't work, I will probably find someone to remove the fillings.

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    My metal allergies manifested differently than yours.... When I first got my ears pierced at 12 or so, I think I could wear cheap ones. At least I don't remember them bothering me much. This was before I had any fillings. Ah! Maybe you are right! Maybe my metal allergy didn't happen 'til after my first fillings!!! Thankfully, I don't think it caused any cognitive problems.

    Fortunately I can at least wear real gold, or *good* (thick) gold plated jewelry and I think silver. Surgical or hypo-allergenic don't work for me. The good news is, the only all-plastic watch I found was inexpensive and works well!

    And thanks to yours and Ralph's posts, I have alternatives to filling removal, since I can't afford that any time in the near future.
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    as all of my old filings were. I don't know if it had anything to do with having FMS as the filings started as a child & were replaced long after symptoms started. dolsgirl