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    I am trying to figure out what has happened to my Digestive System! Over the past approximately 4 months, I have developed some very strange symptoms. I've researched my Fibro Brain off & have come up with a few theories.

    I was diagnosed with "Severe IBS" a few years ago by a GI Specialist. This Dr. gave me the IBS diagnosis based upon my symptoms. (at that time, it was intestinal gurgling, abdominal pain,& chronic lifetime constipation) He offerred me antidepressants. I have had bad experiences with these drugs in the past, so I passed on the Rx's.

    I also have Chronic Gastritis...diagnosed by 3 upper Endoscopies & chronic stomach pain that waxes & wanes. I have been taking Prevacid for this for almost 5 years. Whenever I try to stop taking the Prevacid, I only make it about 2 weeks before having to start up again.

    Recently, I have experienced: unexplained weight loss, stomach & intestinal pain, feeling like I "fill up" quickly when eating, major decrease in appetite, nausea/ vomitting, increased constipation & the need for taking Milk Of Magnesia to get my bowels to move. I have right-sided abdominal pain most days. (I've already had my Appendix removed.)The pain is where my Appendectomy scar is & alittle above that under my ribs.

    I feel that food is not moving through my system! When I eat, I fill up quickly. I am not feeling hungry like I used to...I feel bloated & "over stuffed" a lot of the time. My stomach & intestines gurgle at times. But over the past few weeks, even the gurgling has lessened.

    Does any of this sound familar to you? I had a Colonoscopy & Barium Enema this month. The Colonoscopy was fine, except they couldn't reach the end of my large intestine! (I have a long colon!) Thus, the reason for doing the Barium Enema...which was "normal". I'm very thankful that these tests didn't show anything wrong, but they don't help in figuring out what is happening to me either!

    The ONLY major difference in my FM treatment during the past 6 months has been the addition of taking Ultram every day. Do you think that this med could cause a slowdown of my entire GI tract? Or is it more likely that I "just" have IBS? Or perhaps I have IBS & it's just progressively getting worse? A friend mentioned Celiac Disease/ Gluten Intolerance. I've been miserable & worried. Any info or direction is appreciated!

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    Ultram is in the opiate class of drugs which definitely slows down the digestive system.

    It would be good to rule out celiac although I can't imagine the doctors not doing that during endoscopies (they take a biopsy of the intestine and look for flattened villi).

    Another possibility you might want to check out is a condition called porphyria. There are several types, but the hepatic porphyrias present with severe abdominal pain similar to gallbladder attacks but studies can never identify the source of the pain. You may have darkened urine or bright orange, green or yellow fluorescent urine during an attack. Chronic constipation is another symptom. Some forms have sun sensitivity which can cause skin rashes or lesions or it may just cause flu-like symptoms.

    The "attacks" are brought on by triggers like foods containing sulfur, many medications (we have a huge list to avoid), and chemicals in the environment. For a good article on the various types of porphyrias here's a link to a 2002 Mayo Clinic newsletter:

    By the way, the location of the pain you describe is exactly where I get mine and it radiates out from there. I've also had my appendix removed.

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    I had similar symptoms for 2 years. I filled up fast, poor appetite, gastritis symptoms, constipation.

    I had gallstones. I was kind of mad the doctors took so long to find them. It takes a simple 10 minute ultrasound to detect gallstones.

    My surgeon said many doctors fail to diagnose them, and gallbladder disease can cause the same symptoms as Gastric Reflux, gastritis, etc.

    I had my gallbladder removed last November. I am much better but not 100%.

    I also had the endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc. After the surgery, I am better in many ways but still have problems.

    I saw a infectious disease specialist who did many tests and said I have coxsackie virus in my digestive system. He said these are typical symptoms.

    He said these viruses get inside the cell and are difficult to eliminate. He suggested a couple of treatments that were very expensive and my insurance probably won't cover them. One was interferon, the other gamma globulin.

    I just hope to feel better one day. I also wondered if I have gluten intolerance, or Chrohns disease.

    I always have the constipation and problem eating. Strangely, later in the day and the late evening I can eat more.

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    Hello......those who have IBS should not take muscle relaxants......i have had all the tests and surgeries....all our organs are muscles or require the massaging of breathing to make them function. with fibro our muscles are already compromised..sorry but taking a muscle relaxant put me in the hospital for 5 days with an EG tube thru my nose down into my stomach....not fun but it was what finally got my bowels moving again. muscle relaxants are like a murder weapon for me...i mean to express it that seriously!!!!!!!!!

    probotics probotic probotics!!!!!!!!!!!!! digestive and systemic enzymes..........lots of room temp water. ice and ice cream freeze your gut...not what you want!! you have to have a good diet as IBS can cause you serious problems...i was told i could become septic or end up with a colostomy.............i also use peppermint and bentyl for the bloating and pain.........

    you have to keep the bowels moving...take those enzymes.believe me...i also have severe adhesions so surgury just isn't an option for me any more.

    one more important issue is that taking all the supplements is a waste of money until you get your gut in good alcohol...that is like pouring poison into your gut.

    i wish you luck ...getting your IBS under control should be your first priority..query it online for proper diet.
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    Thank you very much for your replies...

    Jan, I didn't realize Ultram was an opiate! I thought it worked similar to opiates but was not considered in the same category. Geez...just when I finally found something that I believe gives me decent relief of pain! (Been through the narcotics in the past...they didn't help much & did a whole lot of damage!) I suspected the Ultram might be contributing to the slowdown. Bummer. Guess I better try cutting back on it.

    Porphyria! Well my current Fibro Dr. has handouts concerning acute porphyria caused by die-off from treating our underlying bacterial infections.(Chlamydia Pneumoniae & Mycoplasma) I thought I knew the symptoms to look for, but the article you gave the link to was explaining chronic conditions (with different symptoms!). Hmmm...I will look into that more.

    PVLady, I have wondered about gallstones...How sad that you were not diagnosed promptly. I will keep it in mind. For some reason I'm thinking that my symptoms don't fit the symptoms I have found in my research on the net re: gallbladder disease.

    Sweetpotatoe, I don't believe we're "nutty"!!! No way...There are physical reasons for these symptoms! Sure stress doesn't help one's physical health, but there is more to this than stress. I'm so sorry that you have to work & function when you are feeling so lousy. I do not work anymore. Wish I could, but I'm no longer able to because of all my medical issues.

    annie4life, Wow! No muscle relaxers!!! And I was on two of them for years! (Zanaflex & Baclofen) Last year I dropped the Baclofen & recently have tapered down on the Zanaflex. It makes sense tho' about slowing the peristalsis down.

    I DO take Probiotics faithfully.(Good quality ones.) I have tried Digestive Enzymes(even prescription one)...for me, they made my GI symptoms worse. Don't know why. I DO drink TONS of room temp water. Do you have a good IBS site for me to check out?

    I suspected that my right-sided pain might be from adhesions from my Appendectomy. How were you diagnosed with adhesions? Is there no treatment for them?

    As usual, you guys are terrific in responding with words of wisdom! I will keep asking questions of my Dr's until we get answers. It's exhausting, isn't it?! I guess I wouldn't be so worried except that I've dropped so much weight with this. My hubby says I'm "skin & bones".(I have to agree.) I can put up with the pain...That is something I'm used to with the Fibro...but I don't want to be malnourished.


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    hi annie: i was dx with gastroparesis after i mysteriously started to lose weight w/o any reason. they gave me all kinds of test cat scan, colonscopy, etc nothing showed up. i lost 20 lbs in 5 months. which i could ill afford to lose. then i started getting vomiting attacks which would put me in the hospital for 5 to 6 days. thats when the doc said i had gastroparesis. without any tests. he just put the symtoms together. and since i had gone to him for yr, i really trusted him. i went on the gastroparesis site and it talked about diet, diet and diet. my doc just said no fats no roughage. let me tell you the diet helped me immensely. i miss my salads, and vegies. i can tolerate soft carrots, and spinach. everything must be soft. because the intestines are paralyzed and cant break down the fiber. so the food lays in the stomack too long. and causes us problems. i can eat chicken, pototoes , but not the peel. i can eat pretty much everything really, no fiber and i dont tolerate meat very well only chicken and fish. but i can eat macaroni etc. the gastroparesis sites are wonderfully informative. doc gave me reglan and polyethylene glycol powder for the constipation. hope i didnt talk your ear off. sorry if i rambled. hope this helps a little. im new to the message boards. still dont know what a thread is. but really diet is very very important. good luck . love this site. so very informative joanierav
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    Wow! Thanks Wake, WA_Ladee & joanierav! Amazing...I DO feel like everything has slowed down to almost a stop lately. And I have been ingesting MEGA Fiber!...I've been thinking I need to because I'm so "backed up"! Gosh, joanierav, I could be doing the exact opposite of what I should be. I'll check out the Gastroparesis info. I have been so perplexed as to why mega doses of Magnesium & fiber supplements are doing nothing for me anymore. I have never been in this extreme of a situation before. And as I said, the weight loss has been worrisome. I too have lost 20+ lbs. I haven't weighed this weight since high school(?) & I was way too thin back then! (And I'm 48 now.)

    And yes, said,

    "to me it is just curious how we have so many similar problems"...

    The longer you hang out here, the more you see how common many of our symptoms & problems are! There's a wealth of information here.

    Thanks again for all responses.

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    annie you are very welcome. one important thing i left out. whenever i start cheating, thats when i start losing weight! on st. pattys day, i had corned beef and it was a little tough. and boy did i pay for it. i may have gotten away with it if it was a very tender piece, but unfortunately it wasnt and i was very greedy (i love to eat)and so i paid for it dearly. only now , since i have my dx. i know what to do. the next morning, i had a shake for breakfast, and i ate very light the next few days. also important watch your pills, some of them have that casing on them and the intestines cant break that down either. so glad we have each other on this site for important info. good luck. joanierav
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    Thanks again!

    You brought up an important issue. I'm wondering about how folks with IBS &/or Gastroparesis (or conditions with GI motility issues) handle their medications!

    Certainly if there is a problem with motility &/or absorption; there must be problems with taking certain medications & supplements? (I don't think I want to know the answer to that question!)

    I better do some more research tonite & then let my tired Fibro brain rest. I certainly appreciate the info from everyone. You have inspired me to call my Dr's tomorrow & stay at this until I get some answers.

  10. your symptoms, match sooo many of mine, and, I'd been to 3 local gastro's, & 2 in Indianapolis, (IU Medical Center), and NOT A ONE! Diagnosed what was SOOO terribly obvious to my registered dietician, upon reading my 2nd endoscopy/colonoscopy report.......CELIAC'S DISEASE- while 'blood tests' were negative- (the lab asked ME what celiac's even was....and then, did *I* know which TUBE to use to collect my blood! yeah, really convincing...ugh!)

    I suffered (and still do- at no one's fault but my own (weakness, to follow the strict, but ABSOLUTELY THEE answer for me, diet, of gluten free, casein free diet (wheat/dairy)

    As they say, and my dietician had said over & over too, doctors rely on BLOODWORK TOOO D*mned much, rather than the elephant standing right in the room with them!

    Here- so you can understand just HOW MUCH I relate to you, and many others..

    I suffered from- nausea/vomiting DAILY for over a year and a half- I had my gallbladder taken out 2 months after, though, it only showed slowed function (23? %, compared to the expected 30%) and showed 'chronic inflammation"...I'm an odd soo many ways- I will rip the rest of my remaining hair out if I hear how "difficult, odd, unusual a case I am, ONE MORE TIME!!!..

    anyways, after 2 gastric emptying tests, more barium tests/X-rays than I can count, CT scans, ultrasounds, a test where you swallow a clear capsule with many tiny radioactive white rings in it, then come back days later for an X-ray, bloodwork, EVERY SINGLE "GUT" DRUG THEY MAKE- according to the 2nd gastro...(I cannot even THINK about HOW MUCH barium I have had to drink= soo terrible when you are THERE FOR NAUSEA in the first place!!!

    (btw- I forgot, approx 7-10 days after the gallbladder surgery..I ended up in the absolute WORST god awful painful spasms, at ANY time of day- and still only given and treated for the dx of "a raging case" of irritable bowel syndrome...

    even though an on-call gastro- whom, is now my current gastro, said over the phone one night, that 1.) IBS does not wake you up out of a deep sleep (gawddddd I MISS SLEEP!!!), and 2.) my pain sounded (over the PHONE to him) 'way too high, to be IBS"..What had happened, was the a##hole (should be ALL capital letters for that gem of a gastro- retired, 2 months or so, into seeing me. He cared NOT ONE BIT about my 22lb weight loss, within my *first 17 days of vomiting*, the constant unrelenting nausea,& vomiting.. that I could only describe as "I feel* like I have been POISONED!" etc...

    so, as he retired, I was just passed onto another JERK in that practice, who did NO tests, and just threw drug after drug at me, then said "well, I was really counting on Tegaserod for you, but, it's been pulled from the market right now...We've gone through the entire 'arsenal' of GI drugs..then proceded to give me the:

    "I'm-totally-blowing-you-off-at-this-point-but, hoping-I'm doing it in such a smooth manner, you will not catch on" and some 'schpeal about "seratonin build up, in the bowels...and proceded to put me on ADD to the seratonin..which- sent me into some* sort of syndrome (seratonin syndrome--mild tardive dyskenesia??) and landed me in an ER,3 months later when I said ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP, and quit--the very lowest dose- and still to this day suffer muscle twitching, 'foot flapping', personality changes (more severe through now that I've been down that entire anti-depressant route, with many diff doctors, and way way too many steroids, for energy, and mostly, pain control (along with Lortab combo after a botched surgery!)

    Anyways, through the years, the ERCP (pancreas scope, similar to endoscopy, but goes to pancreas, instead of stomach/duodenum) and EUS (endoscopic ultrasound- looks at the pancreas through the stomach--or something like that.. I found that, Not only was I dx'd with:

    "Raging" IBS, erosive gastritis, duodenitis, and mild changes in the illeum, that are indicative of Crohn's disease (lead to MORE barium drinking/x-rays.. Acid reflux, spastic colon (age 14, on that dx!), pancreas divisum (I have not only had a 'backwards' gallbladder, when it was removed, but, I ALSO have a 'divided' pancreas- I was told that, while the pancreas normally fuses together at 13 wks gestation..mine did not fuse completely...and 7-10% of the population has this (pancreas divisum, and, first was told that this did not* cause problems- I THEN found out (trip #2-3, and also on the net- that, it CAN cause problems, in babies as young as TWO MONTHS, to people 91+ yrs old, other times, it's found at autopsy.

    One of the ducts in my pancreas- according to the ERCP (which also, like the gallbladder, kind of, injects stuff in, then sees how its handled/ "ejection fraction, was 'normal" but still, I'm told, the smaller duct is a 'bit narrow," I was told, this was nothing- the first time around, at IU, my local gastro, wanted a stent placed case of pancreatitis- considering symptoms, of worsening spasms, up to SEVEN a day, where I'd felt like I'd been kicked by a horse, right in the pancreas, and it would also sometimes involve the stomach, duodenum, and even radiate in all directions.. so far into my chest, it seemed like heart attack symptoms-

    with these spasms, also, I sometimes had nausea, sweating, vomiting, and they would last anywhere from 20-45 mins... ocasionally, at their worst, an hr or more, absolute, moaning, groaning, sweating, pain, curled in the fetal position, be it the floor, bed, and once, even having had to leave a huge wedding party, out of a restaurant, to lay in the truck, with the air on, while everyone else ate...

    I was put on Bentyl, Reglan, Lev-bid, Lev-cin, Nu-lev, Phenergan (round the clock, YEARS) Tigan, Compazine, Librax (gallbladder surgery), Zofran ((185+ for TEN pills!!! 1-2 pills, every 4-6 hrs- YEAH RIGHT!) Phenergan suppositories, IM shots, and the list goes on so far, I cannot even think..

    THEN my current doc-who NEVER mentioned Celiacs or any type of allergy/intolerance.. began constantly monitoring my pancreas/liver enzymes (about 3 yrs into this whole mess!) And tried me on digestive enzymes and acid reflux meds (AGAIN), I was on Creon, for about 9 months, it SEEMED to reduce my spasms, then totally did not work, then came Pancrease, then Viokase & protonix, prevacid, aciphex, nexium, Pepcid rx, and on and on and on..

    After I was put on subcutaneous shots, twice a day, of "Sandostatin" (a drug the gastro said would "tell your pancreas to 'buzz off' so to speak, and increased my enzymes from 9 to 12 a day. the shots were $500 for one month, and by day 11, I told him I was absolutely positive the shots CAUSED a spasm, everytime.. within 5-29 minutes.

    He again sent to IU for the stent..and I was told no. That 1 in 100 ppl DIE from the stent surgery, and that if I did not have pancreatitis..I risked getting* it, from the surgery, also bleeding risk, and a lifetime commitment to future stent placements, as larger ones needed to be put in,

    NOW- my blessing- my primary doc, sent me to a dietician, with a copy of my endoscopy/colonoscopy results... some of what it said was.,, biopsies showed "villous atrophy, and in some cases, the villi were almost totally effaced."

    I was immediately started on vitamins, supplements, liver detoxes/supports, and an EXTREMELY modified/restricted elimination diet, for CELIAC's DISEASE. In 3 months, of ONLY chicken & brown rice, every meal...and very very rarely, some brussel sprouts or green beans...

    I no longer had nausea, bloating, spasms, not a HICCUP, BURP, FART, reflux, sweating during a meal, IBS, I went on CHEAP GNC brand digestive enzymes, ---even my *bladder spasms* and ovarian pain (large cyst) all but disappeared- I imagine due to more room, from the lack of terrible bloating..

    I could absolutely KICK MYSELF (putting it MILDLY) for 'falling off the wagon' yrs ago, all for stupid EASTER/anniversary dinners..and I'm struggling HARD to get back on dietician, though, went to medical school, shortly into my treatment- I was heartbroken.. but* I have the knowledge--to an extent, to do this myself now..and yet, not the power- despite ALL of my miserable symptoms returning, including weight loss. I've been down to 113 (thxgiving/x-mas 05) and stayed between that & 121 for a LONG time (quitting Topamax, then going RIGHT on a 30* day steroid taper, put me right upto 146lbs.. and I'm now back down to 128-29 again, due to miserable nausea/appetite loss.

    To ANYONE with all this agony, I would say the best way to save TONSSSSSS on tests, would be TRY THE DIET first. It MAY be your answer, and improved symptoms is all the proof YOU need to know..

    Sorry this is so long, but, this stuff has been some of thee WORST of my illness, and I DEEPLY sympathize with any & everyone going through it..especially when gastro's seem to like checking enzymes, and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) bloodwork--then quitting on ya.

    Never once, in alll that terrible, miserable, crippling vomiting in the beginning, was I even given I.V. fluids. Not ONCE. at 116, pale as death, & vomiting in ER's.. I was given reglan, bentyl, phenergan, and shoved out the doors.

    I hope this helps ANYONE here, just one... I absolutely know every kind of GI/bowel/liver/pancreas agony..and just want to see ANYONE have less suffering, and possibly saving a LOT of money..

    Best of luck, prayers & wishes for you.

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    That is the reason doctors miss diagnosing gallbladder disease. According to my surgeon, it can mimic gastric reflux, gastritis, etc. Bile backs up in your stomach. When you have gallstones, your gallbladder is not working.

    I also did not fit the typical symptoms.
  12. Bump, as I really really hope you've read the responses, and I really hope ppl WILL consider, if they have not tried diet changes, or looked into celiac's disease.. that they will.

    I need to 'practice what I preach' too... I've been off my diet, (and suffering more and more as time goes by) for much longer than I will even speak of, and, beat myself up many times a day- when my bowels, pancreas, stomach, etc attack. I have one huge* piece of my puzzle, figured out, I know it works (for me) and I CANNOT get it together. Suffering terribly! and for what? Stupidity, and fatigue (cannot* cook, juice, etc, at ALL- and hubby is working with me HARD to help get back on track)

    Just some info, though...nothing to LOSE by trying a restricted, gentler, gut friendly diet..way cheaper than all the pills from all the issues we get...even though gluten free/casein free food IS more's moreso that we, as a whole, are undisciplined, especially in diet, (and exercise, etc)..and it IS hard to stick to it, especially the 1st 3wks or so, when 'regular' food cravings are baddd. After that, though, and you start feeling soo much's easy--until a birthday, wedding, anniversary, x-mas, thxgiving, easter!!!!! Always a darned holiday, get-together, etc. non-stop..that can be extremely hard, and is completely why I* "fell off the wagon" (HHHAAARRRDDD)

    Also, I just wanted to only makes sense to me to check into foods, where bowels & stomach probs are concerned. Did you know that an estimated 1 in *133* people!!! have celiac's disease, or gluten intolerance.

    The U.S. is the furthest behind, in diagnosing this illness, other countries, are far more aware of it's prominence, and check for it much more.. OUR doctors, think stupid (and not even CORRECT) bloodwork for this the 'end all be all' when in fact, any EDUCATED gastro/doc, should be aware, that in all actuality, even when the 'correct' bloodwork for celiac's is CAN be negative...and FALSELY so. Endoscopic biopsies, is the "gold standard" for this disease. It causes 'villous atrophy' or wears down, the tiny 'hairs' in the bowels, that 'grab' nutrients, and absorb them. The villi can be completely worn down, have some damage, etc. If there is ANY villi damage... THAT is Celiac's disease...and my gastros completely* dropped the ball on that one. A registered dietician, & Integrative medicine doctor dx'd it, and put me on a very very strict, modified diet, at first, to heal my mess of a digestive system.

    As I said..I constantly beat myself up, terribly, for EVER stopping my diet. At LEAST 10 issues improved, and some all but (or DID) dissappear.

    Now, I'm trying to move past the 'beating myself up' and just putting things into help myself. My body is forcing me to now...I AM A MESS again!

    Take care

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    Yes, all this sounds VERY familiar to me. I had the weight loss for no reason, the slow gastric emptying...colonoscopy was fine, diagnosis earlier of IBS....anyway, things got REALLY bad one day and I had loose bowels and horrible pain...enjough to go to the ER. Long story short, I was in the hospital for 9 days. The diagnosis was ischemic colitis. I had to demand a test for heriditary coagulation factors...the doctors wer content with the fact that my body was healing itself. ANywa, turns out that I have several coagulation factors and now I take blood thinner. At the time I just felt like life was just ebbing from me and that I was dying. Keep pushing, your body is trying to tell you something.
  14. mujuer

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    My dr. tells me that I have a birth defect in my colon as it doesn't want to vibrate and eliminate. He would like to cut that part out. Yikes. I am so against it as all of my surgies have produced adhesions that are problems into themselves. I have tried everything natural and rx's to prevent constipation.

    Muscle relaxers are the ONLY thing that has helped my pain with fibro. All of the pain meds that I have tried do not help. Also on Cymbalta and Requip. I have always had problems but now they are worst. The only thing that helps is a three bags of warm water enema. kricky, those are no fun.

    The only thing I guess I haven't tried is epson salts or milk of magnesia. Guess that's next on the list.
  15. BlueSky555

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    Hi Annie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I had been having pain on the right side of my naval, sharp pains. Also, just under my right pelvic bone, I've had some pains there.

    I had a colonoscopy done week before last and all was ok. I am still having the pain. Dr. wants me to have the ultra sound done to look at everything in abdomen area so I suppose that will be next.

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm having, it sounds like, the same pain you're having. I still have my appendics also.

    One more thing: may want to check with your Dr. about that ultram.

    Hope you get better,

  16. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hi Annie,

    I just wanted to let you know that I had been having pain on the right side of my naval, sharp pains. Also, just under my right pelvic bone, I've had some pains there.

    I had a colonoscopy done week before last and all was ok. I am still having the pain. Dr. wants me to have the ultra sound done to look at everything in abdomen area so I suppose that will be next.

    I just wanted to let you know that I'm having, it sounds like, the same pain you're having. I still have my appendics also.

    One more thing: may want to check with your Dr. about that ultram.

    Hope you get better,

  17. It sounds like gastroparesis to me. Have you had a stomach emptying test? All you do is eat some scrambled egg and lay on the table and a machine moves over you. Your symptoms really do sound like gastoparesis. I have it and its not a fun thing. For years I was told its IBS or everything was normal.
  18. CAAnnieB

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    Just want to say "Thanks" to you all. I'm sorry I can't take more time to respond today, but I have a semi-emergency crisis going on in my family. It takes priority over my situation & I probably won't be able to be on here for much time.

    I sincerely thank all of you for your advice, ideas, input & sharing of experiences. I will pursue your ideas with my Family Dr. & GI Dr. Hopefully, I can get better help for my symptoms. A correct diagnosis would be a good start!

    Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please pray for me & my family during this very difficult time. I'll be back when the "dust settles".


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