thought I was flaring

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    thought wrong. I went to the ER on the 24th found out that my heart was in an supraventrical beat. Was given nasty meds to get heart rate back to normal.After two dose 's of adeniseine my heart rate was still too high and not in normal rythym was put on O2. after many blood tests I finally learned that I had septic penumoima Doctor asked which did I not come in sooner I said I have fibrous and always hurt lie heck did not think I was really sick. Spent night in ICU on oxygen and heart moniters was transferred late Sunday afternoon to medical floor still on O2.Improved enough after having three antibiotics twice daily; IV blew three times and the antibiotics hurt bad when given. I tot to come home Christmas Eve with home o2. Still on it have only been out side twice science commingle home.I never cough and finally my ribs stopped hurting. I all see my GP on Thursday. hope I get to reduce the O2 or go off it. Feeling better but get so tired this . I wear a mask when I go out doors. Don't need to catch any thing else. I thought I was just flaring never knew I was so sick. This has scared me.Hope you all are OK. Hugs Rosemarie
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    So sorry to hear you have been so sick. I've been thinking about you, but thought maybe you were just busy with the holidays.
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    I'm really sorry you're so sick, and it had to happen at Christmas. I hope you get completely well very soon and feel better than ever. I know you went through a lot of painful experiences at the hospital.

    It really hurts when the veins don't cooperate. It's almost impossible for those of us with CFS and FM to know when something else is wrong. It's happened to me too.

    I know most people can't imagine being in so much pain and so ill on a day to day basis that you wouldn't know you had pneumonia, but I can surely understand.

    I hope the antibiotics keep working and you can have a good new year. Hugs, GB66
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    After having spetic peumonia in december I am much better. I got to go off my oxygen during the day time and hope that I will be off it at night soon too. I am so tired of being on it.
    Thankfully I am feeling so much better. my ribs still hurt when i go out side in utah subartic weather>We have been having really extreme low temps teh past few weeks> most days it has been below zero for days now>the air quaility is really bad so I am still wearing a mask to not pick up any other bugs or breathe in this nasty air we have hear> Hopefully by the weekend we will have storms to clean out the nasty air and bring in some good air.
    I am so tired of my lungs hurting with every breath and my ribs hurt as well. I feel like it is never going to get better and I am going to have pain with each breath I take for a long time.
    I am so fatiqued now well even more than usual, It has been so hard to deal with fibro and know that I was so sick and didn't know it. HOw do you tell if your really sick when your ribs ache all the time and you don't have a cough, and your always fatiqued? I have no clue as to how I got so sick and didn't know that I was really ill. I have never been so scared as I was when my heart rate went in to a abnormal rythym and had to be given meds to stop my heart and reset it but it didn't work so I had the same med twice and finally it was the O2 that got my heart beating normally. I still get paniced when my heart beats too fast or feels like there is an abnormal rythym. I hope that this feeling will pass soon. I don't like feeling scared all the time.
    My doctor said that my liver function tests were comming back to normal beforeI left the hospital. and my heart is alright and has no damage to it. Thankfully. I don't remember ever being so scared and feeling so alone and afraid as I did in teh ER and in ICU. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
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    Hi Rosemarie,

    I justy wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you much improvement.

    Hugs, MicheleK
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    What type where can I buy it at and how much do I take. Right now I am willing to do any thing to get healthier. This scared me so much and I have been staying home so that I dont' get exposed to any thing else.

    I hate feeling so fatiqued all the time every day. It does not matter how much I rest, sleep, take it easy, I am so tired and exhusted and fatiqued every moment of every day. How long does it take to feel better? Not that I feel 100% yet but I do feel better than I did. Minus the exhusted feeling.

    I need more energy as we are moving and I need to start packing and get ready for this move.
    Thanks for all the get well posts<