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    I was told about two years ago that i have fibro, i had an mri to see if it was ms doc says no but it is fibro have been doctoring ever since about a year ago they told me i have vertigo and no one said it went along with fibro my family doc just wanted to keep pushing the anti depressant pills till all i did was eat and sleep thought and still do think i am to young just to be doing that so i went off all meds about two months ago thought i was doing farely good until the depression started again.i am in my bedroom husband comes in says what are you doing and that does it tears are rolling he knows now just to leave me alone because if he stays it gets worse. the pain is bad again but i hate to give in to the meds does anyone have any suggestions i am taking an asprin a day for almost a year now and just started taking chlorella about a month ago on the suggestion from my rheumatolist there are new parts of the body that hurt every day and there is not one day without pain or one night that i am not up half the night thank you for listening and waiting to read reply
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    I personally don't like the heavy pain meds i.e. narcotics.
    I just can't stand that drunk feeling.

    I do take up to 4-6(max dose) of 400 mg Ibuprophen a day.
    and I will NOT go without my Magnesium suppliment.

    By no means does the pain "go away" but it does ease it to a dull "roar" and tollerable, yet uncomfortable level.

    I also take Pamelor for sleep, but have found it is most affective as a "mood" pill.

    When I just can't DEAL with stress, I take one. ( I can take 1-2 a day)

    Increased stress=increased pain

    PLEASE talk to your dr. about ibuprophen, it can cause stomach upset. but it is a decent alternative to narc meds if you don't want the drunk feeling of narcs.

    Ultram is a good pain reliever without the drunken feeling. BUT it is a derivative of opium. so technically it is a narc, without all the narc side effeccts.

    you can do a search on ultram for more info to see if you want to try it.
    I swear it does NOT make you "loopy headed".

    However I only take it when I feel like I will DIE if I don't get pain relief.

    ya know. I really hate this DAMN DISEASE!

    But pain management should be at the TOP of the dr.'s list of things to do when treating it.

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    Fibro although I think I have had it much longer. Several years ago my former family doc told me he was sure I had chronic fatigue (I was hospitalized one summer with physical and emotional exhaustion) I start with a pain management specialist doc next Monday and I can't wait. I want so much to regain at least part of my old self and start feeling better.

    A lot has been debated on this board about whether to take pain meds or not. Here is where I stand on the subject. I am on an anti-depressant; I take 40 mg of Prozac per day and get to the point I cannot function without it. My neurosurgeon refilled my pain med; I am on Vicoprofen and Neurontin. Both are pretty strong meds. Do I worry about addiction?? NO. I only take the med when I need it, I don't use it in a recrational manner. Once I start with the pain management specialist I am sure he will also start me on dietary supplements and I don't have any idea what pain meds he will have me on. The way I look at it, if I hurt, I am going to take the med. If I can get by on Advil Migraine, I will take that. I am on my 4th straight day of feeling good. Am I taking the pain med?? No because I don't need them. If I start hurting again before the day is over, will I resume taking them again?? You betcha I will. I don't consider myself as a drug addict. A drug addict takes controlled substances for a whole different purpose than the reason we take it.

    Try looking at it this way. If you go to the dentist to have a tooth filled and the dentist offers you medicine to numb your tooth so he can work on it, are you going to accept it?? Of course you will!!!! You NEED the medicine so he can do his work, so YOU can get better. This does not make you a druggie, a more weak person, nor any less of a person. And the anti-depressants; if you need them, gal take them!!!!!!! Don't suffer like that, don't put yourself through that if you have the med and you need it, take the meds. I consider myself to be a "Prozac-Kid" and have been for a number of years. As far as I am concerned, Prozac is the greatest thing since bubble gum or at least it is for me.

    Years ago I worked the midnight shift in a hospital. I saw patients crawling up the hallway on their hands and knees to the nurse's station crying, pleading, begging for their pain shot. Maybe it was only 45 minutes early but the previous shot had worn off and they were in terrible pain. The nurse wouldn't let them have it, "we don't want them to get addicted" and these were terminal patients. WHAT FREAKING DIFFERENCE DID IT MAKE IF THEY GOT ADDICTED, THEY WERE DYING!!!!!!!!!!!! I have very strong views on pain meds, if I am hurting that bad and I have the pain meds, believe me girl, I am going to take them. I am also doing other things to help myself such as trying to learn relaxation techniques, trying to get myself closer to God, I am praying more but if I am in that much pain, trust me, I am going to take my pain meds. And this does not make me an addict, nor does it make me any less of a person nor does it mean I am weak. It means I have a chronic disease and I need the treatment for my disease.

    Email me if you would like and we can talk privately about the depression. I know what you mean about your husband just walking into the room and you begin to cry. That is how I get if I don't take my Prozac, John can take one look at me and I begin to cry. Been there and done that girl.

    Sorry for so long and rambling but I hope some of this makes sense.

    Soft gentle hugs for you.

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    I know that its hard to accept the fact that in order to feel better we have to constantly pop a pill. No one wants to be looked at like a junkie thats for sure. I wish I had an easy answer but if you want to feel better eventually you will have to take something. It took me a long time to come to terms with being sick and NEEDING medication. I thought if I gave in to the meds I was admitting that I was sick and I didn't want that. Well after months of pain and fatique I gave in and now I feel much better for it. I take antidepressants and pain medication. It took me a long time to realize that just because I need medication doesnt mean I am a drug addict. When someone is in pain and they take medication its perfectly ok the difference is someone who craves the drugs and goes searching for them when they dont need them and it took me a long time to accept that. I hope that you find something that helps you. Best Wishes


    ps. I went through the husband thing too, I not only hated myself I hated the world and until I started taking the antidepressants I thought I was going crazy. I blamed any and everything for the way I was feeling. After I started taking my medication like I was suppose to I finally realized that its no ones fault that I am sick and I didn't do anything to bring this on myself. I still have bad days where I won't answer the phone because I am in a "hate the world kind of mood" but they are few and far between since I started my meds. Again I wish you all the best and know that someone (i think we have all felt this) understands.

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    Sorry you are having such a hard time w/your depression & pain. I know what you mean about only sleeping & eating. I was like that on paxil - I refer to it as emotional 'flat line' you aren't exactly sad, but you're not happy either you just ARE. LOL. I switched from paxil to zoloft & zoloft at 100mg is my best dose. I almost committed suicide last yr when I was Dx'd. I had lost my job & had a bunch of other emotional turmoil going on. If I had not gone on the zoloft at 150mg per day, at that time, I would not be here today. I love my zoloft! Maybe you need to switch depression meds? Not everybody is the same. Keep trying different ones til you feel 'normal' or what is 'normal' for YOU! Take care, we are here for you!
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    thanks for all the responses i appreciate your honesty hope to here from you soon and once again thanks dino2352
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    of pain when I started the pain meds,
    I was thrilled to have them. I never
    feel "drunk" or anything but less pain. I fought the idea that for the
    pain meds to work at their maximum
    you pretty much have to take them on
    a schedule, to keep the levels in your blood right and so that you never reach that "max" level of pain.
    But, now I take them as prescribed and do so much better. Once your body
    adjusts to the medications, unless you are just over medicated, they lose whatever "high" they cause when
    you are not used to them or only use
    them occasionally. I do "cut" them
    down when I'm doing well, but never
    off. It was a roller coaster of severe pain, take the meds and get the relief and then wait until I was
    in agony again and so forth. It works much better for me to take them on a
    schedule all the time and a little less on good days. I hope you find your happy medium. I took the Ibuprofen for years because it was all any doctor would prescribe. I eventually developed an ulcer and suddenly had blood in my stools. They
    are really hard on your stomach and
    esophogus sp? so do be careful with
    them. Best wishes and good hopes!
    Hugs, Bambi
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    I usually took it at bedtime because my pain always got worse at night. The quick acting, as opposed to the time released type, was just right. It did make me sleepy which was fine. I awoke without groggyness, I took a low dose, and my pain was pretty much diminished the whole day.

    I saw this as a temporary situation until I could find other treatments. The Guai treatment has helped tremendously and I credit it with getting me off the Morphine. Physical therapy stretches and flexes also reduce pain. I work out in the pool and swim laps too. When I started taking Klonopin, I slept better, my pain decreased, my anxiety/panic attacks stopped, my tinnitus was reduced, and my sensory overload was greatly reduced.

    Many here use ZMA to help with sleep and reduce pain. It is sold at this website. Unfortunately, even though it worked great for me, it does block the Guai treatment, so I had to drop it.

    Many get help from Ultram, but it made me sick. I never got a high from the Morphine and had no desire to take it unless I was in pain. Docs prefer the time released capsules (Kadian), but it knocked me out for 30 hrs. Don't need that :) I now seldome take anything for pain.

    Love, Mikie
  9. FMSurvivor

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    Dear Dino,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are things are so rough for you right now.

    I have done incredible amounts of research, have discussed the various treatments available to us FMers with FM experts and the end result is that nothing is very effective and long term.. It is important to keep taking the meds that you have been prescribed until you feel better and its most important to monitor your stress and anxiety levels.

    It's funny how nobody mentioned the Grieving Process. Part of being ill with an invisible chronic illness is accepting that you had nothing to do with it and the only thing you have control over is your reaction to situations and others. Learning how to grieve is most essential to your progress.

    The most compelling research that I have found is on a medical search engine called "PUBMED" Do research... Lots of it... Learn everything you can about what's ailing you... Most important... get out there and exercise... Exercise creates a neurochemical reaction which increases pain regulators and decreases uptake of serotonin... At first you may feel worst but eventually with light exercise (hot water pool is the best to start with) and stretching and you will find that you won't need as many meds as you are taking now.

    I think I have tried almost every anti-depressant on the market which only left me frustrated and anxious about my future... Finally, I found Trazodone which I only take when I feel I haven't reached my third and fourth levels of sleep.. You ask... How can I tell if I'm not getting deep sleep... Well if you wake up stiff and fatigued you most likely did not get deep sleep. The amount of sleep that we get doesn't really matter the quality of sleep is most important and that why docs prescribe anti-depressants to regulate the uptake of serotonin which has been found to be an issue with several disorders including depression, FM and CFS along with Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

    I found this great anti-inflammatory called "Mobiflex" which doesn't irritate the stomach and has a mild muscle relaxant in it. Again, I only take this med when I'm in major pain and can barely move.. I also take Codeine 3 just by itself when the pain feels like I have torn or bruised my muscles..

    Other than that... I stongly suggest to anyone reading this to start exercising... It may make you feel worst at first but trust me it makes all the difference between stuck in bed and being able to live... Quality of life is most important for us FMers and when we don't have that we have nothing.

    The "Arthritis Society" has a great FM rehab program that is worth investigating.. You need a referral from your doc to get in this program but the program is worth the wait.. They teach you to take control of your condition by teaching you boundaries, learning to say no, learning not to overdo and pace oneself. It made all the difference in the world to me.

    Before this program I was unable to move more than a few feet without feeling like my limbs were going to fall off. After several years of psychotherapy and understanding and accepting my limititations I have been able to return to a full time job and return to enjoying my life despite the constant and aggravating symptoms... My motto is One day at a time... That's the way to survive FM.

    The link to "PUBMED" is This is the search engine that docs use in their practices and research so all the info on this site is what your docs most likely read. Docs will respond positively to your request for new meds or new treatment methods if you say you got the info on PUBMED. Also, another great treatment that is non-invasive is Laser Therapy... It's available in Canada through physiotherapy clinics or hospital. If in the States or elsewhere check with your doc to see if you can be referred for this treatment. Laser therapy is traditionally used for sports injuries and on seniors who have undergone hip replacement surgery but is very good for myofascial pain and tender points.

    For me it took about 13 sesssion every two years in my back and hips and trust me that it makes you feel almost normal and allows you to be more mobile without pain. My understanding of this therapy is that it increases blood flow to the treated areas which helps heal and relax the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    Sorry for the length of this message but felt compelled to give you some hope by providing you some very important info.

    Hugs and prayers for your recovery

    FM Survivor
    P.S. Keep a log of your pain comparing your daily activities with your pain levels... This is very important as it gives you insight on what makes you worst and what makes you feel better. I suggest doing a daily pain diary for at least 60 days recording everything from what time you woke up and how you slept.. i.e. woke up three time last night or slept through the night but woke up feeling stiff and sore to your daily activities... ie. how do i feel when i do Dishes, laundry, making beds, going to work, traveling on the bus, taking the car, walking to the grocery store and so on and take inventory of what you pain is like while doing these types of activities... Its also important to note how you feel when you are entertaining or when you are out with friends and family... This may give you insight of what people might me demanding of you and how you can adjust your life to accomodate your illness along with keeping up life's little enjoyments.

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    Thought I would read up before we left, and found some of my questions already answered in this thread. I am having some problems with the pain/depression meds too.

    I have suffered sever headaches since I was 8 so I have bottles of hydrocodone etc and all that stuff makes me dizzy, clammy, sick at my stomach, so all I can do is lie down for a full 24 hours after taking because it makes me to sick to stand up. I tell them I don't like that type of meds for that reason.

    After my c-sections they had me on morphine and percocet and I seemed to do okay on those. We are trying Ultracet now, but it seems to give me a headache and makes me nauseated. I want to find something that works and doesn't make me sick (don't we all).

    I have a 2,3, and 7 year old plus I am a full time college student so I have to be in a state of mind where I can still take care of things-sometimes it's hard in pain and on meds, so which is the lesser of the two evils?LOL

    I don't want to be thought of as a "drug seeker" as one of my long time friends said they talk about in her Dr. office where she is a nurse. They don't even believe in FM there-when I told her that is what I was diagnosed with she told me to find a different dr., that that was a bs diagnoses that they only give when they don't know what is wrong or the person wants meds. Needless to say I did get defensive, but that is how she was trained, so it is not necessarily her fault she is ignorant-only if she chooses to stay that way.

    I am also on Lexapro 20 mg (not sure if it is working thought) and a very low dose of amitriptyline 10 mg for rest-I don't normally take it though because it is rare that at least one of my kids isn't up in the night for something. You can't have them running around getting into stuff in the middle of the night while mom is drugged out.

    Right now is a VERY STRESSFUL time in our lives-alot of career changes, moves etc., so things are pretty tense. I can't seem to get a muscle relaxer that works-any suggestions? I read that muscle relaxers don't "relax muscles" if that is true, what does a muscle relaxer do?

    One more thing-I LOVE the heat patches, I don't think I could live without my portable heating pads!

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    We just got home from spring break vacation (now I need a vacation!) I wanted to reply to this so that it would bring up the thread again-I had a bunch of questions, and no one replied to my last post, so I was hoping someone would read this and read the one about it that I posted and help me out..I know it kinda sounds like rambling, but I have to just type as I think or I forget where I'm going with it!!!